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Slang Editorial: The Single Dilemma

blame it on Meka September 17, 2010

In today’s post I talk about who really controls what singles come out.

READ: Slang Editorial: The Single Dilemma

  • interesting view.im going to look more into that

  • wordtobigbird

    see jeezy’s “all white everything”

  • jake 101

    Yo I would still mess wit that chick lol jk

    But good points man, I agree with you 100%
    For me it has gotten a little somber when it comes to listening to singles.
    If it comes out on the radio, I find myself avoiding it at all cost because 1. I know I’m going to hear it all the time, 2. It was basically whored like you mentioned, and 3. I think the single, even if it’s good, decreases in value because of it going through the “whoring process.”

  • yukid

    i mos def agree with your last paragraph. it’s something i’ve been saying to people around me too: that WE dictate what comes out. record labels are actually at our mercy since they dictate subject matter on how well or how many people like the music and are willing to support it. However, they are smart though because…really…the bulk of support comes from girls aged 13-17 or so and since they haven’t really developed a critical mind to analyse music or to REALLY VALUE the music they listen to. hence (this is the current trend but it seems to be changing slightly, imo), if you make music to appease this audience, the popularity and record sales will shoot up. once the 13-17 really understand how to just download music and such…the next market that supports the music will be chosen…it’s all based on the people…

  • definitely feelin you on this one. Artist need to wake up and see that labels don’t really have the power anymore. what do you need them for? marketing, distribution, and backing? how many of those can be done now w/o their help? recently enough people have made themselves stars before the labels looked at them properly. and remember, nas, jay, em and kanye west were all scouring for label support before they were signed. What does that say about what most A&Rs know anyways?

  • otis da bomb shit!

    companies actually use “marketing intelligence” to gain info on what’s cool and what’t not off internet buzz such as blogs n websites like this one. Marketing consist mainly of relating to customers needs, so in a way record labels do a lot of research before they blindly put chose a single

  • I’ve been telling peeps, The blogs are the new voices. As everything goes digital so does feedback. If cats aren’t feeling the music it’s a negative look for the label and they should re-evaluate rather than over-saturating. One time for getting some type of recognition. Keep doing what you do NMC!