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Slang Editorial: So Kanye’s Back On Everybody’s Good Side Again?

blame it on Meka September 15, 2010

In today’s post at XXL, I wonder why everybody cares three much about Kanye again.

READ: Slang Editorial: So Kanye’s Back On Everybody’s Good Side Again?

  • WTF?

    three much? fucking idiot

  • Charles Hamilton’s LAST ALBUM: “M/A/TE: Mirror Are The Enemy” is out. Go download it!


    Why do we care about Kanye? Because he came back with Power. He came out with GOOD Music Fridays. He is not only releasing hot music for free every week. He is collaborating with some of the best talent in the industry (Rae/RZA/SWIZZ, etc)

  • I dont know about everyone else, but I never stopped enjoying the man’s music and looking forward to his next release. Why do I care anything about an awards show I didn’t care to watch, or whatever else people are upset at him for on Twitter?

  • music king

    ^ true

  • honest great music if your dont like it???? quit hatin
    #hit the link

  • itskazyo

    Kanye’s a genuis point blank period, genuises are always persecuted in some way or another,he was never on my bad side or on alot of other peoples bad side but if you wanna say he’s back on everybody’s good side meaning ( white people like him too again) again then yes lol anyway

    WHERE THE FUCK IS Kendrick lamar’s O.D.?

  • waltcity

    its funny that you even suggest that we left his good side? didnt know meka was so infuriated about the taylor swift incident. anyone who comes to the vma’s with a bottle of henny high on the POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWdER, and takes a stand against the fleecing of good music and defends beyonce’s creativity is A-OK in my book…meka you disappoint me

  • Stephanie

    I agree with most of these comments. That little VMA incident never deterred me, but! after the 2010 VMAs when Taylor came out all self-righteous tryna grant the man a pass into heaven with that song and whatnot over an INTERRUPTION, I was super over it. She milked that incident into high heaven and now we all see she’s just as bad as most people thought he was so it’s like, back to our original programming lol.

  • al-Aqsa

    You get better and better with your critiques / commentary, Meka.
    Keep this stuff up and stay articulate!

  • dre

    kanye been my nigga fuck dat bitch taylor swift

  • yeah

    Interrupting Taylor was one of Ye’s best career moves.

  • Ca$h!

    Kanye was never on my bad side.

  • DaRichKid

    I laughed at last years VMAs shit was funny.

  • rjs

    kanyes album is gonna flop

  • T0KS

    I never stopped bumping kanye. this nigga talks as if We stopped and then started fuckin with him again. nah dont get it twisted we not white america. We dont give a fuck bout taylor swift and waht he did to her.

  • HipHopUpdate

    “Back On Everybody’s Good Side Again?” <– What a ridiculous statement by a ridiculous fag SMH. The whole situation was NEVER that serious to me, I've seen MUCH worse. Hip Hop's audience has gotten too soft. Maybe because of it's crossin over into mainstream media because Rap was NEVER about bein Politically Correct. When ODB (Rest in Peace) rushed the stage and said "Wu-Tang's for the children!" No one organized a hate rally for him because quite frankly, that shit was HILARIOUS! Just by you dedicatin a WHOLE post wastin space on XXL's server even entertainin the whole idea and questionin the "re-acceptence" of Kanye West is kind of disturbin seein how you contribute to a website that's 'spose to be helpin Hip Hop in some ways. Maybe you should just go and start up a fan site for Taylor Swift and leave the Hip Hop bloggin for the professionals.

    P.s. You prolly cried when Kanye so savegely interrupted that po' lil girl Hahahahahahhahahahahahahaah!

  • GLO

    this shit makes no sense. who the hell cares if he did some shit at some award show. who cares about how he acts. if the music is good everything else is irrelevant.

  • Amazinnn

    Kanye always been on my good side
    people say he went soft on 808’s
    but for someone who isnt a r&b artist it was pretty damn good
    and so what if he an asshole… everyone is

  • Because he’s kanye. what the fuck kind of stupid question is that? im a devoted 2dope fan and reader and never ever talk shit on here, but i mean. Its kanye. He made College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, 808s and countless other classic tracks for other artists. Of course we care. He’s the best.

  • smiffl

    kanye west only got on the bad side of those that didn’t really care about him anyway. people who enjoy music more than just skimming the top ever let the vma’s stuff change how they felt about his work or himself for that matter.

    Also, (b/c it needs to be said) “three times”?
    Get the fuck out of here with that lame shit

  • smiffl

    edit: “In today’s post at XXL, I wonder why everybody cares THREE MUCH about Kanye again.”

    honestly, how long did it take you to think up that gem?

  • tre

    Kanye graced us with College Dropout, Late Registration, and Graduation.

  • Tron2010

    Exactly what time is Kendrick Lamar supposed to drop his O.D mixtape?

  • guest

    Cause Kanye has shitty as fans that flip on him when he does different creative things. Ex. 808’s.

  • guest

    scatch that. Kanye has a lot of fake fans that “dont listen to music they just skim through it” ;p. His real fans stayed with him.

  • j smith

    STINKMEANER said it best. I definitely forgot about Kanye for a while. I tried to like 808s and Heartbreaks. I tried to like the album before that. I really just couldn’t. Now he’s putting out great music. For me, I started bumpin Kanye again for the simple fact that he is putting out music that moves me.

    By the way, on a side note: that new Black Milk album!?!?!?!?! GOD DAMN! I swear that dude just slaughters every single track he puts together.

  • al-Aqsa


  • I hate Meka’s texts. They’re so stretched and filled with useless comments. Get to the point!

  • Boy2Dope

    wait.. Kanye was on hiphop fans bad side because he interrupted a country singer?? The dude is a loud mouth cocky Genius.. and thats what make him great.. THE END

  • J

    Regardless of how we feel about Kanye, his music will always still be ill

  • jay

    I just hated the fact he defended that weak ass Beyonce song no one gives 3 fucks about that shit! I would rather him get mad about one of his songs even if it wasnt in the nominees just hearing him rant about that old ass beyonce song made me mad other than im glad hes back into rapping like his old self!

  • Boomerang Slang

    Aziz said it best that shit was hilarious.

    what is up wit this Taylorgate shit? Kanye has done much worse, he disrespected the president by sayin he doesnt care about black people and that shit blow over quick. but its been a year and people still not over this shit!

  • Ye been on Hip Hop’s good side!!! A few too sensitive ppl got upset about what he did..wrong time to do it but the man stood up for something he felt strongly about. people dont do that these days. Again, couldda been a better time to do it but whatever haha Anyways, whats wrong with forgiveness?

    And he’s making DOPE music. Maybe THE DOPEST music out today.

    Yea, I took it there. Haha

  • blackadon

    completely co-sign the amount of kanye dickridin is fkin insane now

  • al-Aqsa


    Bro you don’t even know what Kanye’s dick feels like… I’m telling you its amaaazzzzinnnnggggg!


  • J.E.T.S.

    i’ve been playing late registration and college dropout a lot these past few months/year. that shit doesn’t get old. the only thing i hated kanye for was doing 808s and heartbreak. that shit was terrible.

  • naaaa

    na dude’s gay. everyone knows it. you seen the shirt. no grown straight man wears that shit.

  • JL

    ok, about 808s and heartbreaks, it’s a taste thing, but regardless

    street lights >
    that robo cop shit <

    the end
    and taylor swift isnt even a country singer, shes a pop singer. Even her fans say she cant sing live. real country niggas disowned her from the start.
    people only cared about the whole incident because, oooh, the mean negro interrupted the poor innocent pretty blonde haired, blue eyed white girl. If it was the reverse, noone wouldve gave a shit. Like dude said, odb did that shit a long time ago, and it blew over fast.

  • Alteez

    Actually…. I still think that Kanye’s pretty much garbage and a complete fag. Unless he drops the College Dropout again, I will probably never listen to his music again.

  • D. $cience

    Honestly, I don’t care about Kanye anymore. I’m still going to buy his album, because I’ve been supporting him since he was calling himself Kon The Louie Vuitton Don, but I’m not “excited”. What is crazy is that Kanye is supposed to be returning to “form”, but I don’t hear it. None of the leaked sh** moved me except for “Devil In A New Dress”. I was expecting similar tracks, but “Power” is okay, “Runaway” is mediocre (Pusha saves it), and that song with Beyonce is atrocious, “Monster” is overrated, and the “G.O.O.D. Friday” cut was just an average roster posse cut. The album will speak for itself, but until then, I care about Kanye as much as I care about T.I. now. The rappers that are now more than 4 albums deep (T.I., Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Game, etc.) are slowly becoming unexciting and fail to try to refreshen the game…which means their is high expectations for Dark Twisted Fantasy (or whatever he’s calling it).

  • vast

    Nowadays music is strictly entertainment. There is no soul in it anymore. Once an artist makes his/her fortune, just stop. Move on to greener pastures. Their is a certain threshold when they aren’t able to relate to their listeners. Ok, you were poor and hungry. Now your siting in Malibu in a 10,000 square foot water front property. You lost your hunger. Am I supposed to believe your still the same? Leave it to the next hungry generation. It should be a cycle.

  • D. $cience

    Nowadays music is strictly entertainment. There is no soul in it anymore. Once an artist makes his/her fortune, just stop. Move on to greener pastures. Their is a certain threshold when they aren’t able to relate to their listeners. Ok, you were poor and hungry. Now your siting in Malibu in a 10,000 square foot water front property. You lost your hunger. Am I supposed to believe your still the same? Leave it to the next hungry generation. It should be a cycle.
    vast said this on September 15th, 2010 at 11:36 pm


  • SoulRoc

    Don’t be so butthurt becuz Kanye can write his own big ass article

  • What Does Meka Mean With
    That Statement Lol
    Three Much About Kanye.?

  • cali

    I’ve had OD since yesterday (it’s on iTunes). Quit being cheap and show some support.

    The $6 is well worth it!

  • Equani

    #1 MTV ain’t a real award show

    #2 MTV always have some little bullshit doing their shows, possibly staged or not, they still let him on stage

    I’d listen to Kanye’s worst songs all day before I listen to some no-talented singer who everyone felt sorry for. You can say that Beyonce shit sucked, but it doesn’t change the fact how many people was fucking with it.

  • i’m a let you finish but… kanye is the most bipolar rapper ever!

  • Never had an issue with him. Yeah the stunt he pulled was RUDE and IMPOLITE, but I could really care less.

    Glad he’s back and making this Hip Hop culture less boring than it gets 75% of the time.

  • randomaxe

    never my left my good side.

  • simpleton

    This is ridiculous…how many friends does everyone here have who, every once in a while, do something boneheaded but are pretty decent people otherwise? Kanye just happens to be a celebrity, but that should never mean that if you do something stupid you should be hated for the rest of some undisclosed amount of time or whenever the public gets over its extended collective period. Stop bein so fuckin sensitive.

  • And Won

    Kanye hates this blog cause yall do Lupe dirty.


  • Kanye East

    And now another edition of “How the World Works.”

    To Kanye, it’s called publicity.
    To MTV, it’s called ratings.


    fucka kanye, i mean i’ll listen to his music but everything else he is wack. dudes a fuckin gay ass clown thats all he is. he does dumb shit all the time, dudes a fuckin lame (the way he acts).but fuck dude dont even make music like he used to, he aint shit now.

  • damn shake, i was just saying something like this. glad to see im not the only one who feels this way.

  • btw. i was joking with the shake thing. i know who write for xxl. it was a joke cause ppl act like 2dopeboyz stands for shake cup and straw