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John Legend & The Roots – Our Generation (J. Period Remix) f. Pete Rock & CL Smooth

blame it on Meka September 14, 2010

Artwork by Fuse Green.

Now this is dope…

With John Legend & The Roots joining forces to propel political songs like Ernie Hines’ “Our Generation” back into mainstream popularity, it was only fitting for J.Period to reunite the group that first sampled Hines’ on their seminal ’92 single “Straighten It Out”—artists from an era when hip hop carried its own social message—Pete Rock & CL Smooth. Back together on wax for the first time in 7 years, Pete & CL are in rare form on “Our Generation (J.Period Remix),” spitting conscious lyrics that remind us of hip hop’s potential to move not only our feet, but our spirit.

Good to see Pete and CL working together again. Let’s hope this time it’s a more long-term thing than a one-off like before.

DOWNLOAD: John Legend & The Roots – Our Generation (J. Period Remix) f. Pete Rock & CL Smooth | Mediafire

  • dope indeed

  • A.I.

    This is dope for real… Wake Up! is definitely a classic… Been bumping that all day…

  • Complacent

    umm was really looking forward to this album because john legend
    but wtf is a pete rock or cl smooth could have atleast put somebody worth listening to on a remix
    and he should collab with somebody less dated than the roots
    that would make an classic album but nobody knows these people
    cool beat nonetheless

  • TroySoul

    …Just ignore complacent. Just ignore it.

    I heard that The Roots were actually doing a cover of “straighten it out” for the album. Guess it was just a misunderstanding.

  • red

    If you don’t want to hear this please leave the hip hop community.

  • red

    I’m trying really hard Troy but honestly I feel like someone just stabbed me.
    Complacent you are the biggest fag ever. Great job trolling.

  • LOL @Please leave the hip hop community.

    …..Complacent… choke ya self.

  • Haters/Stans

    Dude I tried but I just couldnt do it @ TroySoul lol

    @ Complacent

    Just because youre an uninformed little Mtv stan does not mean that nobody knows who Pete Rock and the fucking Roots are. John Legend collaborated with these ARTISTS because A) They are among the greatest hip-hop talents ever to exist, and B) Because everybody that matters actually DOES know the legends. And thank God there are a few musicians left that are more interested in making good music than climbing the pop charts.

    I dont think 2dopeboyz is gonna be the place for u man, VH1.com or something seems much more appropriate. Or at least try to learn SOMETHING (anything at all, seriously, cuz that last comment was PATHETIC) about real hip hop before commenting next time.

  • stompintom

    @complacent, you are a piece of shit. body yourself fuckhead

  • lm


  • @complacement
    hopefully that was a joke, if not then WOW! …no words for you

  • …huh?

    great song!!!
    @complacement: die! lol
    amazing mix by J. he is the best

  • Xero

    I really hope there’s a Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth collaboration.. this is just dope

  • You

    Is it possible to get the download links going again? I totally missed this post! I WANT IT NOW!!

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