Lloyd Banks - iHipHop Interview (Video)

The homie Sam sits down w/Lloyd to talk about everything from being an independent artist to Spanish women to Brian Pumper. Roffle at the latter.

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  • jay

    Banks got next. Dude is extremely talented. Cop that hfm2 nov. 23rd support hip hop.

  • Cage

    ^^^ Lol.... He IS talented don't get me wrong, but his shot at next came and went.... and sam soundin mad suspect...

  • Brother man

    Banks is nice. Probably the only one from NY still holding it down



  • Crooks N Banks

    ^^^his chance came and went? why, because he's not a young fuckboy? because veteranism means nothing right? depends what your definition of "next" is, for you its probally being a mainstream popstar. for hip hop, its being a lyricist who gets top-5-followings with hip hop aka mixtapes instead of rap aka pop/albums

  • gusto

    @crooks n banks^^^^
    Word. I believe Jay was like 27 when he dropped his first album. Banks already got 2 and this is gonna be his 3rd album and he's 28. Niggas just be hatin cus he down wit the Unit. Nobody respects loyalty anymore??

  • Ca$h!

    Hate or no hate,Bank$ always rips shit."The Hunger for More 2" is gonna be an instant classic like "The Hunger for More" was and still is...I'm definitely gonna support Bank$ on Nov 23rd.

    Its the P.L.K!

  • k

    lol @ hunger for more being a classic. banks does his thing tho but god dam the interviewers voice is annoying