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Fortilive – Fist Fights (prod. !llmind)

blame it on Shake September 16, 2010

Dedicated to the bitches that forgot how to get down and fight like a man.

DOWNLOAD: Fortilive – Fist Fights (prod. !llmind) | Mediafire
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  • ricky d

    So you can say BITCHES but block out F_CK in the titles?
    The fuck is this?

  • JustSaiyan

    I got into a fight with my brother a couple days ago and put him in a rear-naked choke. Woulda put him to sleep too but my family broke it up.

  • lank

    Fortilive = Slap

  • Grade A

    [email protected]

    illmind is ill. ill check this

  • Ya Grandpa’s Back Hand

    Yeah this raw

  • djgreatpaid


  • King Geezy

    I dig the song. My friend was just talking this same shit a few weeks ago. I told him to think back to those days where people would knuckle up and remember how it never ended at that. People would just keep getting their ass whooped until they said fuck it and ran around with guns. Just like they said in this song, you get ya ass whooped, go recover and step your knuckle game up and go back to fight again. It’s a never ending struggle to stop the violence once you get in it. If it ain’t worth dying for it ain’t worth fighting for. I never seen a fight about something lead to nothing. This generation is just lazy so they dropped all the pointless stuff and cut to the chase. Somebody gotta go. I can’t knock em’ though. When it comes to beef, there’s no time for half stepping.

  • King Geezy

    Point is, don’t start no shit it won’t be no shit. Stay in ya lane, mind your own business and show respect.

  • pimpinpeni

    realest song out

  • TheJamaica420

    My muhapufckn two cents, whenever i see niggas fight up here they be tryna wrestle or choke sombody and the fight ends up being a fucking bear, why yall be doing that?

    On another note that black kid is about to get his shit wreck.

    Dope Track.

  • TheJamaica420

    meant bear hug

  • Fortilive

    Thanks for listening, glad we could spark some debate on this shit. RIP to those who had to die, because somebody else was a bitch.

  • once you get to a certain again i.e 11/12 you should just walk away. If the elders said aite put on sum gloves n solve it in a ring maby. But know all your gonna get is arrested..or seriously hurt..once we reach our physical peak during puberty we have the ability to kill one another during a simple fight u dont have that ability when ur 5/6 when u fight. For that reason it should be avoided. Unless your getting jacked/attacked for no reason and are forced to defend yourself.

  • cmcawley

    ^^ fuck that. disputes need to be settled and too many people out there need their ass whooped

  • billmurray

    this is good fucking music

  • purp douglas

    Yeah this shit knocks!!….if you under 25 this might go over your head

  • Ya Grandpa’s Backhand

    cmcawley said “^^ fuck that. disputes need to be settled and too many people out there need their ass whooped”


  • P514

    that beat is already used by Rapper Big Pooh last year but it’s ill though

  • u already know, my usos fortilive…..my brothas forreal and some of my favorite musicians. fuck yistols, ya boy uptown still throws from the shoulders like a 5 star ya digg. ask about me fool! samoan hands are sumn else! lol one love!

  • staubachalakalak

    Diggin it

  • rajmatazz

    Definitely been diggin illminds music, he has a good ear for emcees for the most part, these fortilive guys can spit, and they speak on some real shit

  • Ken

    HAwaiian! Fuck guns, take um to the park!! Haha. They rep Hawaii good. Keep it up

  • Ken

    That quote at the end is awesome! Sounds like some hawaii shit right there.