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John Legend & The Roots – Little Ghetto Boy (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas September 9, 2010

The official video from John Legend and The Roots’ collaborative album Wake Up! dropping September 21st.

DOWNLOAD: John Legend & The Roots – Little Ghetto Boy I Mediafire
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  • I don’t understand the commercials for cotton, are we supposed to go out and buy a nuch of t shirts or qtips?

  • Sam Flow (yes, im a female)

    Maan, i know that black guitarist. What is naame!?!? Can some1 tell me???

  • Snagz

    Who is Peas? Is that Shake’s boyfriend that has remained anonymous for all this time? haha

    Anyway, does anybody know when J. Cole’s new mixtape is dropping?

  • Snagz

    Btw I was just joking around Shake if you end up seeing that. lol

  • LaTruth

    Snagz good try but Peas is a female who contributes to the NMC.

  • eurythmick

    Damn, this track is smooth. Best leak off of the album so far

  • This is dope…. 2 great sides collaborating. Great shit. CHASE ME: @JAEBOOGZ

  • khjg


  • Sam Flow (yes, im a female): That guitarist would be Captain Kirk, he is The Roots guitarist, has been for years.

  • word

    i can’t wait for this album to drop

  • blacky

    wheres that gucci tape at?

  • etrain

    black thought top 5 dead or alive

    j legend >>marvin gaye

  • crsoul

    Ease up…don’t be too excitable!



  • Dan

    John Legend is sick, but calm down there etrain

  • Justanothercrow123

    @Sam Flow, the guitarist is Captain Kirk Douglas. been with the roots since Game Theory.