Public Enemy - Tell It Like It Really Is (Video)


DOWNLOAD: Public Enemy – Say It Like It Really Is

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  • Jamstarr

    Real shit!

  • DSwag

    why is leon from curb your enthusiasm uncle tomming all over this 2dopeboyz?

    good song btw

  • I like how a mother-fucker like XV gets almost 200 comments on his shit in one day, but Public Enemy gets only two comments. Not to say XV sucks, but this is PE! Some people...



    this shit got me,for real,one of the best posts / videos of the year

    history is still in the makin; dudes

  • killer lyricist

    dope shit!!1

  • gbreeze

    PE is the greatest rap group of all time period!

  • update

    y was brother ali in the video? pictures i mean. and
    love is evol spell it backwards and u understand or w.e he said. didnt he copied from em or is it called borrowed lyrics?

  • man this video is dope as hell

  • nice... i def like this.....

  • daaang

    Chuck D's voice is too loud and overlaps the beat. Otherwise than that, it's ill.

  • bret

    brother ali is in it because he tells shit like it really is.


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