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2pac – Ride For Me f. Fatal & Kurupt [Unreleased]

blame it on Shake September 10, 2010

Just a day after ESPN’s Tupac/Tyson documentary, we get some unreleased material? West!

DOWNLOAD: 2pac – Ride For Me f. Fatal & Kurupt | Mediafire
BRING IT BACK: 2pac – Ambitionz Az A Fighta (Mike Tyson Tribute)

  • feeling this one!

  • Kuruption

    Pac & Kurupt together on a track is always classic. I hear something like this and realize most hip hop coming out now is a waste of time

  • BrokenEmpires

    Prophecy fulfilling…… damn. listen to the first verse. He also talks about ph inbalance. I didn’t know Pac was on that shit. Which leads me to believe Tupac was a fraud. There’s no fucking way you are that smart and still act the ignorant. hmmmm Wheres that French Montana by the way. Us boyz need that music ju herrrd.

  • Cli-City

    Song is Dope……5 4 3 2 1…Here comes the Dick riders that been waiting for “real Hip hop”

  • Dope.

  • WFT

    “My favorite unit of measurement is ‘a shit load'”

    ` Kanye West (Twitter)


  • songs been removed?

  • BW

    you should post ‘Where Ever You Are” with 2Pac & Big Daddy Kane

  • CZ


  • BAM12393

    It was removed on Usershare

  • jbleezy

    only ten responses? Guess all these youngbloods only have an ear for that new shit

  • Golden Era

    The REAL G.O.A.T.

    Fukk all these new artist’s and artist’s that fell off.

    Nas after IWW

    Em after MMLP

    Jay after BP

    Nobody does it better than the Golden Era of Hip-Hop.

  • hiphop

    i want more

  • Birmingham

    I’m 18 years old and this shit is head & shoulders about anything coming out these days. I mean, there are a few nice MCs today, but not the dudes everyone is overhyping. Freddie Gibbs & Big KRIT are a couple of the exceptions, but J.Cole, anything Young Money, New West? Just no.

  • jerome

    love pac..but hes born and rasied east coast baby, dont take that away from us!

  • daveg

    ^^^Thats what made him the greatest. He had East and West coast style. That’s why he’ll always be better than biggie. Biggie only had one style.
    PAC I see you

  • Chris


    You see ‘Pac like I do, in that picture at the top of the post, or in more intimate, blue folks from Avatar kind of way?

  • Onederin


  • Grammar Police

    Why do people that seem intelligent think you pluralize a word by adding an apostrophe?

  • Bdub

    No one does it better.

  • Shy

    West Coastttttttt

  • SKHipHop

    POST “As The World Turns” (OG)
    It just leaked!

  • diandre pickett

    good thing this wasnt released.the beat is wack as fuck.i hate when pac flow over wack tracks that sound like this.maybe its a west coast thang,cuz we dont feel that shit up North,Potna.

  • diandre pickett

    and to that fuck who said he’s better than biggie cuz biggie only had 1 style.yeah you right,biggie style was called Hip-Hop.Not that jibber jabber bishop t.d. jakes shit pac was spitting.imma leave this 1 alone,but i hate when people say pac was better than biggie without credible support.

  • BAunique

    boo dead link

  • E.T.Beatz

    this is a classic in the present i think pac is better than biggie in my opinion becuz pac had emotion in his songs and wasnt worried about it even tho he was in the thug life i know ppl are ganna fight about it but fuck it R.I.P Tupac

  • Ryan


  • Lifez_a_bitch_n_then_u_die

    Pac=G.O.A.T.Don’t crucify me for my opinion.

  • Patrick

    HOW is there still unreleased 2pac music?

  • instrulova

    i cant stop listening to this DOPE track… beat is one of the best ive ever heard and pacs flow is dope as always! Kurupt and Fatal are dope as well.. DOPENESS PURE !!!! i really miss music like this nowadays…

  • REAL DOPE !!

    Pac is the Greatest..this song is DOPE..
    I saw some list of greatest artists of all time and that bitch jay-z was at a higher spot than Tupac..that shit just made want to shoot someone lol..it made recognize how famous that devil shit can make u, even if u are like jay z, a rapper without talent..

  • D39

    Good Shit!

  • @BrokenEmpires maybe dude just had a pool in his crib? not unlikely, what is though; saying 2Pac is a fraud. GOAT and he changed the landscape of Hip Hop moreso than anyone I can think of.

    @REAL DOPE !! Jay is far from talentless, IMO. Dude is way mainstream (why is that always such a negative?), but he’s got classics. Records & albums.

  • BTNH warlord

    brokenempire aka brokendream fuck, if you cant say anything good about Pac then just dont listen dumb fuck