• red

    Shake what are Kokayi's other tapes? It looks like he put a lot of work into this but before I sink $12 I gotta know more.

  • sam sneako

    that cover is SIIIIIICK. i need that for my wall.

  • moran_red

    mass instructions is one of my favorite albums. Kokayi always holds it down for DC.

  • Juan Carlos del Moral


    His previous albums were "The New Grease" (more a mixtape than an actual album) & "Mass Instructions", and he has 3 groups, Opus Akoben, and 3 albums with them, "Art of War", "Raw Life" & "The Road Less Travelled", with theCaesarz, "All Hail", and with Dastardly, "Bright Outloud"...and you'll be able to dl only the Mass Instructions album only lol

  • red

    Damn haha well I guess I'm on the hunt for Mass Instructions.

  • houstonz

    Mass Instructions, All Hail, and Bright Outloud are probably his best work. Check out those ones. I already pre-ordered the special Paleo-Pack.

  • Peace

    This looks ridiculous!
    Mass Instructions is sadly the only other album I've heard by him, but it's a great album and Bright Outloud & All Hail is getting copped once I get my next salary.. 'Blow' and 'Nasty Girl' at least are great tracks, can't wait to hear the rest. :)

  • shitntits

    anyone got a link?