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Bring It Back: Kendrick Lamar EP [2009]

blame it on Shake September 14, 2010

With the release of Kendrick Lamar’s O(verly) D(edicated) project quickly approaching; I felt it was only right to bring back his previous EP for those that haven’t heard it and/or for those that may have forgotten about it (although I highly doubt that). Features include Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q, Rapper Big Pooh and more.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Kendrick Lamar – Kendrick Lamar EP

  • CommonSensei

    One of the best Hip Hop EPs of all time. Wanna Be Heard, P&P, Vanity Slaves, Let Me Be Me, Thanksgiving, and Faith are all classics.

  • McBreezy

    one of the best projects ive ever listened to… real shit, gifted MC

  • McBreezy

    Cosign CommonSensei

  • Bowmore

    Always thought Far From Here was the nicest joint.
    If you passed this up before quit sleepin. Dude has talent mos def.

  • eSo

    I’ve been listening to this at least once a day for the past week preparing myself for that greatness that will be OD.

  • Jonnie

    Wanna Be Heard, P & P, and I Am = my favorite joints… Wanna Be Heard sold me though, proof he’s legit.

  • Pops

    I got this the first time it was posted just to give it a shot. Hadn’t heard of the kid before then. Since that time, I’ve listened to this EP probably at least once a week. Dude is nicer than the world will probably ever give him credit for. Can’t wait for OD

  • stompintom

    I’m dling this based on the comments so i better not be disappointed

  • D

    This is fine but fairly average. Just wanted to counteract the obvious street team acting like this is the best collection of songs ever.

  • Kaedus

    She Needs Me >>>>

  • DJ

    this has been on repeat since winter..cant wait for OD

  • pointBlank

    still play this CD regularly. cant wait for the OD

  • Mun_E_Mike

    He’s getting shit done.

  • Pete.C

    One of the best mixtapes in the past year. Only song I didnt like was P&P which everyone else loved I guess

  • G

    u sound foolish bro. if u think this is all fake comments why dont u check out the 100s of “Fake” responces he gets on twitter from his work. I never met the dude but got mad respect for his music as well as mostly every 1 who comes across it. call it what u want but i just hate ignorant comments like that.

  • Mixtape was tight.. real tight

  • LB

    What POPS said.

  • Jordan

    I thought this came out tomorrow? I could have sworn I heard 9/15

  • LB

    This is the E.P. that came out last year.
    OD comes out tomorrow for free download. But it’s on iTunes right now to purchase.

  • “I thought this came out tomorrow? I could have sworn I heard 9/15”

    this is from the end of 2009. hence the “BRING IT BACK” title and 2009.

  • Grade A

    based on comments this should be ill.

  • TIto-MarVS

    Changed my outlook on the game, i can’t fathom what this new shit will do since im still fascinated at every one of these tracks.

  • TIto-MarVS

    the heart pt. 2 is not on itunes. WTF is it only gonna be on the free version?

  • Peedi B

    Kendrick Lamar EP > 99% of any mainstream rapper album in 09

  • BAM12393

    Kendrick Lamar EP has been getting constant play from me for a straight week.

  • Jonnie

    Um if O.D. is on i-tunes already, does anybody mind leaking it a day early? Been waiting for this tape for a couple months now!

  • CommonSensei

    Dude is real down to earth and a jokester. Hope he does well, but I’m always a fan

  • JaySole

    Finally he is getting some recognition. He definitely deserves. Thanks shake for posting his throwback EP, was DOPE solid.

  • fy4sko21

    Mixtape is majorly ill

  • this ep still is my shhhiiitttt!!!! is od going up at midnight?

  • we’ll have OD up at midnight pst time. 4.5 hours for those that cant do the math haha.

  • ckuartz

    how many mb ? need to make some space lol

  • i LOVE this project this is most def a modern day classic. its still in my rotation til this day!

  • Fritsche

    I wasn’t on Kendrick at first, but he is one of my favorites now. Dope EP, P&P

  • gill

    she needs me and far from here were my favorites, but such a solid album no track dissapoints, grab this if u dont so ull be ready for OD!, cant wait for tmw


    i doubt OD will be better in all honesty. Only 2lame songs on the EP. But the rest of the damn thing is classic straight up. #stan

  • robo

    So ill one of the best projects, faith and vannity slaves are my favs

  • red

    PST time =/
    I hope I remember to get that EP in the am so I have more to add to my playlist going to class.

  • actually… looks like they arent gonna drop it tonight. go ahead and go about your regularly scheduled nights. tomorrow itll come.

  • Randylr

    very upsetting news very anxious for this project.

  • jay

    thank you for posting this Shake very appreciative!

  • cali


  • weswesyall

    some of yall dind’t get tha “EP” right? it stands for “ExPerience”, not tha usual “Extended Play”…

  • dlo

    highly appreciate this, very good looking out shaker

  • dlo

    Straight up, tell him how it is

  • Answer Me!

    any sample(s) info for this project? anyone hearing “Is It Love” ???

  • Love This EP


    kendrick lamar might be pound for pound the best west coast up n coming rapper yet, this kid is just all day with the #classics.

    honestly, who can touch this kid right now? NOT EVEN YOUR FAVORITE RAPPER COULD.

  • Yea, I still rock to this. What came before this?

  • Unknown

    pure dopeness!

  • highly impressed, this dude is a breath of fresh air this ep was sick, cant wait for OD

  • Kim

    After passing over him for a while, the coverage on OD made check out his EP just this past week. It’s already become one of my all-time favorites. Been listening to it nonstop and will definitely be tossing in my money to PURCHAES and support his new album today.

  • “I’m dling this based on the comments so i better not be disappointed”



  • suede money

    the ep is ill, i 1st caught kendrick when he went by K-dot
    and did that song with lil wayne & jay rock called colours
    shit was ill, been a fan since then look up colours on youtube

  • Jordan

    I have this ep i was talking about the OD people were sayin they had it already.

  • Jordan

    Where can I get OD for free?

  • Rezo

    ^^ You can buy it on ITunes right now or wait until tonight to download it for free.

  • Faith is an awesome track… when I first downloaded the EP, I always had that joint on repeat. I wanna see “OD” has to offer when it drops…

  • ExtraGood909

    so is the OD droppin for free at midnight tonite?

  • $Bill

    ^^^^Last night on UStream he said he was gonna wait 3 or 4 days to put it out for free..^^^^^so i doubt that..