The Ting Tings – Hands (Video)

blame it on Meka September 8, 2010

My friend Safia from New Zealand stays talking about this group, so I figure why not. Guarantee you the ones that comment on this post will be the ones whose demographic aren’t targeted by the group, though. Spotted over at the ex-wife-in-law Heather’s crib.

  • lol its The Ting Tings not tings tings

  • sterlz

    i like how this is posted in “Hip-Hop” haha but this is chill reminds me of some 80s new wave

  • Being frank…sinatra!

    Shut up and let me go! hey!!!
    Lets post some sinatra meka…

  • yea i like shut up and let me go… their videos are so damn creative!!!

  • bean3

    dnt read this(cuz it really wrks). u will gt kissd on the nearest frieday by the love of ur life. 2mara wll b the bst day of ur life hwever if you dnt post ths comment 2 at least 3 vids u will die withn 2 days nw uv startd readn this dnt stp this is so scary snd ths ovr 2 5 vids in 143 mins when ur done press f6 nd ur crush’s name will appear.

  • dunk

    i dig the ting tings…they remind me old old, old mtv.

  • jay

    shut up and let me go, hey, good shit i got it when it came out they tryin that old new shit give credit where its due it’s the ting tings not tings tings.

  • kindbuddy

    Are they still signed to Roc Nation?

  • Guest

    we going to pretend Lupe doesnt give them a shot out in his “Say Something” freestyle?

  • Gez

    Come on guys if you’re gonna cover some music from over here at least pick out the good shit, good British hip hop is marginalised enough over here already!

  • Kid Icarus

    ^ lmao .. Ting Tings are the shit .. respect the post bruva bahaha

  • stan lee

    the ting tings are dope.. i been bumpin’ their shit because i used to work at aeropostale and the music got stuck in my head lol. i need this instrumental..

  • A.T.C.Q


  • i love The Ting Tings. not my fav track from them but they’re what’s up.

  • Clint Sevilla

    Shit is dope

  • Oso_jo_ro

    I like Shut up and let me go,that’s not my name
    weird that it’s posted on the 2dopeboyz blog

  • lucas

    anti-illuminati shit
    good look

  • marvelito

    anit illuminati? They are signed to Jay you retards..Pay attention to the business moves in the industry people..Do your research..Roc Nation

  • ^^ lol u GUYs are idiota
    this post was wasck seriouslt i liked that last single but ..meh ppl think hteir cool not love the actual music sorry..

  • Crooks N Banks

    this is supposed to be a fucking hip hop site. not a fucking rock (wack) site. get the fucking point, 2FuckBoyz? Fucking good, then.

  • Teddy

    Dude in Hiphop We take take all kinds of things from different genres and songs and make it our own. So they can post whatever, because most of our music is influenced by other genres. From Disco, to Funk, Rock, Metal, Country, Techno, New Wave, and in this case The Tings Tings… ooops I meant the Ting Tings.

    So any of you fuckers who criticize 2DopeBoyz for posting things outside of Hip-Hop obviously dont know shit out its origins. You BackPackin Hypocrites are just as responsible for Hip-Hops problems as the Mainstream heads. So dont front like your a Hiphop Purist, because HipHop in its Purist form is at best impure. It has no real sound.

  • Cool Story, Bro.

  • M. Hannah

    Hey, this is dope. I like the wave of that 80s sound coming back. The New 80s Movement.

  • Sage

    Cosign w/ whoever likes shut up n let me go. Thats not my name was ok, more of a chick anthem lol. Ting Tings make some good music.

  • The Ting Tings are tight. It’s a shame you gotta post a disclaimer so people don’t bitch. You don’t like it, don’t fuck with it. I wish one of you e-clowns would have something to say about anything I post on my site.

  • diandre pickett

    O i fucks with the ting tings…broaden your music horizon you fucks..