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Sha Stimuli – The Title (I Wanna Win)

blame it on Shake September 14, 2010

Catch Stimuli live in Atlanta on October 9th at the A3C Festival for our 2DopeBoyz showcase.

DOWNLOAD: Sha Stimuli – The Title (prod. Radio Maschine) | Mediafire

  • skeme


  • Slackinjackin

    Wheres the Get Big remix with Wiz and Bun B and Trina and Shawty Lo and more?

  • csedrgt

    Sha is the best rapper alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iLL

    Funny how this dope MC gets just 3 comments and big sean will get hundreds.Anyway,just heard his song “horroglyphics” with Nas.It’s a year old but dope as fuck!!

  • Pops

    I’m a huge Sha Stimuli fan but this track is terrible. Beat and chorus are both extremely annoying. This sounds like something off an NBA Live soundtrack or something. I expect better from Sha.

  • Current324

    Man you crazy this shit is fire!!

  • @pops Listen to the words. SHit is crazy what he says. but Thats why music is bad now bc its all depending on a hook and a beat and not the lyrics.

  • Don’t really feel the beat, but Sha delivers as usual.

  • stompintom

    fuck i’ve been sleeping on sha too long. dude is crazy. on another note emilio rojas is dropping shit today !

  • milkmedia

    Typography. It’s a lost art.

  • LOL that cover is turrrible.

  • Animalmusix

    Hmm not what you expect from Sha but this is hot!

  • mP

    Beat is sick!!, not for Sha tho.

  • Dre

    Typography. It’s a lost art.

    milkmedia said this on September 14th, 2010 at 10:19 am


  • Onyx

    Three syllables one word STIMULI!