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Lil Wayne – YM Salute f. Young Money [NoTags]

blame it on Meka September 23, 2010

You know what the slow implosion of Weezy leaks means… I can only imagine what happens once the guy gets sprung from the pokey in a few months. Also, Low pointed out that this song is eerily similar to this song from Jizzle. SHAKE UPDATE: Back to the top w/o tags. And a bonus with them.

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – YM Salute f. Nicki Minaj, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, Lil Twist & Lil Chuckee | Mediafire

BONUS: Lil Wayne – What’s Wrong With Them f. Nicki Minaj [Tags] | Mediafire

  • Shammit

    blah blah blah…

  • good shit

  • hardy


  • EZPimpn

    yea this is just a remake of “Mama Told Me” and Jeezys was actually way better

  • T0KS


  • eBagatron

    Yeah they call me tune, got them bitches tuned in

  • T-Zak

    jizzle? u mean momma told me?

  • eBagatron

    If you think this is a “remake” of MTM, you obviously don’t listen to a lot of music.

    Sooooo many songs, there is bound to be songs that have similarities. Especially when you’re looking for it, you will always find something.

    Get over it.

  • He may not be the best lyrically but one thing you can’t hate on Wayne for is his delivery, he killed this track. I kinda like this one.

  • SayAhh

    ^he is the best LYRICALLY!

  • eBagatron

    ^ precisely. I can listen to him rap ingredients off a cereal box lol. I’m a big fan of his, but been ridin’ with him since “Tha Block is Hot” days so I might be a little more biased.

    One thing is for sure though, I hate his generation of “Lollipop” fans. Everyone that became his “biggest fan” when he blew up these past few years.

  • EZPimpn

    lol dickriders are funny

    Ok then; this track is Young Money over the “Mama Told Me” beat with possibly one extra sound effect in the background, and as a whole it turned out much worse than the original.

    Happy now stan?

  • eBagatron

    I’ve been happy the whole time. You can hate til your eyes bleed.

  • eBagatron

    p.s. you have a horrible ear for beats.

  • JP

    Did the album leak?

  • Shy

    “^he is the best LYRICALLY!”

  • how these lil fucks get with YM? they are terrible

  • cp student

    fuck wayne…wheres basegod at, lil b for president!!!!!

  • eBagatron

    The Jeezy song in question is called “I remember” btw. Go listen to it (if it’s even in your library) and then listen to this beat. It’s not ‘one extra’ sound. It’s one sound in common. Haters are so sad.

  • EZPimpn

    The first one is “I Remember,” sorry I had to check to make sure it wasnt the same song

  • Jay Daniels

    I listen to this shit all the way through to find out there’s no Drake verse? Da fuck?

  • eBagatron

    @Jay Daniels

    I thought the same thing, but if you look at the tracklist of I Am Not a Human Being there is a shit-load of Drizzy features, maybe even too many. So his exclusion on this song is whatevs.

  • EZPimpn


    Whats wrong with your head, really? We were talking about “Mama Told Me” and somehow your dumbass switched the song to a completely different track? Youtube “Mama Told Me” and tell me thats a different beat. I even tried posting the link but they held it up. Ill wait, stan.

  • *Yawn* this shit put me to sleep.

  • yuck. Twist is not nice on the ears at all. shit made me cringe like nails scratching a chalkboard. Its nice to not have frake on here, but i woulda accepted him on here if he took twist or guddas verse. Nicki eats them all, no shock there

  • this shit is wack i dont listen to anything that has lil twist or lil chuckee on it.. them dudes is trash. nicki gets annoying.. millz is just happy he aint stuck in NY tryna be a NY rapper..gudda gudda belongs in a gutter.. only dude i fucked wit was peanut…the only real mc YM has besides drake and wayne

  • eBagatron

    @ EZPimpn

    My bad, you right. For the record, I’m no stan cause I won’t sit here and front on you. “I Remember” was the song that popped in my head and that’s why I was like “WTF they talkin’ bout?”

    But after listening to that track again, the beats are pretty damn alike. Kudos.

  • lol what on earth is wayne saying?? does hhe realize words have no impact without being properly worked into sentences at least phrases. he is the Benjamin Button of rap. goin backwards

  • @Shience haha Drake is neither real nor an mc, so how is he a real mc? yea gudda and twist are horrible. chukkie is bad but not as bad as gudda and twist.

  • its always easy to tell when nicki and/or drake are writing for wayne. cuz when they dont he just says random words on the beat.

  • EZPimpn

    U know what, much respect for that last post. I was just getting frustrated cuz I seriously couldnt see how u werent getting this lol. And honestly, I wasnt tryin to make it that big a deal, I dont hate Wayne or anything and now-a-days beats get passed around all the time. I just thought u were one of those annoying “if your not singing his praises u must be hating” stans.

  • eBagatron

    lol @Monroe. What a joke.


    Cot damn, the two youngn’s on the cut really irked the sh*t out of me. Lol.

  • eBagatron

    @ EZPimpn, I woulda got frustrated too haha. Cheers.


    this young money squad is so lame. this nigga said lets get to the point like elbows… c’mon son

  • 3mphais


  • Ca$h!

    This was dope but would have been better minus Lil Chuckee and Lil Twist,I can’t stand their voices.

  • DaRichKid

    GOOD music > young money

  • Shy

    this is def the beat from jeezy’s “mama told me”.
    his version with ester dean on the hook was better.

    this ym version is garbage

  • young money sucks…

    nicki minaj>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>young money

    shes actually a good artist…

  • Derek

    iam not a human being is gonna be leak on diversehiphop.com today or tomm.

  • KC_Mafioso

    ATF/OVO >>>>Young Money

  • Ghettoblaster

    this mixtape shud be nothing special…….just wait till son gets out.

  • chrizzy

    weezy spits on this, fuck the rest.

  • Just Sayin

    they should of had Cory Gunz, Drake, Tyga, Short Dawg, Nicki, and Wayne instead of Wayne,Nick, and the others that were in this song

  • gamesaregames

    YM dickriders make me want to swallow mercury realshit

  • Damn this was horrible and Im a huge Wayne fan. Man I just hate those garbage ass rappers in YM [ie Twist, Chuckie, Millz] I kinda like Gudda sometimes but not this time. And Nicki can get annoying quick with all those damn voice change-ups but I eff with Drake, Short Dawg, and Cory Gunz. @DaRichKid good shit GOOD is way better cause they’re a complete team [ie Lakers] while YM tries to survive off 3 players [ie Miami Heat] lol had to get that in there.

  • oklamidwest

    Actually Nicki Minaj was good on this song; her chorus and verse was good. People are just bias

  • sik

    ruined a perfectly good beat…wackness.. ym dickriders make me sick nobody in young money has a ounce of talent. drake n wayne waterin there self down on every ym track. waynes verse was horrible.i hope when he come out sober this shit is over. go back to c2 c1 form. nicki is a dumb fake bitch,i swear this shit is aggravating there infesting the airwaves with mindless bullshit.

  • M.E.A.N.

    This track is dope, hate hearing biased bitches opinions shut that shit up.

  • ImaG

    This song is shit. Wayne bailed it out at the end, YoungMoney is a bunch of amateur homies riding Weezy’s back. He’s gotta snip and move to bigger and better things.

  • johnny

    Meka would drop some shit wayne like this

  • giovanni.chase

    Young Money needs to get cut down to TYGA, Wayne, Drake, Cory Gunz, and Mack Maine(because he helped planned this whole weezy music shit while he was locked up) but drop the rest fast

  • i’m trolling

    What’s Wrong With Them ft. Nicki’s freakin’ hard. Nice to see Wayne going back to his old flow. Now it’s Kanye’s turn and this’ll be a great holiday season.

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Where’s Lil B???

    Hoes On My Dick Cuz iLook Like Chaka Chan iGot Bitches Cuhhh Oh God Damn Based God iGot Bitches Cuhh

  • 11/4=freedom

    co-sign giovanni.chase. nicki spits fire every now and then

  • cj

    this song should have just had lil wayne ft nicki and gudda gudda..nicki actually did good on the song and her chorus made the song..gudda verse was ight

  • poo

    This album leak yet?

  • panoble

    I’m Gudda Gudda, gudda gudda, gudda gudda, gudda gudda

  • bennyblancofromtheBX

    hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhah gudda gudda.

  • Both tracks Nice

  • Horrible, G.O.O.D. Music > Young Money, just saying….

  • belz

    Jae Millz please never ever rap again.

    remember 6 minutes of death? weezy and millz’s verse? How many mind erasing drugs have they both ingested since then? at least 400 gallons? my god. what shit faces. disgusting music.

  • JD

    Jesus only person that did good was Nicki and I only like her for her ass. WTF get this shit outta here

  • wackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • panoble

    Are they saying anything they haven’t said yet? Wayne takes a fat L for keeping such a group of flunkies around him. You’d think him being as big as he is he could recruit better artists.

  • sxpck

    thanks for the bonus..it blew up the soundsytem in my car..track way too loud..nice start of the weekend


    Can Someone Up an edited version without Twist and chuckee please?