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Naughty By Nature (w/ Garden State Greats) - The Mixtape (FreEP)

blame it on Meka September 21, 2010

Tracklist and link down bottom.

1 Church
2 Respect
3 Hood Shit
4 Gotta Lotta
5 Kill Tha Beat
6 Heavy In My Chevy
7 Tha Corner
8 So Many Things

DOWNLOAD: Naughty By Nature Featuring Garden State Greats - The Mixtape (Mixtape)

  • names are for people

    ill peep

  • Groucho

    Treach is a legend. Mad underrated in the game.

  • Pooch

    That's what the heck I'm talkin' bout!!!!

    Illtown in the house.


  • BB

    dAMN this was outta no where

  • Rezo

    Jersey needs more DOPE rappers :(

  • typical hip hop fan in 2010

    Who are these new guys and do they have any mixtapes? I'm sure these guys ain't shit compared to walking legends J.Cole and Big Sean.

  • Vado

    ^LMAO at this. YOKE THE JOKER shits on anything J.Cole & Big Sean have done and ever will do

  • irarelycomment

    Co-sign typical hip hop fan in 2010's sarcasm

  • I Am Not A Human Bean

    Yeah these guys got nuthin on Big Sean's snap backs and J. Cole would send these niggaz into a geriatric center.

  • Redface

    I Heard About This Thanks

  • @ I am not a human bean. J Cole and Big Sean would be honored to rock on a track with these legends. So do hip hop a favor and pay homage to these brothers. Attn: 2dope fam I.A.N.A.H.B is steadily in denial. But real purists respect Naughty By Nature.

  • FACT

    Kay-Gee production?

  • Leftcoast Rep.

    Respect to these dudes. They are legends in the game. Alot of the newer fans seem to forget that their favorite rapper grew up on the Golden Era and/or WAS influenced by it.


  • Rezo

    ^^ I hope you were just trying to be funny. Martin Lawrence? I mean really?

  • iLL

    ^^^^^^^LMAO...Hiphop headz indeed!

  • Fuck You

    Who are these new guys and do they have any mixtapes? I’m sure these guys ain’t shit compared to walking legends J.Cole and Big Sean.

    typical hip hop fan in 2010 said this on September 21st, 2010 at 11:18 pm


    You fuckin jackass, go play in traffic now!! Yoke the Joker, verse 1. Play it out loud and then stuff your hand in a blender. Shit, any track off of their debut album will destroy anyone new from Jersey, including Joe Budden asshole.

  • Jase


    Awwwwww. He didn't get the joke.

  • over ur head


  • irarelycomment

    In other news two or three commentors on this post have no sense of humor

  • Naughty is still one of my favorite groups. I gotta lotta is a dope record.

  • gotta peep this

  • someguy

    ughhh another tape with no tags except the songs with the track number on it.

  • sexylildeegsgallday

    Just came from a Naughty and GSG show at the Skybox Lounge, they killed it!!!! DON'T SLEEP ON THEM!! Shot out to my boys, keep up the good work. I love yall!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noize

    4800+ downloads, legendssssssssssssssssssssssssss