• Ghettoblaster

    bambu is dope.....he on twiter yet?

  • Biggy Drawls

    Yea @bambudepistola

  • Ghettoblaster

    followed........still bumpin the crooks n rooks

  • http://anthonylightanddark.com Anthony

    this shit is fire!!

  • Barack

    Need a mp3 link, anyone?

  • risen357

    this shit is serious. BAM & CHACE need to collab.

  • Yo mama

    This NEEDS to come out already!

  • http://techspit.blogspot.com TechSpit.Blogspot.com

    This track > Mood Muzik 4

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com/ BlackCurrent


  • Free9

    damnn. all the leaks are serious!

  • http://jerconde.tumblr.com KulintangRebel

    That's the one thing i love about Bam's music. The general population can relate to his story. Keep that shit going Bam, been a supporter since your early native guns work. Isulong my Kasama.

  • ProfRod

    Dopeness! Is America the "land of immigrants" that it professes to be?

  • jbee425

    Keep this on the reel Bam.
    Bambu > ***

  • http://PUREaddict.com TonyYNOT?!