Bruno Mars – Liquor Store Blues f. Damian Marley

blame it on Shake September 21, 2010

Considering what went down this weekend, Hard Rock Restroom Cocaine Blues seems more appropriate. *shrugs… whatever the case may be, this song is still pretty dope. And thankfully lives up to my personal hype. Doo-Wops & Hooligans hits shelves October 5th. Speaking of Mars’ Las Vegas trip… hit the jump for some great performance footage.

DOWNLOAD: Bruno Mars – Liquor Store Blues f. Damian Marley | Mediafire

Smells Like Teen Spirit x Billie Jean x 7 Nation Army Medley

Nothing On You

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  • dizzle


  • T0KS

    bruno got arrested un vegas for possesion of Coke. All these Rappers , singers are on Blow. smh

  • Pleasant surprise. Great vibe.

  • 7


  • SMH. Notice in the article they label him as a Hip Hop artist just to make Hip Hop look bad.

  • Great track!
    and.. Oh My! Lu… nvm ha

  • shits crazy.
    didnt really fuk wit him b4 but i see he aint one dimensional now.

  • Antone

    wow, fire.

    Can’t wait for the album.

  • Crazy DOPE.. One of the best of 2010.

  • yeah

    Look at shake abandoning his boyfriend cause he does coke.

    Is your heart broken Shake?

  • BAM12393

    A nice little tune here. I fuck with Damian Marley ever since Distant Relatives.

  • I sort of fucks with this.

  • word

    very very dope song.

  • Rizzy

    damn dis sound dope as fuck !!!! and for the drugs, its all bullshit man, media fucks with yo brains, dude probly was smokin that God stuff that we all do and Talking To The Moon, and poe poe makin him now look bad as fuck !!!

  • Artist do better songs when there on drugs IMO.

  • Hopefully this kid overcomes this whole drug incident he’s going through. He’s very talented..Please Crooksda1’s Youtube page, Thank You in advance!

  • TheJamaica420

    its like amost every new artist is fucking with that angel dust shit.

  • DK

    Nice song

  • ejunco

    Still gonna buy the album! Don’t fuck wit the White Lady BRuno!

  • Proof Rock


  • JordanD

    Great song, album should be good.

  • This is dope, never heard anything other than the B.o.B track but anything DM does is usually dope.

  • mofo

    1st song i heard from BRUNO
    and its a great song,

    I’m F’in tired of hearing people
    saying oh “All these Rappers , singers are on Blow. smh”
    GET THE F OUT with that sh!t
    whatever 1 does 2 themselves THAT IS THERE BIZ..
    but i guess its there fault cause they go in this industry
    knowing there’s a camera on them 24/7 *shrugs*