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Joe Budden – Mood Muzik 4 (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Meka September 20, 2010

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Thoughts? Opinions? Bueller?

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  • Ray

    Waiting patiently for this..I thought “short summer” was gonna be on this as well.

  • eric



    track 6 and 12 look crazzzzzy

  • SmokinAces

    Can’t wait for this joint. Jersey!

  • c.lofton

    where is Lil B? lmfao

  • dev

    what happened to “Hour Glass” ft. Jay Electronica?

    oh well. its still gonna be an instant cult classis.
    cant wait to hear the full version of Black Cloud

  • Dino

    I Cant FUCKIN Wait For This!!!

  • I’ll Wait

    whens this dropping?

  • Tyree



  • I can’t wait for Track 6. Sigel x Budden x Pusha x Styles= New Slaughterhouse.

  • shits gonna be crazy.

  • BrOOkLyNZz FiNeSt

    October is gonna be 1 hell of a month!!!

  • I’ll Wait

    oh october 26th, i see

  • Miles

    Definitely looking forward to track 6 the most. Don’t see how that song can’t be great with those names on there.

  • Indestructible Penguin Starship


  • What happened to the Jay Electronica and Elzhi track? Must be on Great Escape

  • Cjamesny

    Am I the only one that thinks the best song is gonna be black cloud ? It’ll be classic all over but I just think that song is so perfect.

  • battle3

    1000 faces >

  • meats


  • PiffPaxon

    royce bodies that remember the titans tracks hands dwn and stuck in the moment is a wild track..

  • Detroit89

    where is the track with Lil B? :D

  • Rympul

    Damn i want that track 12 right now….

  • Tsummer

    Wow i cant wait

  • Dino

    if there’s any Joe Budden haters, feel free to get ur hate out right now. u have 36 days to talk all the shit u want.

  • Budden is top 10 IMO

  • leutrim rexhaj

    i fucking hate joe budden
    weakest member of slaughterhouse by a lot and eminem knows it thats why he wasnt on session one and royce knows it too, joell and crooked were each on 2 songs on street hop…joe budden just one

  • jssssus

    What are the features, I can’t read the ssmall ass text

  • brian

    Black Cloud sounds amazing. I have the blog rip of it on my playlist, even though the sound quality is shit. It’s just that good.

  • 6 and 12 ….DAMN

  • Detroit89

    i cant wait to hear beanie siegel, i hope he does not take any more shots at jay and everyone else, its a shame cuz i am a huge beanie fan and i hope this shows some goodness from it.

    im also disappointed though bout the lack of the jay electronica and elzhi song i was so pumped about

  • Dino

    leutrim, stfu. u have no idea wat ur talking about.
    go enjoy ur soulja boy and lil b. when u grow up, come listen to sum grown man, real life Mood Muzik.

  • Tha Phantom


  • Tha Phantom

    best features ever on a MM series

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    @leutrim, you know what? you might actually have a couple of good points. Budden is the weakest lyrically in Slaughterhouse, but he is probably the most introspective, and the best songwriter, so idk. the Session One absence was just a label thing. idk i’m jsut rambling, little effort put in to this comment. i liked ‘pump it up’, there i said it.

  • Detroit89

    @leutrim rexhaj

    joe budden being on one track of street hop makes fucking no sense to your point that the other ppl in slaughterhouse dont like him. he was on more tracks on BE3 than joell ortiz so what does that mean then? and the recovery record is just moot. you know that joe budden is still one of the hardest emcees in the game and lyrically he is better than most of the rappers in the game today.

    dont try to prove he sucks , because u know that he is fuckin good

  • Rympul

    The Features look dope, but Budden production choices are always hit or miss with are boy Joey :(

  • who cares

    this gon’ be dope

  • who cares

    order today? haha who the fuck buys a mixtape nowadays. Matter fact who sells them? Almost every artist puts ’em up for free now. Don’t be cheap Joey

  • tony

    what does “bueller?” mean?

  • mmkayy

    im not complainin but wheres marsha ambrosius..jay elect? guess he savin those for his next album?

  • rUSh

    I wish I could put myself in a time machine set it Oct.26. MM4 may take over my life when it comes out. I don’t think I’m listening to another cd til 2011 wen dis drops!

  • Shy

    booo no eLZhi….
    Fuggit…this shit looks too legit.

  • mmkayy

    ^ oh shit i forgot about elzhi

  • Rezo

    @tony “Bueller” as in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” the movie. You should go watch it, shit is a good movie.

  • limassacre

    Joe budden aka dildo licker?



  • Busy

    is black cloud the joint that was in the promo vid? been wanting to hear the full version since then…

  • limassacre

    Joe budden aka dildo licker??????

  • kove

    glad they decided to ho with my cover and my cover as the tracklist also…shouts to MM2 for basing his booklet design around my cover

  • Crooks N Banks

    that dude said royce bodied remember the titans, HOW DID U HEAR IT? fucking groupie, you didnt hear it, thats what. cus BANKS BODIES ROYCE.

  • Shag diggler

    Why no slaughterhouse track?

  • “What are the features, I can’t read the ssmall ass text”

    click the image to enlarge (like it says directly below)

  • October 26 right? Looking forward to ti!

  • georgeburns

    that dude who said budden is the weakest in slaughterhouse is somewhat correct but also an idiot….budden is probably the worst spitter of the 4 but is by far the best of the 4 solo wise and i dont think anyone can disagree…he puts out the most material and is just mad intuitive and delivers a message on every track nowadays…same cant be said for his early stuff (although it almost can be said) before he woke up and realized he didnt wanna sell out

  • Mike

    Why does it matter whos the best in slaughterhouse….MM4 is gonna be dope im still bumpin MM1-3 every other day

  • ck47

    so excited!!!!

  • dan99

    Mixtape of the Year in the making.

  • Lloyd Banks? = fucking fail

    Mood Muzik = the guy who doesnt know about hip hop or good musics favorite album of the year.

  • alibusta

    mop salad!
    cant fuckin wait

  • Styles P and Budden together on a track? Bring it!

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Wheres the track with the basedgod!?!? & iJus heard padded room the otha day (shame on me ikno) But ididnt kno joey be spittin like that, thought he was on that pump it up shit still. But you can listen to black cloud on youtube (ustream version) that shit FIYA!

  • Glad that hourglass song ain’t listed. One of the artists featured usually JINXES projects from coming out on time.

  • stompintom

    looking at track 12 made me flip the fuck out. are you in that mood yet ? tom fucking approved

  • JordanD

    This shit looks crazy, can’t wait for this shit.

  • Needed that eLZhi verse, but I’ll take it. The mixtape looks dope.

  • gusto

    Damn that’s what’s up. HFM2 and MM4. This is Hip Hop.


    Look out for that “Dessert 4 Thought” off that MM4 by @joebuddens , @therealstylesp, @pusha_T and Beanie Siegel! Produced by @davidpinks

  • Tyler


  • ad9esr

    minus fab, “remember the titans” gonna be phenomenal


    5, 7, 9, 12 and 13 PRODUCED BY J-J-J-J.CARDIM !!!!!!!!

  • this is gone be super dope

  • Graham Lynn

    Ive heard the Styles P verse is something sick

  • #Inception i bet is a concept joint…he drops 1 bout every tape that “freight train” crazy “3sides to a story” jumping but my fav prob is “secrets”

  • DayO

    hmm…i thought jay e n elzhi was on a track??

  • CrooksNBanksneedstoSTFU

    Crooks N Banks you said
    Lloyd Banks bodies Royce?

    nigga you on crack…

  • =

    no lil b. fuck joe buddden.

  • Ghettoblaster

    shudda had jada and lil b on this shit.

    joe buddens still a bitch tho….looks dope tho

  • TheMainEvent

    Really lookin forward to this. #6 and #12 should be dope.

  • DG

    I need this now!!!!