• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHNhP59pUp0&feature=related BillyClintBackwood

    dope dope dope
    listen to words yo

  • http://youtube.com/mickswaggger GOD


  • http://Y2 DCB

    That was tough. Likes that.

  • Konkwest

    this is dope. too bad it's not out yet. Looking for a dope new music fix and this mixtape seems like what i was looking for

  • http://24kmilkcrate.com chasenpaper

    I just want to say it was a pleasure to shoot this video, by the end of all the takes I for sure leaned to "SMOKE SMARTER!" lol

  • ink$linga

    too fucking dope!

  • Free9

    Damn Bam! From Self Untitled till now you've always got my head banging. This track is dope!

  • http://www.funky4c.com bigMOX

    this is that for REALS! cheeyeuh! 808 love!

  • Yo mama

    DOPE. 2 DOPE. Definitely picking this up!

  • Relative

    WOW...can't wait til this mixtape drops! Been a long time fan, but I don't remember being this excited for some new shit.


    BAM your killin it brotha !!! Hyped for this to drop.

  • http://www.allyoucaneathiphop.com catch91

    I swear, only Bam could flip THAT beat into a public service announcement and make it *ahem* dope like that! Filthy.

  • jubei208

    This is nice. Can't wait, but I vote for these two to be the next project in "DJ Muggs Vs" series.

  • janitor

    is smoking smarter is the way of the walk?