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Slang Editorial: Coke Is The New Weed

blame it on Meka September 21, 2010

In today’s post I talk about how weed is now taking a backseat to coke-eye-eena.

READ: Slang Editorial: Coke Is The New Weed

  • Rav

    Coke is NOT the new weed… v_v Subjective matter…meh…

  • daveg

    hell nah, dont fuck your life up with coke. Coke will only bring bad things, short lived and expensive. stick with tha green!!!

  • No Label

    good article meka

  • IllicitMC

    I really enjoyed that. I totally agree; I feel that coke is becoming ‘cool’ again, like it did in the 80’s. It kind of reminds me how E was really big in the mid-90’s, and every rapper was rappin’ about it/doin’ it.

  • Slum

    Co-Sign. Great article. Should be talked about further… I think we’ve all just let it slip into our lives a little more than we were even consciously aware.. easy to forget how many celebs actually have been caught with the snow.

  • Ryan

    Completely disagree. A lot of people today still think Coke is terrible.

    A lot of those “hard drugs” aren’t that terrible unless you’re abusing them. People are stupid.


    coke is a scrub drug, only chumps do that shit.

  • And Won

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..slept through this article, and that’s bad cause I just did some coke.

    Only time coke is worth doing is when its free; when is it free? When you sell it.

    Selling coke will get you robbed and possibly killed very fast. Therefore coke is a big waste of money. Only worth doing if you are extremely wealthy, and then used sparingly.

  • varsityballin

    i dont giv a fuck. all u coke heads can stick with that shit. ill jus keep doin my weed and ecstasy

  • varsityballin

    im gonna try coke for the experience tho. iv done meth,lsd,shrooms and i havent gotten addictied so im good.

  • bullshit article

    dude thinks just cuz a few celebs get busted recently alla sudden coke is making a “comeback” or some bullshit

    coke never left meka

  • tgrady321

    ^ cool story brah

  • tgrady321

    meant the post 2 up from me

  • 9

    When the music and artists switched from Hustlers and G’s spittin real dopeboy shit, To faggots rappin about party and bullshit, It suddenly became cool to be a fiend. Atleast the hustlers and G’s know to move the product, not line up for it. Bunch of fuckin clowns in 2010.

  • Cokacola

    stupid article. how is this your world view on drugs? what, first or second time drug users should get jail sentences/longer jail sentences? i mean coke isnt something to get into but i really dont think its making a “comeback” its always been there. lol just because some rich celebrities use coke doesnt mean its making a come back, thats nothing new.

  • bous

    Everyone is on cocaine. And always has been.

  • GhettoBlaster

    listen to devin all you need is weed man.


    drugs r bad, crack is wack mmkay

  • Whaa

    You really need to UP your writing skills, that shit was horrible

  • Equani

    What’s wrong with being drug free

  • BAunique

    Interesting argument Meka but claiming coke is the new weed is a bit of a reach. The only people that I know that have done coke or have even been around it are the ones that come from a six figure and up enviroment. By no means do I see coke trikle down to lower class society, it’s simply a rich person’s drug. Have you ever seen a broke ass dude buy coke or take bumps? That’s why crack is around. Weed will never lose its popularity Especially if it’s legalized In California. Now saying coke is the new weed in celebrity world is much more believeable.

  • Lol at you females nit-picking Meka’s articles

  • Ca$h!

    weed will always be the only drug I ever do.

  • chef

    i don’t know anybody who would rather sniff some coke than smoke some weed. the people i do know of who would i haven’t spoke to in years.

  • Pyrex stirs to Cavalli furs

    Jonnie you’re the biggest Herb on 2DB…no pun intended. Way to troll without offering anything to the discussion. Just a dumb article with a ridiculous headline. Coke is and always will be coke. Weed will always be weed. Coke requires high income unless you go for broke. People who use coke on the reg usually burn bridges with friends & family before they know it. These rappers who rap about it are takers…and if they’re not they’re about to catch a fast one like Kid Cudi bout to.

  • Pyrex stirs to Cavalli furs


  • aboogz

    the only time i did coke was when some of roommates wealthy friends had an 8 ball with them. i had fun but i’d rather just sit back a roll a dutch nah mean? i get prescribed adderrall which is like the working man’s coke anyway, so im good lol.

  • Wack emcees need to hype for the beast, or rather beast for the hype.


    Bitch! Stay off that blow!


  • Lol at Mr. Andre. Outkast!

  • GOD

    Celebrities lives = Everyone’s life?


    Well, maybe the people who actually pay attention to ‘famous’ peoples’ lives.

    It’s the American Way. :/

  • don king

    I doubt know what hick town you guys live in but in London coke is everywhere and it’s not solely rich people doing it. The only people I know who’ve managed to fuck themselves up off it are girls who get it free off their dealer boyfriends – everyone else who takes it might have a bit of a binge now and then and invariably regret wasting money on it but essentially there’s no harm done. All this anti-drug bullshit being spewed out here is laughably naive especially when you consider the amount of prescription drugs being doled out like candy throughout the US…

  • Musikfiend

    Funny thing is i was just sayin this the other day.

  • gamesaregames

    Nothing will ever be the “new” weed, realshit

  • haithere

    you suck ass at writing

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    Cocaine will only fuck up ur life if you abuse it. Many people have something called willpower & can use drugs moderately without becoming addicted, so I got no problem with people enjoying themselves once in a while.

    That being said, I personally hate coke cuz it’s expensive as fuck considering it only last about 40 min.(which makes you want more & more) & it’s just not my personality. I like to chill & be layed back which why I love my Mary Jane. & psychedelics like shrooms, LSD are the key to the fuckin universe. Coke doesn’t open up your consciousness, make you actually see music or make feel like you ARE the fuckin universe. Coke AIN”T SHIT.

  • thequeensking

    MANNN, I was just having a con-vo with my girl about the same topic just before i saw this , how ironic …getting crazy, it all about creativity going out the window with many of these PEOPLE…

  • h.r paperstacks

    i’ve read a couple of articles from this guy meka and the first thing that always comes to me is that this guy sounds like he’s a rookie. Not going out and trying something will leave judgement like he is on cocaine. Cocaine should be used by smarter people and Meka would probably enjoy it. A few lines still leave you thinking more clear than some smoking a chunky blunt of some grapes. I smoke nor cal weed everyday and if you can’t get good stuff like that i understand replacing it with drugs. Cocaine isn’t bad if your smart enough to understand it.

  • me

    fuck what ya heard…..stickin with the herb

  • whatupsucka

    I don’t even understand the concept of taking anything that goes into your lungs like weed and cocaine, especially shit that fucks with your perception of ecstacy. Can’t niggas just take some vodka and call it a day? Niggas just do drugs due to peer pressure and want to be “cool” so bad.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    ^^^^^^^You are exactly what’s wrong with the world’s view on “drugs”. Vodka is a drug that fucks with your perception too you fuckin idiot. Just cuz the govt. taxes it & says it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s any better than illegal drugs. It’s crazy how people have the balls to say natural things that grow from the earth like weed or mushrooms are wrong. Who the fuck are we as humans to say that nature is immoral?

  • Hermes

    Lol You are one eccentric motherfucker Mecca…

    “When I’m nervous I start scratching my left arm a lot. If I’m very hungry I tend to yawn like I’m tired, and if I’m… um… antsy, I think about sex a lot more than usual.”

    Anyway, i did coke once… weed 4 the win.


    Wow at these responses.

    Coke is everywhere. Always has been. Calling it a rich persons drug shows how young most of the readers are at the dopehouse. If you can afford high end trees or have friends (ie. dont live on the internet) you can blow money on 8 balls. Ladies love yayo, so you’ll prolly get some wet-wet too.

    I’m not co-signing doing it. In the long run a coke habit will destroy you just like any other drug.

  • YURP

    i did a buncha lines before for free and felt like its was pretty overrated… and it wasn’t cut too much because my boy knows his shit…i understand why u see females doing it mostly now… ill stick with herb, ills, and shrooms… plan on trying acid soon though… muh fuckas need to use the internet to find out more about drugs… live above the ignorance people.. drugs can be spiritually and mentally enlightening

  • Hermes


    Apparently DMT is the shit^^^. Wouldn’t know personally though, don’t really fuck with shroom, acid etc.. but if you on a spiritual trip, thats da way to go. Look into it.

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    @Hermes, YURP

    DMT is a sneak peek at the afterlife. It’s made by ur brain & it’s released while you are in deep sleep causing the hallucinations that we call dreams. Apparently it’s also released in huge amounts when you die. I’ve never done it but it’s supposedly like blasting your consciousness into another dimension. It’s not for fun like shrooms. You experience alot of answers to the universe & if ur not ready for it, it could fuck ur perception of life forever.

    Don’t be scared though, open ur 3rd eye & see what heaven will be like.

  • Actual/Factual

    Ayo For Yayo
    Yea coke is definately a female drug (white broads in particular go nutso over that shit lol)…saying it’s a rich person’s drug or expensive depends on when and where you get it…and it’s definitely not becoming the new weed, weed is wayyy too fuckin abundant, especially out here in Cali…you would think it had the potential to though because the weedman always got plug on getting powder somehow but at $80 – $100 a gram muthafuckas ain’t doin that shit lmao, ain’t no economy price on that yowder lol

  • Actual/Factual

    @ Benny Blanco from Da BriX…you fucked with that DMT before? How was it? fucked with shrooms that shit is wild, now reading up on DMT

  • Hermes

    Man, I don’t wana talk about this shit coz it aint post related. But fuckit. @ Blanco.

    It’s situated in your pineal gland. which essentially is your third eye (i think)… most people don’t know that they have this shit in their brains. Interesting.

  • Hermes

    Last thing off point…

    My theory is that these illuminati dudes are all “awakened” possibly (third eyes are opened).. Why do you think DMT is illegal if its situated in your own brain?…

    Lol at me for posting conspiracy theories hehehe

  • B0oB0o

    I’m going to have to look into DMT.

  • Benny Blanco and Hermes < so ur telling me drugs have the answer to the universe? fact? i dont think so. I think it makes you FEEL LIKE you are having a spiritual experience. But its just your brain. That stuff is wrapped up is alot of pseudo truths.

  • Equani

    I live life sober. No drinking, no smoking. It’s actually fun, you all should try it some time.

  • Hermes


    Nah bruh/misses, you can experience enlightenment (the answers to the universe) without using any drugs… The psychedelic shit just offers an alternative route (and its not just a feeling)IMO. I don’t use them.. Believe its pseudo if you want tho..

  • Hermes < guess well have to agree to disaagree.

  • Hermes

    Yeah… Psychelics can really fuck you up tho, btw *be warned yall…

    In other news.

    Race cars and weed jars nigga! (spitta voice)

  • ^lol

  • i dunno about this.. everything happens in phases.. if anything, it’s the other way around..

  • Freebasing n sniffing coke are 2 different things guy. Get it right
    and pumping bass is a dft drug All together homie.

  • Oxy & Foil. Silver Surfer

    It’s about smoking/snorting the OXYCONTIN now bud….well actually they changed the OC formulation so now u cant do either…but theres ways around that

  • SwishasNKush

    @Hermes DMT….DMT WILL NOT MESS U UP FOREVER BRO…it last 15 mins tops, its produced in REM sleep, when u die, and when u are born. ive smoked a little bit before but didnt get high because of some shit that went down (long story) my friend did though and loved it. u need to be somewhere nature-like and with a few calm people. ITS SAFER THEN ACID….acid aint my shit. DMT forever bro.

  • CheckPlease

    I think… maybe only half the people commenting actually read the article, and made it past the title. Idiots.