• Nous

    I saw this pop up on Twitter... I can't tell you how fast I came to listen. Shit is nasty, too...

  • Nous

    I actually bought Dirty Harriet when it first came out, cause Digga and Nottz were going CRAZY all over it. Straight Spittin II was my fav track.

  • Curtis75Black

    She's still bringing it !!

  • highe

    "going both ways like amber rose and tequil"...She's a fucking monster on the mic.

  • http://www.myspace.com/334tilthedeathofme AD

    Hell yeah...Straight Spittin' Two goes...


    (2)dope That raw Digga

  • Brother man

    Dirty Harriet was a dope album. There was a joint with the Outsidaz that was crazy