Get Busy Committee - Dancin' On Your Grave (prod. Scoop DeVille)

With some assistance from Brevi; Apathy, Scoop and Ryu are back with another banger. And if you haven't already, be sure to grab that Uzi Does It album!

DOWNLOAD: Get Busy Committee - Dancin' On Your Grave f. Brevi (prod. Scoop DeVille) | Mediafire

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  • GOD

    LOL @ that dude having "Connecticut" tatted on his hand

  • moolaguap

    gay picture is gay


    wtf ,stop talkin shit about the pics folks
    realize a real listen of this song ,and a special check to the beat.. wow can't belive it

  • Drew

    GBC is dope as fuck!

  • Dueces

    @GOD its connection

  • KennyD

    if no one hops on this beat and destroys it then idk whats going on

  • loxy

    i cant find tha fuckin album nowhere


    lol @GOD

  • ozneroled

    no, it's connecticut. and that's apathy..guy is fucking dope

  • gbreeze

    GBC has the best rap album that came out in 09' period, these cats are dope, yall faggots are sleepin

  • sigh

    yeah we all forgot @GOD, you can only places that are "hood" tatted on your body... smh

  • sigh


  • Young Mo Fo

    This song goes hard. Scoop uses those same drums and it still sounds hot. The lady singing part made the song that much better though, the second verse was the finisher.

  • hellboy

    GBC is fuckin ill

  • JL

    dude in the middle lookin like marcus williams

  • names are for people

    fuck the picture, the song is the shit

  • Cleezy

    I don't understand why you guys are commenting on the picture.. lol. I'm pretty sure we all come to this site for the music.

    That being said.. To my ears this song is incredible! Super futuristic yet chill vibe, dope beat, dope lyrics (especially apathy imo).. Oh and.. CT represent!

  • BigChill

    Why did it take so long to post this song?

  • BigChill

    PS Dude in the middle is Scoop DeVille. One of the tightest producers our right now. Don't sleep. Ap is a beast, and Ryu can rap his ass off. Enjoy

  • brooklyn

    where can i get the beat?

  • jd

    I'm sure Apathy wouldn't mind tattooing "Connecticut" across a pimply-internet nerd's face.

  • leo

    Using The Same Drums Again...DAMN somebody Get This KID Some New Drums.....Get over the I wanna


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