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Slang Editorial: We’re One And The Same

blame it on Meka September 7, 2010

In this edition of Slang, I talk about the not-so-subtle similarities between the backpacker and the bottle popper.

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  • Being frank like Sinatra!

    Read the article which seemed more dscursive than staying on the actual subject…With saying that, I think your right as far as underground audiances not buying the album but are quick to castigate mainstream audiences and only semi support undergroung artist they claim sre the true essence of hip-hop. Atleast mainstream know’s how to pay for the album and support the artist. At the end of the day, im no “undreground head” nor “mainstream maniac” I just need lyrics,effort and talent and if that comes from the underground or mainstream then so be it.

  • Being frank like Sinatra!

    excuse the typos” my hands are kinda shaky..havnt had my coke this morning,,,shm

  • Kanye East

    Makes sense. I mean, “underground” rappers are all vying for that level of success: $$$ and a broader audience for their music to be heard. Once they attain that, it’s perceived as selling out; their worshipers do a full 360 and end up snarling like rabid dogs. Sad

  • D. Rodriguez

    That’s what I hate about “underground heads”, not much of them buy the music. They mostly download the album shortly after they find out about an artist through the internet. True heads know what’s up & copp that shit on vinyl.

  • Boomerang Slang

    most of the time when an underground artist gets mainstream success its because his music now sounds dumbed down and more mainstream so those fans are actually justified sometimes

    but for me i dont care underground or mainstream i like and support good music!

  • This was one of the best articles I’ve read from you Meka. It’s something I’ve been talking about for a while now. I hope some more writers touch on this topic and explore the traits of both sides of the hip-hop fan and “expose” how foolish some of the accusations to either side have been in the history of this whole thing…

  • Yeah i’ve been thinkin this for years I agree w/ you 100. and then u could even say its the same divisions between people that listen exclusively to so called conscious and those who listen to hardcore, gangsta rap or street hop. Its all good shit, just rep what you listen to and lay off the haterade

  • red

    I’m sick with a blinding headache so correct me if I’m wrong. What were the similarities? That we both like music and that neither of us like to buy the albums?

    There seems to me that there are faaaar more differences. We search for quality lyrics, a degree of artistry, subjects that pertain to your average day (vs. my Saturday night shit show).
    The websites we visit are different, our clothing styles are different.
    I bet if we were to take a rating of IQ that rapsters would outperform Gucci fans.
    We don’t pretend to sell drugs but instead we find an artist that talks about what we do (Curren$y is a big one)
    We like varying styles to enter our music (Jazz-hop and Blu).
    Mainstream rap likes to hide emotion whereas underground hip hop generally has at least slightly more introspection.

    I’d say that I share virtually nothing in common with someone who jams Yo Gotti and Gucci other than we both like weed, women, and money. Buuuut, who the fuck doesn’t?

  • red

    Of course I advocate listen to what you like and what makes you feel good. However, I’d say that people who can’t appreciate music like Blu, XV, Spitta, MURS, Fashawn, J. Cole, K. Sparks, etc etc either haven’t LISTENED (as opposed to heard) or are putting on a front.

  • who else

    wtf is a backpacker?