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Kendrick Lamar – O.D. (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake September 23, 2010

Art by RedefineCreativity.

After ending the year on a huge high note with the Kendrick Lamar EP; the artist formerly known as K-Dot is back with another (2)dope project for y’all to vibe to. Nothing else needs to be said. Hit the jump and download some great music.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

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DOWNLOAD: Kendrick Lamar – Overly Dedicated
Also available on iTunes, for those looking to support.

  • MD


  • Top 5 Tracks:
    1. Ignorance is Bliss
    2. Opposites Attract
    3. ROTC (my personal favorite cause of the hook and vibe)
    4. Heaven & Hell
    5. Cut You Off

  • Flows/wordplay/rhyme schemes on Heaven & Hell and Ignorance is Bliss are ridiculous though..this man’s talent is special

  • YouNeeK


  • Wahzel

    Bought the itunes version. Just need the last 3 songs!

  • xb

    yah, i never listened to this dude but im just getting deep into hip hop soooooo must be great

  • James

    So glad to get this mixtape..it will definitely get me through this tough ass semester at UMD. Good looks Kendrick!

  • Barbed Wire is a slapper

  • Complex

    glad i copped it on itunes Michael Jordan biiiiiiiitch her puzzzzy crazzzy

  • Been waiting long enough. Good futute Kendrick has, keep it west, keep it lyrical!



    been waitin’ for this shit for TOO long. Kendrick Lamar niggasssss the Compton Kid is here to fuck shit up.

  • Ojandkush24

    Been bumping this in it’s intierty all week easily one of the best albums this year, bought this on iTunes the 14th and got sent the 3 missing songs deffinetly worth every cent. Kendrick really put his all into this one stand out tracks to me are the heart pt.1, ignorance is bliss, opposites attract, barbed wire and average Joe.

  • YES! kendrick is tight as hell iv been bumpin him since black wallstreet journal vol. 1.. if he dont make the XXL cover next year then who the fuck will?

  • Ojandkush24

    Lol black wallstreet jornal vol. Yeah I remember that! He went in on that busta buss track

  • This Shit is amazing! The game needs this

  • justjeff45

    Support this dude and buy this album off itunes also. It’s worth the six dollars.

  • Complex

    “bumpin me against the world hello world kendrick here”

  • Zy

    Classic… CPT always got the realest.. its somethin in the water

  • Ceno

    This mixtape is beyond remarkable

  • pointBlank

    top 5 tracks? how about top 16 lol. That night of the livin junkies is in its own genre of music and heaven and hell is pure genius. this is what keeps me lovin hip hop.

  • rubeboy

    i definitely gotta buy it now!!!!!!

  • Yea by all means, for those that are just now listening to it for the 1st time, go back and buy a copy and support this man

  • jazmine

    this dude is a fuckin genius!!!!! im bout to cop 3 of itunes… i support real music.happy he put out the full version!

  • ^ I cosign with Jonnie’s statement, I’ve been bumping this dude all week, shits redic!

  • cbanks13

    bought this last week also and it was even more than what I expected but hey that “heaven and hell” track, is it suppose to cut off once he’s starts spittin about heaven? cause it only goes for about 10 seconds or so and then beat just rides. When the vocals turn down I was like “nooo!” haha he was spazzin out on that part.

  • Hermes


  • Kendrick is my favorite new rapper hands down……

    been tellin people about this dude since over a year ago…..

    honestly this project is so fuckin dope, i bought it on itunes alrleady….

    just a thought, dont just download it for free…. if ur feelin his stuff go buy that shit too!!!!

  • Yea J. Cole and Kendrick need to collaborate, startin to think Kendrick is better though…no doubt both are talented..
    some1 said b4 Cole got better songwriting skills but “Opposites Attract” on O.D. showed off some GENIUS song-writing skills smh

  • @cbanks13 yea it was supposed to cut short

  • emmanualabor


    j cole be trying a little too hard, cats just ridin with him because he signed to the roc

  • Hermes

    Kendrick < sex with no condom (no homo 4 u retards)

    Still dude is great.. duno about the J.cole colab tho.. Didn't they colab already?

  • j cole be trying a little too hard, cats just ridin
    with him because he signed to the roc
    emmanualabor said this on September 23rd,
    2010 at 4:47 am
    Uh who told you that?? Why would you assume (make a ASS out of U and Me) that??
    ..J. Cole’s “The Warm Up” mixtape was arguably the best mixtape of 09′..I’m a Cole fan cause he’s talented and I can relate to his lyrics..Dollar And A Dream II has some of the realest lines I’ve heard in a long time, 2nd and 3rd verses talks about situations I’ve personally been in too..I don’t even care about Jay-Z or his label

  • K. Dot deserves the recognition. Hardest working dude in the game right now. Honest, lyrical, relatable

  • Adup

    That’s how you design artwork, Shake. Shots fired.

  • Ty

    Fasho. Officially made My Night!

  • Unknown


  • Unknown

    nice with new kendrick, wich truly is the universe biggest star, sparkling in a distance. The star will soon be moving towards us in lightning speed, soon to crashland on earth, rise from the ashes of his broken starship and grace us with his whats left of his stardom, Kendrick Lamar. Wtf?

  • BrotherQualit

    Fuck The ones who didnt buy the mixtape, you cheap ass motherfuckers, $6,-??????

  • tradez

    nice im def downloadin this

  • Hermes

    Brother^^^^ I didn’t buy it… And I aint cheap.. It’s just a logistical mission for me…

    And there are some people who really struggle to make ends meet, why do you think Kendrick was pushing so hard for it to be free?

  • if u cant afford the $6 cause ur tight on cash , i understand … but if ur just too cheap to spend 5.99 on a quality piece of work then ur cheap as fuk! lol

    oh and ya Kendrick Lamar > J. Cole

  • Ty

    ^^^plus kendrick dont get much dough from you buyin the tape on itunes anyway!

    if i see him n the street i”ll be sure to shoot him the $6 just for you.

  • Dope I cop His LP

  • tawpdog

    as soon as this kid drops some physical music i’ll buy that shit twice! HOT/tooDOPE

  • KC_Mafioso

    Damn, somebody is feeling lonely right now, and u know who I am talking about.

    P.S. I can’t call rappers lyricist any more.(JMO)

    *downloading mixtape*

  • ramzy1

    IM CONVINCED TOO kendrick lamar > j.cole

  • I don’t really think J.Cole is near Kenrick. I’ve said before that I don’t see all the hype surrounding Kendrick on the internet. But the more I listen to this tape, and his EP I hear a lot of emotion in his flow. I can’t say the same for J.Cole.

  • Been waiting for them last 3 tracks like a junkie!!!!

    I brought it by the way, so i suggest you go and support….Or not since its a free/full version right here, your choice.

  • @Jimmy listen to J. Cole’s “The Come Up” mixtape and most tracks on “The Warm Up” mixtape for that emotion/hunger in his flow (if you’ve heard those tapes already then I disagree)…I admit he don’t bring it like that anymore these days though..

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Which wanna yall!?!?!?!? Want Tunnnnnaaaaaaaaa Saladddddd Yuuuuuuuup!

    iJus Need Those 3 Other Tracks, Thankyou Based God iGot Bitches Cuhhh Oh God Damn!!! FUCAK

  • DJ


  • Reggie

    Are you serious kendrick? Some of the best music I’ve heard in a while. Opposites Attract is on another level.

  • Reggie

    an lets stop bringing down other great rappers. J. Cole and Kendrick have their own personality and their own flow. Lets support both of them for bringing real music about life. Real Life Movement!

  • JordanD

    I have to download this so I can get the three songs that didn’t clear on iTunes. Oh well, hope everyone truly appreciates getting this for free because this is a work of ART.

  • misc.

    is it just me or did thurz and y-o kill kendrick on damn near every verse he spit?…not hatin. just saying. i thought it was amazing till i heard uni kilt it and was like…whens their shit droppin? i think they took away from the album which is why he released it on a “mixtape.” because this project in its entirety is crazy!

    average joe is my shit.

  • olugbam

    Best tape of ’10. P&P 1.5, Opposites attract, barbed wire, ROTC, Growing Apart… and IGNORANCE IS BLISS. My lord if you don’t call that first verse SNAPPING then you just don’t get rap. Shit goes way too hard. Bought it on itunes. You should too.

    And for the people who won’t buy it on itunes then you have no place to complain about the quality of hip-hop music. Labels put their effort and money behind things that can sell. And rappers make music that’ll make money. So the next time you bitch about a rapper that “sold out” know that every nigga wants paper. If he can’t make money rapping well, why wouldn’t he rap like the niggas making money?

    Put your money where your mouse is.

  • olugbam

    also, small point but the track ordering on this is different than itunes. fuckin me up.

  • BAP

    Consistently stepping his game up. Shit I still have songs from the Carter 3 on my current playlist. And all of these have been added since last week! Great music from a west coast artist is refreshing. He can flow over any beat and he makes you wanna listen to every word. I look forward to ANY music he puts out in the future.

  • SavannahChitlinPimp

    It might seem crazy but I never listened to this guys music before. Gonna check it out. Hope it’s good.

  • DK

    Thank you for being one of the only artists who releases stuff when they said they would. Never listened to him but I’ve only heard good things.

  • Ojandkush24

    @misc it’s just you

  • chitownhrey

    ****downloads off the strength of the comments*****

  • chitownhrey

    ***now upset i downloaded it***

    i must have different kind of ears than you cats

  • Hermes


  • Pops

    ^^^^ Decided you didn’t like it in a matter of 7 minutes? SMH!

    This shit is the kind of music that makes me still believe in hip-hop. Kendrick is one of the most talented dudes putting out music right now.

  • Rezo

    ^^ yes you do because this tape is DOPE! I was very unsure about this tape when it first came out so I listened to it after I got the free download, I was amazed, then I bought it off of ITunes. I never considered myself a Kendrick Lamar fan but he now has a fan in me. He is just a real ass dude and you have to respect that.

  • Kim

    Why do we always hav eto compare rappers with each other? Is it okay that I like both Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole? Christ.


    support this and buy the product. He’s a real true artist and talent will out last alot of other artist that claim to keep it real. This is life music, like he says. We all can relate. Cop the album!!!!! its 6 bucks. DAMN whats 6 DOLLARS?!!!! a subway sandwich! lol with tax. WESTCOAST STAND UP!!!!

  • Niko 7

    J.Cole has no game. He’s a punchline Will Smith who curses and tries to talk tough. I’ll take Freddie Gibbs & K.Lamar over J.Cole anyday. They’re believable. Not to say J.Cole is wack, but dude is just a cornball. And Jonnie your opinion is just that – YOUR opinion. Get over yourself you herb.

  • Rezo

    I use to be a big J. Cole fan but now I barely listen to him. In my opinion he has really fallen off since 09 and the only thing I like that he released this year was Villematic. Cole also needs to stop singing on hooks (which he seems to do all the time now), talking about the devil, using the same flow on every song, and saying nigga 35x in every song. If you hop off of J. Cole’s dick for a minute you will realize that there is many other artist that are way more dope than he is. J. Cole is being built up by the machine aka the industry. If J. Cole wasn’t affiliated with Jay-Z he would just be another rapper on the come up.

  • chitownhrey

    lol yea i decided i didn’t like it in 7 min. i cant vibe to it and dude just sounds funny to me.

    but hey we all got different tastes. respect

  • Big Swoosh

    Dude is nice. The track he laced on “Here My Dear” is ridic!

  • Tblack

    Real hiphop at it’s finest.

  • K-dat been on the scence and im glad dude found himself and his own unique significant flow that he can be remembered for. kendrick has talent. nuff said

  • IpabloFresh

    J Cole & Kendrick are equally good, stop trying to pit 2 of the dopest rappers in the game against each other. Their style are different. Accept that both are great. (Keep Weezy)

  • JoJoThePieMan

    This is that shit!!! I’d only heard a little from him before this but damn I’m feeling this

  • stan lee

    am i the only one who thought he sounded weird as fuck at first ? but fuck that.. this nigga is beyond raw.. that michael jordan and ignorance is bliss go TOO hard..

  • Niggas are hating on Cole and calling him a cornball already? First Drake and now Cole. Smfh at Hip Hop fans nowadays.

  • :P

    J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar>>>

  • Shy


  • not saying i dont like J Cole though, just saying Kendrick runs circles around him

  • emmanualabor

    this should of been an album, would of been the best album for 2010, hes just all day with the classics and that michael jordan track is no joke meng!!! Q went in on that too!!

  • Jayjay

    “Let you inhale like an athiest”

  • olugbam

    Best songs:

    Ignorance is Bliss
    Ignorance is Bliss
    Ignorance is Bliss
    Growing Apart
    P&P 1.5
    Heaven & Hell
    Opposites Attract
    Average Joe
    Cut You Off

    Also the order of the songs off this version and the iTunes version are different. I like the itunes version better but that might be because im used to it. i recommend that version with Heaven and Hell after P&P, Night of the Living Junkies after Cut You Off, and The Heart as track 1.

  • @Heeeere’s Johnny: Yeah I have those two mixtapes, I wouldnt make a comment like that without listening to those. The Warm Up to me was his best work, I’m not saying I don’t enjoy his work. I just noticed a lot of people on here comparing the two MC’s.

  • olugbam

    oh and the production on this shit is perfect. who are these motherfuckers?

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Damn niggas hatin on j.cole now (faints) he was rite one minute he is the savior then he’s overrated smfh but ifucks with kendrick lamar & J. Cole. Watch when kendrick lamar get more of a buzz you niggas gonna hate on him too for no reason.

  • stan lee

    damn right that production is perfect.. im googling these boys to try to buy a beat from em lmao

  • Nash

    Finally got the other cuts – good looking out this should be in my rotation for a while.

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    And Blu >

  • Some1 tell chitownhrey to go straight to track #8 Ignorance is Bliss that might make him a believer….And I only brought up J. Cole cause Kendrick reminds me of him with his down-to-earth relatable lyrics but still spits real life music..I’m a Cole fan and a Kendrick fan, but yea Cole is definitely fallin off..
    I only listen to the Warm Up now and “Villematic” and “Premeditated Murder” since the warm up…
    if you think those 2 tracks are corny then you need to fall on a sword!!!

  • Yea Blu, Kendrick, and Ab-Soul all need to hop on a track right now

  • crack

    is this shit legal to download?

  • olugbam

    yerp. he leaked it himself.

  • CPT

    Tape is fire. And Kendrick Lamar isn’t trying to be the next big thing (listen Celebration if ya’ll don’t already know) while J.Cole is. Kendrick Lamar is real. J.Cole is trying too hard. No comparison.

    Ab Soul’s verse on P&P 1.5 is one of the worst I’ve ever heard and I’ve been listening to hip hop for 10 years.

  • Yu

    ^Word Ab Soul’s verse mos def needs to be removed from that track.

  • Bought it and Downloaded either way I Love It Support Kendrick Lamar

  • PC

    whoooooa it says theres no file on the website! w-t-f

  • markeith504

    damn dope ass tape, top 3 in order this year so far
    1. Season Premier-Nickelus F (dont think anything is gonna touch that tape)
    2. O(verly) D(edicated)-Kendrick Lamar (Straight up album material)
    3. The Hybrid-Danny Brown (just because)

  • PC

    can somebody post another link?! i neeeeed this

  • Tape is fire. And Kendrick Lamar isn’t trying to be
    the next big thing (listen Celebration if ya’ll don’t
    already know) while J.Cole is. Kendrick Lamar is
    real. J.Cole is trying too hard. No comparison.
    Ab Soul’s verse on P&P 1.5 is one of the worst I’ve
    ever heard and I’ve been listening to hip hop for
    10 years.
    CPT said this on September 23rd, 2010 at 1:05
    Yea I don’t know what was up with Ab on that P&P 1.5 but Ab usually GOES IN him and Kendrick feature each other a lot and there’s been a lot of times where Ab had the better verse…go listen to the first P & P from the “Kendrick Lamar EP” Ab did his thing on that 1

  • @PC..
    Click my name for another link

  • Fritsche


  • @CPT nevermind you’ve most likely heard the original P&P if you’ve heard Celebration lol but yea Ab-Soul mustve just bullshitted his verse on P&P 1.5 for some reason


    I came in with an open mind and I gave it a good listen but I still can feel dude. I feel like the beats are overpowering him. He needs a better presence on these tracks

  • realestrarestphooo


  • Ayyoo

    Good not great. Try to keep this in perspective people yall act like this is illmatic vol 2

  • 727




  • Faubs


  • nah_dude

    links not working


    Why does it always become J. Cole vs (Somebody)… ? I’d just like to see J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar work together, their style is similar.

  • PC

    @Heeeeere’s Jonnie
    good lookin out

  • HobokenNJ420

    Crazy good. The whole thing.

  • JF Kennedy

    Yeah, y’all gave this some sort of … Illmatic Vol 2 feel like Ayyoo said.

    It’s really good though, but for some reason I can’t see myself playing it all the time. He kind of reminds me of a more lyrical Gilbere Forte. And I don’t think he’s better than J. Cole like everyone in here is spazzing out saying, but there’s really no need to even bring up that comparison. Both are really good at what they do.

  • LOS

    Y’all fuckin LAME .. so when another good rapper comes outta nowhere y’all will say Kendrick is a cornball and (whoever the next one) is better? fuckin lames. COLE WORLD and now a Kendrick fan as well.

  • DisNigRo

    J.Cole is cool. Kendrick stands out more to me and is a bit more versatile. He is very lyrical. A little better than J.Cole in my opinion but both are good. But c’mon this is like album quality material. Good job Kendrick.

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Yea Lets Stop All The Comparin & Lets Thank God For Real Rappers Like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Blu, Lupe Fiasco etc.

  • @realestrarerstphoo a fan is a fan, you think Kendrick Lamar cares? A fan for 5 years or a fan for 5 days..As long as you bought the cd and supported good music, that’s all that matters..now takes that CAPS LOCK off

  • Boy2Dope

    an lets stop bringing down other great rappers. J. Cole and Kendrick have their own personality and their own flow. Lets support both of them for bringing real music about life. Real Life Movement!

    Reggie said this on September 23rd, 2010 at 9:32 am

    he speaks the truth and also LMAO at “(keep weezy)”

  • DisNigRo

    Plus after listening to the K.Dot Drops tape…I was sold. I don’t change artist, I just add more if I feel they are passionate, unique and have lyrics and a flow that stands out and works. But not everyone that has a unique flow can spit. I will continue to support KL as long he keeps it real. Respect to J.Cole as well, boy is nice. PEACE and LOVE.

  • J

    why do we (rap fans) even waste our time listening to all the other shit? We should listen to dudes like Kendrick Lamar… J. Cole, Lupe, Jay Elect, etc.

    Kendrick is the truth!

  • thetruth

    just a quick run through this and seems like it will be in my top 5 tapes of the year with Long Term 2 being well ahead in first

  • JaySole

    YESSS. Time to give the 2 tracks i havent heard yet a spin!

  • JaySole


    bought this last week also and it was even more than what I expected but hey that “heaven and hell” track, is it suppose to cut off once he’s starts spittin about heaven? cause it only goes for about 10 seconds or so and then beat just rides. When the vocals turn down I was like “nooo!” haha he was spazzin out on that part.

    cbanks13 said this on September 23rd, 2010 at 4:29 am
    I’m wondering the same too! He was going in, then when it faded i was like damn was that only a preview of the second half lol

  • Bdub

    I can listen to EACH song,EACH song, thats fuckin rare

  • stan lee

    @jonnie – give me more music.. im trying to get my ipod to the level where almost no mainstream artists are there besides the obvious greats..

  • Ojandkush24

    “j.Cole running late, if he don’t show up think I can take his place?…. Ladies start laughing!!! No pun intended I ain’t Bering sarcastic! Homie popped up wit at least 20 bags in fresh off the plane I couldn’t even complain my nigga was on his hustle I introduced him my name told him I’d see him on the bubble in the future, my dude I salute ya contributin that real shit! Making people talk about it, make the people talk about it, make the world see! Very mc that I see tryna stay a float tell em I build a boat like Noah, AND take them to place that I’m sure we all can blow up Boom! I ain’t a star yet but I’m getting close to him”…. The Heart pt.1 – Kendrick LAmar

  • recroom

    @Heeeeeere’s Jonnie – took the words right out of my mouth. theres not enough people down with quality music for us to be bitching at eachother.

  • cali

    i need a tagless C4

  • Heeeeere’s Jonnie

    Kendrick Lamar EP –
    kendricklamar.bandcamp. com/album/kendrick-lamar-ep

    Ab-Soul – Long Term
    datpiff. com/DJ_Ill_Will_DJ_Dave_Ab-Soul_Long_Term.m29958.html

    Ab-Soul – Long Term 2
    usershare. net/2DopeBoyz/yobsa1avpn9e

    Sore Losers – Free Loaders
    mediafire. com/?nofnnghmzzg

    And my latest mixtape if you really want anti-mainstream lol
    mediafire. com/?fksqiym1bv14frg

  • BlaqINK

    Oh this is a j.Cole vs k.dot battle post… I thought this was a Kendric Lamar post about his ep OD…

  • Heeeeere’s Jonnie

    ^ @ stan lee

  • Lifter

    The fact that that he can make a song about NOT SMOKING WEED is proper. The whole album is fire. I copped it off mediafire, but after hearing i had to support the guy. I suggest you do the same.

  • CarbonGrippinLongNoseLikeScottyPippen

    @Heeeeeere’s Jonnie how could u leave out average joe

  • brianbrown

    You wanna know how much I support Kendrick?? I bought the tape off of iTunes with my aunt’s iTunes account(I’m 17. Allowence was out the window at like fucking 12) and I just downloaded the mixtape. Easily should be a canidate for XXL Top 10 Freshman next year along with(hopefully) Big KRIT, Yelawolf, and 7 other people. The dude is (2)dope.

  • yeee

    if he aint on XXL Freshman Class 2011, he better be on there the next month after standing alone!

  • Rezo

    LOL @ Jonnie sneaking in a self promotion while posting those links.

  • starcop

    kendrick lamar is the best out on my mother. i swear to u……he has made his own lane. nobody is in his lane…nobody!

  • DP

    yall overrated the shit out of this. it’s good but damn it’s not THAT good

  • LookmomimaG!!!

    “Barbed wire” had everybody boppin to this at work… Actually had his whole discography playing straight threw shit is ridiculous how underated this dude is. And if you can’t respect that your whole prospective is wack!!!!!

  • Brocho Cinco

    Pussy & Patron is a frat anthem, probably wanna the best chill songs of all time. Top Dawg Ent or stick your penis in a blender

  • varsityballin

    i think dp is a easty

  • Astro

    … I was in the grocery store in my heading thinking..

    “THis dude is a beast…”

    I might clear out my ipod so I can have this whole mixtape and the Kendrick Lamar EP played everyday for a week or so… maybe..

  • red

    I listen to this everyday at least twice since I got it almost a week ago.
    I’d list my favorite songs but that’s just the fucking tracklist.

  • gamesaregames

    My god ladies and gentlemen…I think I found a piece of hiphop

  • Jerk Jackson

    He reminds me of Lupe a bit

  • Ben

    The fuck???? re-up please

  • kidadonis


  • Saga


  • DK

    This Nigga is raw as fuck any previous material I should listen to.

  • yea re-up on the link yo

  • 555kinnyJon3555

    Links are down.

  • daTRUTH!!!

    kendrick lamar > L U P E

  • gill

    @JaySole & @cbanks13 Kendrick Lamar said on his twitter

    “”Heaven & Hell”- I faded the second verse to leave the rest of the imagery for the listener to decide.”

    Kendrick Lamar doens’t know how to make a bad song, didnt delete one off Kendrick Lamar EP and now this. Thats y people r praising it like its Illmatic Vol. 2 cuz its a real pure hip hop album start to finish. not saying its on Illmatic level though lol, but definitly one of the better releases of the year. producers need their props too, did their thang

  • ThatKidRawr

    Kendrick is better than J Cole I don’t give a fuuuuuuuck

  • shawtyLOW

    ^ cosign on that one. been playing his ep and od errday, can’t wait for the blackhippy project!

  • billzy

    link dead plez hook it up

  • sylver21

    this shit is straight up quality music. every track is good enuf to be kept in rotation. and hes dynamic on so many levels….its gonna be tuff for him to top this effort. but if he does….

  • Unknown


  • Unknown

    WHAT? Links dead..

  • billzy

    yo shake fix the link up man, its DEAD

  • LadySaesive

    Opposites Attract spoke to me like no other track ever has… shed tears to this….

  • Early

    ^^yea..minus the tears…Kendrick lamar has made a fan outta me.

  • billzy

    fuck you assholes for not fixing the link fuking bitch ass motherfuckin cuntz

  • shawtyLOW

    i wonder whats gonna happen now since TDE merged with Strange Music? Blackhippy still gonna release a album?

  • Neither link is working, Shake/Meka any help with that??

  • Impulse

    ayo can someone please re-up the mixtape


  • Bhicks88

    Lol @Realestrarestphoo do it matter how late somebody is finding an artist, we all just trying to find and appreciate good hiphop in this hiphop recession

  • Blitz

    Jay Electronica, J cole, Fashawn, Wiz Khalifa, Cyhi Da Prince, Micky Factz, Fred Da Godson, Drake, Bully(D-Block), Joell Ortiz, Nino Bless, and or course Kendrick Lamar aka K.Dot I welcome all the new school lyricists keep spitting

  • Reupgang

    Why don’t you guys just buy the album it’s 6 bucks just support GREAT music.

  • Roe

    Shits cold

  • TDE

    @Reupgang yeah i bought the album..then i downloaded the free one to get the extra tracks that weren’t on ITUNES

  • Jo$h

    Cosign TDE.

  • LonelyStoner

    omg he needs to collab with cudi asap

  • Pops

    ^^^ I hope you’re a broad, talking bout some “omg”.

  • that shit right there is the measure of a man; what acronyms you use on 2dopeboyz.

  • LonelyStoner

    @pops if i was a broad then i couldnt tell u to suck my motherfuckin dick bitch

  • @LonelyStoner get off Cudi’s dick for one second and I don’t think Kendrick and Cudi would be a good colabo IMO

  • BOi

    @left my wallet in el segundo

    shut yo punk ass up and get off that mans you online talking shit and kid cudi dope as shit bitch nigga….

  • BOi

    @left my wallet in el segundo

    shut yo punk ass up and get off that mans dick you online talking shit and kid cudi dope as shit bitch nigga….

  • LonelyStoner

    man if i seen u IN REAL LIFE id stab the fuck out yo fuck as

  • swag

    boi boi boiiiiii

  • etown

    ^with a name like that, i’d think you want to give him a hug.

  • yall ridin his dick kinda hard already. He is good but he not touching Cole right now. Cole is in a whole different lane.

  • killamic

    @nignig nigga….hes just as good as cole, lyrically and musicially. Clearly your not really listening to him or his music if u think not. If the tapes and music he already has out hasnt convinced u wait til those cole/lamar collabos come out and watch kendrick match cole bar 4 bar line 4 line. WATCH!

  • dre

    WESt coast artist??? his mofucker album cover’s is full of freemason sign.. hahahah

  • next up….swear to god shit gives me chills

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