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Kanye West On Barack Obama Calling Him a Jackass

blame it on Shake September 22, 2010

Last year during some off-the-record conversation, Obama was taped speaking on the Kanye West x Taylor Swift situation. Proceeding to call Ye a “jackass” for his antics. Below is Kanye’s thoughts on the situation, which can be found in this month’s issue of XXL.

When Obama called me “jackass”, after the Taylor incident, I thought that the person to be speaking off the record. Obama has way more important stuff to worry about than my public perception. He was trying to pass the healthcare bill. And if he said that to relate to the room or lighten the room up and the whole mood, then I’d be more than happy to be the butt of all of his jokes if it in the some way helps his overall mission. I’m a soldier of culture. I’m resilient. I’m sure I’ll still beat him in basketball.

Shouts to KC on the transcription.

  • mystalkerisfat

    bullshit. he definitely cried and spent the next three days trying to use his connections and influence to be able to contact Obama.

  • DallasTx_Greedy

    Iam with ye on this…. shit I’d rather be a Jackass than a NWO puppet faggot ass bitch like
    Barry Soetoro I mean Obama any day.

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    Fuck, how egotistical can this dude be? Don’t try to rationalize it, man. Obama called you a jackass because he thought (correctly) that you were a jackass, end of story.

  • MalcolmREX

    I hate how he said “Obama has way more important stuff to worry about than my public perception.”…

    I mean he does, but if someone ask you “Hey what do you think about Taylor Swift/Kanye?” what is he supposed to say? “Ummm, well the healthcare bill….”

    Presidents are allowed to participate in small-talk damn smh…

  • Priest24

    Pawns still can’t step out of pocket.

  • woooooow

    he should have played it like this,”after Obama called me jackass, i realized that i was being an asshole, that changed me, i cried everyday, so yes Obama changed me…lmao
    GTFOH Kanye was hurt.

  • Groucho

    Obviously it hurt this pansy’s feelers. Kanye is so damn feminine.

  • Ernst

    shit at least kanye is a man and not a spineless faggot.

  • I’m mad Kanye speaks out on it and everyone starts saying “Bullshit.” Nigga, just because you would cry if the president called you a jackass doesn’t mean someone with more money and happines than you would would, too. It just means you a bitch.

  • Kameron Casey

    all other shit aside, Obama v. Kanye, who wins??

  • ONe on one? I don’t know, never seen Kanye hoop.. He’s from chi town though, I figure everyone gotta have a little game…

  • bob36

    Obama was right to call him a jackass because he deserved it at that time. Kanye is prolly that the prez loves jay so much but dissed him.

  • Emperor

    Kanye just relativates it.. he means he’s just part of the random bullshit people like obama talk about in between important stuff, meaning the whole thing is no big deal really

    i dont see why you would hate on him for that but lord knows the commenters on 2dope will hate on anything

  • Yu

    LMAO @ Allen Walker saying Kanye can likely ball cuz he’s from CHI. Kanye is most likely better at matching up outfits and being a bitch than ballin, loc.

    @ Emperor – please define relativates.

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall


  • Hermes

    I agree with yeezy. To me it sounded like obama was saying that shit in jest… He wasn’t like “THAT KANYE WEST IS A JACKASS!”(evil obama voice).. dude was just saying the wrong shit at the wrong time IMO. Didn’t mean it.

  • the scary part is if we could watch mccain try to deal with all this shit.. now THAT is a movie i dont wanna see

  • haithere

    I’m sure I’ll still beat him in basketball.

    lmfao swag.

  • banks

    ^^ EXACTLY. Imagine McCain trying to solve the problems of today? Bet he don’t even know how to use a cell phone. Old Fuck.

  • Heeeeeere’s Jonnie

    I was waiting for Kanye to say something disrespectful, sneak some shots in during the interview

  • CM

    anyone else think that its not okay for the president to call someone a jackass? I know he’s “cool” or whatever but i dont want my president to publicly or even of the record, call anyone a jackass. Even if its true.

  • brigade4

    McCain coulda came in and done absolutly nothing for 2 years, And we woulda been much better off

  • Dia

    does he think that obama really had him on his mind.. he would have said sh!t if he werent asked.. Kanye’s ego gets the best of him EVERY muthhafukkin time. hes still dope tho, but he needs to stop talking.

  • Haha
    Barack Obama Just Answered What
    He Thot
    About It When The Reporter Asked Him
    He Didnt Start Tlkn About like “OMG Did Yu See What He Did, OMG, Hes A JAck Ass”
    Gossip. Gossip, Nigga Just Stop It.

  • james

    Cause he is jackass musician. nuff said.

  • Gavin

    Sometimes I read the comments on this site and just get sad. This time was no exception.

  • LMAO, STFU kanye… get back in the studio, make some ill beats, n sell em to good rappers…

  • y is niggas on here saying obama is fuckin up. first of all he can only do what congress allows him to do. and like everything. his job takes time. like wtf is wrong with yall.

  • Jag

    if obama is a man he will challenge kanye to a 1 on 1 basketball game

  • If Obama calls you a Jackass then somethings obviously wrong with you..

  • hatersAREfaggots

    lol at the Obama haters, how typical. Dude isn’t even 1/2 way through his term and you’re quick to label, but hey that’s what Glenn Beck tells you to do right? Some of you people are fucking sheep. When the economy bounces back and people realize that the health bill helps them then we’ll have Barack for another term. #fact

  • brigade4

    You just keep on waiting for that hope and change. He’s had 2 years. Can anyone name 1 good thing he’s done for our country?Just 1

  • miguel

    you people are ignorant.
    kanye is dumb too.

    hes trying to look at it like “yea, barak’s a funny dude. it was off the record so he didn’t mean it”

    if someone says your a jackass than your a jackass.
    if that reported asked obama if he liked cream cheese on his bagel and he was like “yea, i like it with cream cheese” than based off of kanyes logic, obama likes bagels without cream cheese because it “was off the record”

    kayne’s fucking stupid. but at least he’s thinking positive

  • miguel


  • beastcoast

    this basketball game really needs to happen

  • yoooodaddy

    There is no logical reason to be against obama and say “McCain coulda came in and done absolutly nothing for 2 years, And we woulda been much better off” .. it’s still not doing shit jackass. but its better to have a white dude not do shit than a black one. correct me if i’m wrong. if you “hate” obama you are racist, or have some comfortability issues with race, it’s not playing the race card it’s just fact and you won’t admit it.

  • Empire

    Kanye is a jackass at times but Obama is a jackass for even mentioning about the incident, I mean does he sit and watch MTV while thousands of soldiers go into battle trying to win a unwinnable war with the islamic terrorists?

  • yoooodaddy

    Yeaa i’m pretty sure he sits and watches tv while we’re at war. he didn’t put us there. i agree that he probably should’ve said the question was none of his business, but he is a real person, plus he has daughters and probably felt compassion for taylor.

  • BrandonA3

    obama blows, hes done nothing but wreck the economy, it wasnt good b4 but, mccain wouldnt have been better but probly not as bad at least he wouldnt have fuckin performers every week in the white house wasting money on bs trips all over the world just cause he feels like it. all he does is spend spend spend and theres no turnaround for at least 10 years, in those 10 years we are gonna struggle and suffer cause the taxes on people who arent in the gutter are gonna skyrocket and everything is gonna get worse. i just want him outta the whitehouse and try to move on. he hasnt done anything the right way. he just signs things and passes em along, if he would have done the proper research and everything b4 he pushed this then it might not be so bad but now its just terrible. and its gonna stay that way for a long time.

  • BrandonA3

    and kanye is more important to me than obama, if kanye came out and said obama was i jackass id stand and applaud. go home obama and just give up.

  • Obama Osama

  • mmkayy

    dont lie Kanye it hurt….

  • yayareasfinest

    kanye is dumb as fuck

  • purp douglas

    greatest excuse ever told

  • brigade4

    @ yoooodaddy
    First of all, jackass, he’s not Black, he’s mixed. His “white” mom and “white” grandmother raised him, so stop making it about race, moron. And yes, I will correct you, because your wrong. You still didnt name 1 good thing he’s done, But i couldnt either.

  • caliweed

    One of the few good things Obama has done since elected..

    @haithere… using “swag” is already stupid, and overplayed..but that doesn’t even make sense..I’m sure i’ll still beat him in basketball? that’s what you call swag…fucking kids these days

  • Slicks

    Kanye West should not be allowed to speak, rap, or compile tracks. He should be locked in a basement wit da sole purpose of makin beats n never be let out because everythin he does kills hip hop. Kanye West is a fuckin joke. Sure his beats are good but he has nothin good to say. He wears skinny jeans tight collared shirts and spatula sunglasses. Kanye West is a gay fish yo.

  • dante111

    reading comments on here can be so insightful…I’m not trying to be a jackass either. it’s really indicative, I think, of how the country is feeling toward the obama administration…

  • SecretMuslim

    looks like the white hip hop fans came out just to bash obama.

  • caliweed

    I’m not white and I still say Fuck Obama. So because Obama is HALF black, he can’t possibly be a terrible President? Fuck that…if he’s a piece of shit, he’s a piece of shit it don’t matter what color of a piece of shit he is, he’s still a piece of shit. Funny thing is the small amount of people still riding Obama swore on their life they hated Bush…these are the same people that no nothing about politics cause they don’t realize Obama has done everything Bush has done but on a much larger scale! fucking idiots man.. “I’m a democrat..Fuck Republicans! I’m a Republican fuck Democrats”…how about fuck both parties and get the government out of our damn lives.

  • DaTurth

    Kanye is an idiot. He’s just another gangsta wannabe. He can rap and should just stick to that He’s a walking time bomb who is severely emotionally disturbed. He can try to put it any light he wants – he was called a Jackass by the President – the black Pres no less. HA HA BA WAAAA

  • Tiz

    we gotta have faith in our president. Plus kanye likes fishsticks and therefore, is a gay fish haha.