Random Acts of Fuckery: Mr. Carey Edition

blame it on Shake September 12, 2010

So over a year after Eminem released The Warning, Mr. Carey retaliates with this? Smh…

DOWNLOAD: Nick Cannon – I’ma Slick Rick (Eminem Diss) | Mediafire

  • Listened to this the other day… wtf.

  • ko

    nick cannon is hilurrious

  • BBoldt

    lol I wonder what Slick Rick thinks of this shit.

  • I’ll Wait


  • Hey shake give him a break he had to thing loooooooooong and hard about a great comeback.And this is what he came out with lmfao

  • yeah

    Nick Cannon lit that cracka Em up on this track!!! pure fire!!!!

    Nick Cannon goes hard in the fuckin paint!!!

    Ya’ll best recognize!!!

    That homo Eminem better start rollin on that XTC again if he has any hope of fuckin with Slick Nick!!!

  • yeah


  • GoldMedalist


  • who cares

    You are jokin’ right? Heard this shit couple days ago. This shit is horrible


    ol simpin ass nigga



    WTF lame… em will can shit on a track and it will be harder then this track

  • yeah

    @who cares

    This is in the same vein as The Bitch in Yoo, No Vaseline, Second Round KO, and Takeover.

    This diss will go down in history because Em knows he cant say shit on Nick Cannon.

  • cjdaill1

    this go ham in the trap you

  • Does this mean that Em’s gonna release those naked photos of Mariah? Thats the first thing that popped in my head…

  • JuGo

    dad, nick cannon is hilarious!! hah

  • ninja4life

    dis is sad

  • theres was no point in this shit straight wack

  • sleepy_p

    this guy is a joke

  • Evan292

    i hope eminem comes back

  • Bryan

    I even prefer the last songs from Shyne

  • jay

    This is truly sad..smh

  • Kantwon

    What the fuck did I just listen to?

  • ninohoe

    Fuckin Horrible. smdh

  • Andre Johnson

    Are you kidding dude? Nick doesnt have the status of em and never will not to mention nick has never done anything to make him like em. oh yeah, he did have that gay ass tv show. hes embarrassing dude.

  • moookie

    this make me wanna cut my own leg off, throw it to some pigs, watch them eat it and then try and cut the other one off before i bleed to death.

  • this dude

    nick cannon is way too hard you guys dont even know what youre talking about.

    have you seen the video for gigalo? god damn

  • stompintom

    30 year old dave chappelle: fuck nick cannon

  • banks

    lmao ^^

  • Kennyis22

    That’s the gayest flow I have ever heard. Stupid Nickelodeon, America’s Got Talent faggot.

  • OK EVERYBODY please cleanse your ears from what you heard from Slick Nick and check out my new song right quick (click my name)
    Then come back and tell me WHO IS BETTER? Nick or Jonnie ?

  • CloudKicka

    this beat fits this clown PERFECT

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Fuck this Wheres Lil B the MUTHAFUCKIN BasedGod!?!?!

    Thankyou BasedGod Hoes On My Dick Cuz iLook Like Pee Wee Herman!!

  • leutrim rexhaj

    nick cannon really lucked out with mariah carey…he was going nowhere with his amazing programming and rapping skills

  • van

    wtf is this shit? my ears hurt.

  • Mariah looks good in that picture though.

  • Wiz

    @ yeah
    Are you smoking crack? Nick Cannon is a HORRIBLE rapper. He is lame as hell. You must be deaf because Nick Cannon has NOTHING on Eminem lyrically and will never win a rap battle against Eminem. Your just as delusional as Nick buddy. I hope you realize you have the most benighted comment on the internet right now — way to make yourself look like a dipshit. Your comparing copper to platinum my friend. Your opinion is not coherent at all.

  • Wiz

    Like Em said in the warning, “You gonna ruin my career? You better get one” — LOL.

  • PeteHeavyCream

    this has got to be part of a new show nick does, called “slick nick” i would imagine it’s some sort of punked spin off. atleast i hope we all just got punked, otherwise mr. cannon needs to never open his mouth in public again.

  • Mr. 2010

    *puts gun in mouth and pulls trigger*

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    I Cant Get Jiggy With This Shiiit!

  • Augusta GA Jedi

    …Fail 1. A response to some shit that happened last year? Fail 2. you had harder bars on Wildin’ Out Fail 3. His musical career. Just stick to coporate money making and leave the rapping to rappers.

  • hardknocklife

    letz prepare a funeral for nick cannon r.i.p to him he shoulda not done this smh lol he gonna get it dumb fuck

  • awye

    [email protected] all you retards actually thinking that “yeah” guy is serious business

  • Wiz

    I find it very fucking childish of Nick to make this “waste of time” after Eminem said he is done with the Mariah Carey beef 4 days ago. What a pussy move Nick. When the beef was going you wasn’t saying shit, but now Em is done you want to record a p.o.s diss track? Don’t get made if Em drops a bomb on ya, your asking for it now.

  • Dude gotta big ass tatt of mariah on his back. He is forever simp status. EM shouldn’t even respond to this cuckold ass dude.

  • Kanye East

    Hey Dick Cannon, stick to Nickelodeon. Tool

  • Wiz

    LOL at imbeciles who don’t make logical comments that have no point.

  • jd

    Mariah got cottage cheese legs now. She’s all yours, Nick.

  • He should hook up with Don Cannon for a mixtape. I can already see the cover “The Cannon Bros” with a large Nickolodian sign.

  • 7

    Sounds like the original shitty song to me. What the fuck is a Dougie?

  • Em should give us some mariah nudes.

  • Joey Faz

    Hahah Shake not sure if you did this because of my twitter request but ty either way!!

  • lame

    Jonnie go away nigga, like you’ve said you would over and over again. no one wants to hear your weak shit, if you couldn’t tell by now.

  • MZA

    you do realize that this is Nick Cannon’s attempt at creating a dance more than it is a diss to Eminem, right? Instead of Dougie Freshing, he’s gonna teach them to Slick Rick. Fuck it, ya’ll are slow as shit to begin with.

    Eminem can’t respond, he’s too busy taking prozac and making songs with Rihanna, Pink and Hayley Williams. How about 2dbz cover some artists who are actually relelvant in 2010, making good music? Such as OFWGKTA? Or Based God? Are their shoes not enough for you guys?

  • As much as this is whack, I want an Em response.

  • luukang

    You probably didn’t listen to the track did you? That song he linked was dope

  • lame

    MZA, this isn’t about making a dance at all, wtf are you talking about? There is no reference to a new dance move whatsoever… And what does “Are their shoes not enough for you guys” even mean? You incoherent ass nigga.

  • whitegirlswithnotits

    OK EVERYBODY please cleanse your ears from
    what you heard from Slick Nick and check out my
    new song right quick (click my name)
    Then come back and tell me WHO IS BETTER?
    Nick or Jonnie ?
    Jonnie’s NEW SONG said this on September 12th,
    2010 at 5:22 pm
    Yea you got it nigga, I was impressed. Dope

  • guest

    Now lets be real only reason he realsed this shit now ( a year after) is cause eminem recently in a interview said he would no longer mention Mariah Carey or this clown again. making him think to him self hes in the clear now if he wants to diss shady.

  • GeorgeCostanza

    no way eminem was “scared” of him at the BET awards


  • lxlnethinglxl

    i hope em comes back and wipes him off the face of the earth. shit was trash

  • guest

    This is so awful.

  • Slaughterhouse

    This was horrible. Nick Cannon has to stop doing music. Does he literally think he has a chance of going at aruguably the GOAT?

  • DOPE

  • Worst Slick Rick impression I’ve ever heard.

    Also… wow, those lyrics… really?

  • DaSilva

    Funny, but im never gana hear this shit again . . .


    Shut the fuck up about Based God holy shit. Hit up youtube if you want to hear that garbage.

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Funny how somebody who got his name as “SODMG” says that bout lil b lmaoo nigga gthfoh

  • pampers

    lol at niggas replying to other niggas on this shit. on some dallas cowboys tony homo shit niggas.

  • [email protected] the people taking this song super serious n calling it awful its nick cannon hes a comedian..this is what he does..lol
    ahhhh get over urselfs people

  • SayItAintChris

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  • damnyo!

    ouch. this is so horrible. im sorry i listened but i had to just out of pure hilarity

  • Slick Rick should put all his gold in a bookbag and beat corn off of Nick.

  • DAME

    mann….. Em doesnt even need to say anything. Nick slapped himself in the face with this one.

  • i wanna hear a slick rick response…

  • TheMainEvent

    I heard this the other day and thought it was fake. If it’s not fake, well, euw.

  • Aj

    Ems buzz is huge at the moment, Recovery, Home Tour, VMA,s, Singles etc ! Nick is just dissing him to get some attention again – Em doesnt need to come back to this garbage

  • killa cali

    wow nick cannon…not only do u have no influence on the hip hop community but you somehow managed to make me dislike you even more…man i hope em comes back with something raw…not that he has to but id still be awesome

  • DayO

    yall comment niggas are too funny.
    i love when shit like this is posted.
    nick cannon is trippin. hahahaaaaaa!
    scrub ass nigga

  • L1A

    Eminem is racist calling black women niggers and bitches

  • Peekay

    3 minutes i’ll never get back

  • emalli

    rofl Jonnie, lame lyrics with a decent flow doesn’t make your shit any better than this. That eminem battle line was corny and half the shit doesn’t even rhyme.

  • The people defending Nick Cannon on this page right here are the same people who would defend Waka Flocka and Lil B. Look, everyone has their tastes in music, but when it comes to diss songs, Eminem could kill Nick Cannon with 2 lines.

    And @JonnieHayward, that’s a pretty dope track. I’m a producer, so click my name and check out a few of my beats if you get a chance. I’d be down to collab if any of the beats catch your attention.

  • Atlis

    *clears throat* WHAT…..THE…….FUCK!?!?!?

  • yeah

    Ya’ll dont understand, Nick Cannon is the truth!!!

    His lyrical prowess must just go over your heads.

    Its kinda sad, because people hating on this song are the people that are ruining hip-hop. Its polluted with shallow minded people who don’t understand real hip-hop (aka Nick Cannon).

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    @Attis, Grady style?

  • umm…. what the bloodclot was the point of this none-sense?

  • This is real hip hop nick ddid it right!

  • y yall bitchin about this this is tight

  • 10dopeboyz

    @yeah TRUTH!!!!!!
    LOL, this nigga is trollin

  • Shy

    nick cannon is a faggot.
    the end.

  • Jag

    hahahahahahaha this is just sad

  • GOD


  • OMFG…..Can anyone say its on! Damn, I know kats think Eminem is like the dopest rapper around even though he is whiggly white?
    But, Nick Cannon has been getting on his hip hop grind. He scraped clawed, bit eminems head off. Oh can you feel it? I say Yes!! I can feel it! Lets see how eminem fights back. I mean after all look who has the girl on their shoulder right now. I know eminem misses Ms Carey bad. I know I would if I was him. I mean, who wouldn’t

    Well the score was 1-0 Em. But Slicky Nicky just tied this game up! Boo-yah

  • [email protected] u are a faggot. with ur little gnome avatar. gangster! lmao.

  • Rav

    Wow… this fucking sucked… -.- 2dbz…Meka…Shake… PLEASE never put up anything this nigga does EVER again… this was trash and I actually feel demotivated for the rest of the day… *sigh*

    [email protected] … must be Nick himself… some of these dudes on commenting on the blog had the same ip address… just putting that out there. :x

  • sleepy_p

    dope music jonnie, you’re 10000000000x better than nick faggot

  • chef

    Nick Cannon ether’d himself with this track. Eminem doesn’t even have to respond.

  • Mariah Carey is like 200lbs right now. Get out of here if you think Nick Cannon has the perfect wife.

  • The Explanation

    all my bitchez love me

  • Axeo

    Ok stop calling him nick cannon. he is nick carey because thats the only way people outside of America got talent gonna know who the fuck he is. I would avoid him at BET awards to so there ain’t footage of him getting his ass whooped. There was a reason his second album was shelved. Nick Cannon so lame Jay-Z left him on streets like “you ain’t getting in my Maybach bitch” there are just way too many things to clown him on.

  • ThaDankest1

    nick cannon better find a bombshelter soon…..thats word!!!!

  • Ojandkush24

    Chapelle show: daves son “dad Nick Cannon’s hillarious”…. Dave ” man fuck Nick Cannon!!!”

  • DK

    Shots FIRED! Nah but seriously I remember when I used to watch this dude on Nickolodeon as a kid lmao. Just stick to dating cougars and America’s got talent.

  • Jonnie

    Thanks to those that checked out my track and
    appreciate the feedback …except the 1 dude
    apparently hating had it made up in your mind
    that it was wack b4 u even clicked the link smh..
    @b_lett I ’ll check it out bro

  • Brother man

    Nick Cannon ether’d himself with this track. Eminem doesn’t even have to respond.


    Cosign. I can’t even give this a full listen. What’s wrong with Nick? He’s got a good gig with America’s got talent. Why try and get back in the rap game

  • Duke Nookem

    harakiri rap

  • Duke Nookem

    toe on the trigger mouth on the barrel rap

  • Duke Nookem

    bungie cord tied around the neck rap

  • Duke Nookem

    2 bottles of aspirin rap

  • Duke Nookem

    skydiving with no parachute rap

  • Duke Nookem

    pointing unloaded pistol at cops rap

  • c e

    i hate that beat but thats truely creative

  • risen357


  • Freshone


  • THE Yessir Man

    IF Nick is ass why he got a 113 comments on a Post

    He must be doing something right!!! whens the last time Em had this much buzz

    dont worry i’ll wait

  • THE Yessir Man

    NIck Cannon got the game on Lock
    He got one of the baddest chicks in the game
    He hostin a tv show
    murkin Em on a FIRE ASS track
    what does Em have shit

  • Jonnie

    @The Yessir Man

    The average Eminem song gets like 200-300 comments lol this site is full of haters, Drake stans, Eminem stans, and Lupe stans

  • Nellz

    nick cannon is FRESH HOTT GARBAGE..lame

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    @THE yessir man, I know your just trolling, but I’m bored so fuck it…. Your first question answers your second. Why does Nick cannon Have so many comments? Because he is talking about Eminem. When was the last time Em got this many comments? Um… right now… this post is about Em, and besides every Em post gets more comments than any other artist.

  • THE Yessir Man

    @hiphoppa Em dont get more comments than any other artist
    Fuck all what you hollerin
    Slick Nick in this Bitch hoe
    you was prolly listenin to this shit doin the dougie

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    @THE Yessir Man, Well… I mean what else can I say besides you’re just plain wrong. And of course I’m doing the Dougie. I know, impressive right? I can type and do the Dougie at the same time…. also, what the fuck is the Dougie?

  • holla if ya swalla

    i could have came up with a better diss track in a year… if i were em i wouldn’t even go back at him its worthless

  • tasty

    hey jonnie you’re an eminem stan, with that weak ass rhyme about him battling drake on your new track. you force lyrics homie, putting shit in just because you think it’s a dope punch line. not very smooth.

  • THE Yessir Man

    @hiphoppa-Im obscurely correct and yeah you prolly are doing that shit….Slick NIck dont dougie He do the WOP!!! real niggas fuck with The Cannon

  • Pops


  • hippaToDaHoppa

    @THE Yessir Man, I suppose I’m not real then. Besides I don’t Dougie or WOP, I just hit ’em with the twist.

  • dopeSir


  • 40oz.prophet

    @The Yessir Guy

    “Im obscurely correct”
    How bout you’re “intelligently stupid.”
    Go back to slip n fall school!

  • Jonnie

    @tasty I’m not a stan, I don’t even own a Eminem cd lol but I know he would murder Drake or Gucci Mane in a battle but thanks for checking out my song and over-ANALyzing it buddy

  • royceda59

    weak-ass nigga

  • Detroit89

    nick cannon’s slick rick impression is making me really pissed off. even more so than what he says about eminem. we all know that cannon is the one with the ovaries in the relationship. im not being an eminem stan but this ish is so fucking stupid that i cant believe my ears. this is weakest diss ever

  • no…………

  • nick cannon was dope!

  • nito

    daaaamn!!! nick cannon straight up etherd em!!!! jk but damn this foo should have gotten kat williams to write some lines for him at least it would have been funny

  • Pete.C

    jonnie this isnt a site to promote yourself. get the fuck out of the c section

  • Joe.

    ears is bleeding.

  • ay, that was terrrrrrrrible! nick needs to stick to the mothafuckin snaaaaaaaare druuuuuuuum! shit stinks more than my diiiiiiiick!

  • tasty

    lol you tell people to listen to your music and only appreciate positive comments, that’s pussy homie.

  • mmkayy

    damn Mariah used to be hot…what happened??? ohyea Nick Cannon

  • Ca$h!


  • I need 3mins of my life back…

  • Jonnie

    lol you tell people to listen to your music and only
    appreciate positive comments, that ’s pussy
    tasty said this on September 12th, 2010 at 11:03
    There’s a difference between negative feedback/criticism and hate..the negative comments was just straight hate and disses (wasn’t constructive criticism at all) because of me spamming, the positive feedback came from those that listened without any bias or anything against me..

  • AzKing

    i bet Em didn even see this dude. Without Mariah how could he even tell who he is.

    The Warning 2!
    and Mariah nudes

  • tasty

    lol again Jonnie, if people dislike your shit you label it hate. look at what you wrote homie. no one had any “positive” critique. they just said shit was good and i said shit was bad. wtf is the difference? grow up if you wanna blow up

  • zahlawi


  • Really Nick?


    Hes so fucked.

  • Clint Sevilla

    Really Nick, really?

  • Slick Rick should come back to pimp-slap that nick cannon, haha.

  • risen357

    slick rick & em should to collab and run a train on homeboy’s wife. idk just a thought haha

  • ringa

    after a year this is all he could come up with?

  • merlin2408


  • this cat is a fucking homo

  • DaRichKid

    LMAO I skipped over this shit when I seen it but I had a good laugh just now, cause he one of them funny kind of jokes.

  • Sergesauce024

    LOL! This is the same dude that had his own show on nicolodian lmofa!!! hahah!!!!! Wow Nick is pathetic!! And really late on his shit. I hope Emininem don’t go back on him cause it wont be worth it cause of account this is probably on of the worst comeback song or beef song to ever be made. But if Emininem were to go back at him, Nick might as well bow down and suck his dick cause this shit is super garbage.