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Lil Wayne – I Am Not a Human Being (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Shake September 16, 2010

Cover and tracklist for Lil Wayne’s upcoming EP. Which is scheduled to drop on September 27th.

1. Gonorrhea f. Drake
2. Hold Up f. T-Streets
3. With You f. Drake
4. I Am Not a Human Being
5. I’m Single f. Drake
6. What’s Wrong With Them f. Nicki Minaj
7. Right Above It f. Drake
8. Popular f. Lil Twist
9. That Ain’t Me f. Jay Sean
10. Bill Gates
11. YM Banger f. Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda & Tyga
12. YM Salute f. Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz & Nicki Minaj

Shit, they might as well call this a Lil Wayne/Drake project. *shrugs… spotted at Rap-Up.

  • gill

    holy drake features, too many features in general but been awhile since some wayne music.. rebirth dont count, so ill check this out for sure

  • this ones for fred seagraves

    first bitchesss

  • cover actually looks pretty good

  • zleard

    cant wait

  • jeff

    Hopefully his lyrics will be as good as they were on No Ceilings.

  • swizzy

    :yawn: u late. as usual

  • DCB

    Are you serious?

  • Green Monster

    ehhhh, i only see about four tracks that i would listen to, not including “right above it”. I’ll still give it a try with an open mind

  • God

    Wow, there are way too many features on this. Not gonna complain about the Drake features, but still…

  • dre


  • The Hating Negro

    “1. Gonorrhea f. Drake”

    The fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck?

  • Don’t expect too much from this…

  • John

    Is that not the Linkin Park typography font? lol

  • Hip Hop Broke My Heart

    eminem will sell in 14 week more than lil wayne in first

  • Harry

    Really hoping this is good, hopefully we’ll get some leaks soon

  • DJSkizNaz

    so we finally going to get to here the version of i’m single with drake on it.

  • Tb

    Since When Does An EP Have 12 Songs On It? Thats A Full Album Dumb Niggas

  • hurrdurr

    i’ll pass

  • So this is how gangstas dress nowadays? Hmmmmm……

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Not This Muthafucka Again..

  • Halifax

    Wayne ain’t gangsta he’s hipster. Or is he martian? Or is he just another irresponsible dude from ghetto who now has alotta money and drowns his brain is purp stuff?

    Too bad Wayne’s weed carriers are all over this EP.

  • DontGetIt

    I am fully prepared for “Gonorrhea” to be like the best joint of the year.

    Can’t you picture it?

    These tracks all kinda seem bland, is there any proder information available?

  • BillyDeeWilliams

    I’m Single with Drake hopefully has new Wayne verses… Everything else is a pass.

  • straightkillah

    Track 1 is titled Gonorrhea…and drake is featured. if he’s signing a hook about the STD…

    last 2 tracks seem like absolute garbage.

    @Turbo City it pisses me off that once “gangsters” are all over fitted clothing now. I’m 16 and i’ve worn normal to somewhat tight/colorful clothing eversince i started picking out my own clothes and i got so much shit for it growing up…

  • bon

    eminem will sell in 14 week more than lil wayne in first
    -cosign. fuck weezy.
    good thing there’s no em feature or else he’d need those shades for being outshined once again.
    lil wayne isn’t a hipster he’s an overhyped, average rapper.

    yes, I hate. No use in calling me a hater.

  • Gustavo

    I’ll check it, listen to it, and more than likely delete it. LMAO at assuming any song is ‘the best joint of the year’ or bland because of the track name and the features on it. Usually the tracks that look the best are the biggest letdowns.


  • pvader

    …no 30 minutes to new orleans. guess i gotta wait longer for the full version. damn.

  • Ca$h!

    I thought “30 Minutes To New Orleans” that was first heard on the Wayne documentary was suppose to make the tracklist.

  • Dino

    looking forward to this, except those last two tracks, and ‘Popular’ wit Lil Twist. that kids str8 garbage!!
    and FINALLY sum T-Streets!!

  • Drake is all over this shit…..it should be Lil Wayne & Drake “I Am Not A Human Being”

  • looks good i thought it was gonna be like 5 already heard songs.

  • EZWiderroller


  • yeah

    It should be Lil Wayne & Drake’s “We Out The Closet” EP

  • sik

    remeber folks this is pre prison wayne. this wasnt recorded sober. carter 4 either. idk wat to expect im more excited about his next project.

  • OH SHIT!!! Drake is on there? Im glad lil wayne is not a human being.

  • XBurner

    so many trolls. im downloading. waynes music is fun.

  • dre


    And your point is? Whats wrong with a man kissing another man?

  • as

    how you have a song called YM banger? wtf nigga

    drake’s next album should have a track called 808 Kick and Hi Hat Club Track

  • wish it was as many tyga and nicki features as drake, but it should still be dope. I wonder why Cory Gunz isnt on here…

  • Lifter

    He looks like a intern for Hypebeast. Ha.

  • whats wrong with them is prolly gonna be real dope

  • BAM12393

    Lil Wayne is dope only to the people that listen to the radio. Most people say he’s great only because other people say he is great.

  • @BAM i dont listen to the radio and i like some of waynes stuff, mr expert. i get every album, whether i like it or not, then delete if its whack. in this albums case, its just nice to have a couple new album quality tyga and nicki verses. Wayne isnt ill as hell, but he is better than many still

  • MR SOLO DOLO91 (previously know as solking91)

    Only one tyga feature #fail

  • Wow! Way to come out Wayne!
    I keed! I keed!

  • DP

    yeah BAM I think lil wayne is cool, and I don’t listen to the radio. It’s all about who you listen on a regular basis dude. If a kid only listens to say Lil wayne or gucci or waka flocka, of course the kid is going to think they are the “best”. same goes for people who only listen to nas or talib kweli or wu tang clan without listening to other shit. Wack shit is wack shit period but you still have to open up and listen to all kinds of music.

  • exactly. if he wants this to be a good project, he needs to replace all except one of those drake features with the talent on YM (tyga & Nicki)

  • TE

    Left over artwork – Left over tracks – Left over little wayne. Dude is trash now.. Carter II >>>>>> His life.

  • stompintom

    this faggit has Gonorrhea from being raped in jail

  • lanko

    i thought an e.p. had no more than 7 songs on it … i’ll pass this is another album and he is passing it off as a e.p. but to long to be an e.p. (pause)

  • Too many features man this looks like Dedication 3 and I want it to look more like Drought 3/No Ceilings but I’ll still check it out. Also Lil Wayne isnt considered the best/greatest because he has the best rapping abilities cause he doesnt, but dont get me wrong he’s pretty good, its cause he put in work. He is the most committed to his craft. It started in ’07 where he was featured on every song and he also makes 150+ songs per yr so he’s definitely a workaholic, he’s the most productive and he is actually Good he wouldn’t be this Big if he was totally garbage like everyone says.

  • i wonder if his lyrics will actually become something of relevance worth listening to once he’s released?

  • COmountainHigh

    Lil Wayne use mixtapes to feature all the ra-tards he signed and needs to figure out what to do with. Its like a test pool to see if there a hot act or not. Too bad 4hr and 20min to h-town is the freshest cut i’ve hear all summer along with all of curren$y’s other work, and wayne fucked that up. I like wayne and all but his best tracks are solo joints where he spazzes out about money,cars,clothes, hoes not this assist lame ass little twist on having his one hit wonder like the duffle bag boyz. Curren$y + Ski Beatz

  • fucouttahere

    where is cory gunz

  • milly

    cover looks good lol.. same txt was used on last album cover. he put on vest in the precinct for photoshoot. and some white grunge brush with a radial blur. stfu!!!!!!!! its ass

  • dude

    all of these tracks are carter iv throwaways. think about it. its good that these didn’t make C4 even though we haven’t heard all of these tracks but one. if he comes out of jail with rhymes like the ones on the “Light Up Remix”. . . . its a wrap. because when he’s home to record new material.

  • Sam

    Hes not human, hes a fucking cockroach.

  • mmkayy

    “1. Gonorrhea f. Drake”

    wtffffff lmao…ok now ive heard everything from wayne

  • Jordan

    Doesn’t look like this is gonna be his best work, but we will see

  • nilz

    how you gonna say “i am not a human being” and then look totally fucking like a human being?

  • toodles

    i don’t listen to the radio at all and i think wayne’s music entertaining. I also listen to a lot of Nas, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar so don’t flame me you cynical faggots.

  • Braniak

    lol @ nilz

    U gotta point my G.

  • Bdubb

    This tracklist is pretty disappointing and pathetic…..Wayne is an established artist with his own flow and sound, no need to feature Drake on every track….makes him look desperate! Even Birdman didnt feature Drake that much! Wayne is better than this smh

  • @WhiteMamba88

    whoever said this is how gangsta dress these days SHUT THE FUCK UP, like 7-8 years ago thugs were wearing throw backs to like there knees and baggy ass clothes, SHUT UP AGAIN wayne has the best work ethic in the game right now, he recored like 3 albums before he left, BOSS!

  • Robert Xaphoon Freed

    Rebirth does count and it was shit just like this will be.

  • Logik

    lol this shit is “we are youngmoney Pt.2”

  • How I Got Over

    This is going to be wack as fuck. Where is the real Hip Hop?

  • GR

    Well, atleast we got “Gonorrhea” LOL

  • KG

    That Single Track Wit Drake Is Gunna Be ILL.! Too Bad Half These Tracks Leaked Today . . .

  • Emily