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Kendrick Lamar – Cut You Off (Video)

blame it on Illy September 12, 2010

Overly Dedicated dropping September 15th!

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  • DOPE!


  • 11

    man he releases everything to fast. doesnt even give time for the people to settle in from his last leak. dope shit but u basicaly released the whole mixtape ! aha.love the music though. but thats just me. keep it up man, love your consistancy. if you loose that , then u loose track of fans. your almost something to really speak on, do not stop………………….

  • Co-sign 11, he’s definitely releasing material too fast. It’s better to be stingy with your stuff to make people fiend for it more. It sure works out in J. Cole’s favor. Dope shit nonetheless though.

  • Ojandkush24

    Hense the title “overly dedicated” oh so that’s why he releases so much material. Sorry for sounding so redundant but this is obviously not your average “rapper”

  • Kim

    ridiculous… can’t wait til the 15th

  • A nice natural looking video. He is telling the truth about some women.

  • YO YAH

    post the new lupe huh!!!!!!!!!

  • DatDude

    Probably My Favorite Song From Kendrick Lamar, Video is Tight.

  • P.

    can’t wait for wednesday, flight on thurs, prolly only gonna bump OD

  • JaySole

    Dope song and nice video.

  • GhettoBlaster

    dope. dope.
    LA on the map this season.
    fools aint fuckin wit it

  • CASH


  • Pete.C

    Theres a lotta wack rappers on here… but Kendrick is not one of them. Dudes a beast

  • Lloyd Carr


  • brooklyn

    he just got a new fan this shit dope

  • stay killin’um OD 9-15

  • JaySole

    OD is going to be better than Wales More About nothing

  • N.E.R.D


  • lars

    i was sleepin 4 too long

  • calmatic always makes some dope shit

  • E2ND.

    kendrick lamar should of been on XXL 2010 Freshman Classs, shit he better be on 2011 XXL FRESHMAN CLASS!


    i’ll be honest i dont like everything homie does but this shit is definitely dope in every way so HIP-HOP

  • painfulbliss

    this is far better than his Monster freestyle, that shit mad me wanna stab myself in the ears.


    I’ll check his new mixtape out even though I thought his last shit was meh

  • stupidgreedy

    no haters… on this blog, two thumbs up

  • mike c


  • Zak

    cant wait for the mixtape.

  • SayItAintChris

    I Love this dude i swear Big sean was my fav rapper as of now but man after that mixtape kendrick lamar is my new number one the chip tha ripper second then big sean now HAHA mixtape was too average but anyways

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  • whitegirlswithnotits

    Big Sean is the definition of a average rapper with punchlines, sorry listening to Kendrick Lamar should make u re-evaluate your favorite MCs list

  • SayItAintChris

    I did its kind of hard to listen to Big Sean now, but Chip tha ripper is DOPE! But i still cant fuck with j.cole not feeling him.

  • BAM12393

    Kendrick Lamar just gets better and better each time he releases a track.

  • Premoo

    LOL @ “11” comment. u complained about his consistency. then praise his consistency.
    He has an album dropping this month. he is doing his job. Notice how the movies GO HARD with commercials/trailers/interviews of the cast ? there is a reason for that. consider what he is doing is releasing commercials for his movie. and he wants niggas in they seats with popcorn ….come the debut. SOLID PLAN. GO Kendrick!

  • JaySole

    @ Premoo. I totally agree.

  • La County

    probably one of the best reppin the westcoast, absoul is right next to him…they are both monsters

  • billmurray

    shit is sick but the the best reppin the west??? crooked i, planet asia mistah fab, glasses malone??

  • Prevster

    I had the song a few months ago, off 22tracks.com so I’m not complaining bout fast leaks.. Curious bout the album

  • mastermasturbater

    kendrick shits on fab and glasses.

  • 777

    its sad that our rap society doesnt except artist like kendrick lamar. we have been deprived too long. i think its a testimony to how BRILLANT kendrick is that he can leak sooooo much in such little time and still make heat after heat. been listenin to dude since k dot and he continues to get sicker. CANT WAIT FOR THAT KENDRICK AND STRO colab, gon be ridiculous… kendrick keep it up.

  • DisNigRo

    Man so much talent out there. Kendrick you got my money man.

  • EV.EN

    kendrick lamar #1 right now in westcoast PERIOD