• Berp Willie

    Album is dope as shit!

  • http://www.allthatsfresh.com PopeCatalyst

    Yes! "1988" and "Things Go Better With RJ & Al" still get airtime on my ipod.

  • http://giveupthesticks.bandcamp.com MK

    On the real tho, Ohio got mad talent. After Bone and Ray Cash, only CuDi has made it out in a mainstream way. Though, I think John Legend is the best R & B dude out there.

    For years Columbus (Print, Illogic, illpoetic) have been grinding like those boys in the RSE do. Fly U, L.e. and Chip kind of that new school model, but dope nonetheless. Yes, I am an Ohio native. No, I am not biased. I just listen to the music amongst the other shit that is put out, and it more than stacks up IMO. Midwest really as a whole.

  • Zero Kool

    Blueprint one the illest. Damn i miss his voice. I used to listen to that first project with RJD2 like crazy. Before that it was his beats on illogic's first album. Greenhouse Effect was dope when they were three cats instead of two. "favorite things" is a great song. Ah man the weight-room compilation thing thing was crazy too. so many memories are tied to that music for me and my friends. great times indeed :)

  • http://www.amanraisedbywolves.blogspot.com/ A Man Raised By Wolves aka Snoop Bloggy Blogg


  • braindeadDRAMA

    this dude is a FUCKING BEAST. saw him live with Atmosphere last night and he was unbelievable. DJ Rare Grooves computer even fucked up so he did a sick freestyle.

  • BK

    So are these all samples of songs from The Who? If so that's a great concept...