• BW

    are tickets available yet?

  • JD Hogg

    Houston, Dallas, Austin...no one ever comes to San Antonio anymore.

  • Mr.704

    As always no NC dates...FUUUUCK!

  • 1dopeboy

    how ATL gets skipped over so often I'll never know

  • JBiv

    Where is the N.E.R.D cd at? Any news on that??

  • gill

    DOPE theire ending the tour in VAN CITY, much love

  • toneD

    NERD aint got SHIT on the gorillaz.

  • red

    I lose my passport so now I can't go to see Wiz in Ontario and now I can't see Pharrell either. Fuck this shit.

  • thatdude

    Seattle is actually November 2nd.

    Anyway, overpriced tickets. I'd rather go see Lyrics Born for 15 bucks.

  • thatdude

    oh yeah, fuck tickemaster.

  • DubC

    Dam three different arenas in Texas but not once in ATL? That's Fucked up.

  • chopz

    real talk, just cause we have "artists" like waka and gucci in atlanta doesnt mean we dont appreciate real music too

  • TheWatcher

    bobby womack...? mr."accoss 110th street"...aint he a lil too old

  • GOONx19

    Damn, nothing close to OH.

  • oobergeek

    i'm suprised miami is not on there. SHOCKER!!!

  • Shark ONE

    Ohio stays taking L's.

    Oracle Arena here I come.

  • Chris Parker

    we never get shit in NC

  • BlaqMagic18

    Y'all complaining like you got some grounds. When the last time you heard of a DECENT rap group coming to Seattle? At least NC has J. Cole, you know he's coming back there for a concert.

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    No Miami!?!? Wtf!

  • vito

    fucking miami..the only shit we get is drake and ross and shit. we NEVER get any good shit. last good thing i remember being here was glow in the dark tour..

  • Chuck_You

    Austin baby, Yeah!

  • @Beaminseagraves


  • T-Mcfly

    fuck montreal get skipped as the show will be only gorilaz damn it fucking shit bout to be a promoters make theyse guys come to my city

  • bigswoosh

    NERD was supposed to release an album Sept 7th correct? Smh....

  • http://www.allthatsfresh.com SirCatalyst

    Holy crap tickets are super high. $61.75 a piece for Camden....nevermind.

  • biginagw

    Seattle is what's gooooddddd.

  • L.J. Simpson

    Damn! The South gets no love...

  • http://twitter.com/thenewam Truth

    n.e.r.d stay on a dope card

  • sam

    nothing in south east what so ever, im smack in the middle of atl, NO, and Mia, but nothing

  • dukes


  • monmon

    damn no love for atlanta?

  • bbc.

    has anyone ever been to a gorillaz concert?