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Mick Boogie x Jay-Z – Viva La Hova (Remastered) [No DJ]

blame it on JES7 September 23, 2010

Mr. Carter has been featured heavy in the blog world the past couple of days, and sticking to the script, today is no different. Remember that ill mixtape Hov & Mick Boogie collaborated together on last year? Well they’ve decided to dig back in the vaults and give it a full remaster. Tracklist and download after the jump.

“Terry and I were planning on re-releasing it in December anyways, just because everywhere we go, people ask us about it,” said Mick Boogie. “After Jay-Z and Coldplay announced their big New Years Eve plans, including performing together integrating their songs… and about a million people emailed us… we decided to just drop the re-release now. Why wait?”

Featuring two new bonus songs not contained on the original Viva La Hova release, this project also finds the original mixes re-mastered, non-sequenced, and without the signature “dj drops” over the songs.

1) Intro (produced by Mick Boogie & Terry Urban)
2) One Ruler (produced by Max Tannone)
3) Public Speeding (produced by Cookin’ Soul)***
4) Know My Place (produced by The Amps)
5) Never Changing (produced by nVMe)
6) Miss Trouble (produced by Judah)
7) Back At My Place (produced by Remot)
8) Lucifer And Friends (produced by CJ Luzi)
9) A Spy’s Prayer (produced by nVMe)
10) Science Is Ignorant (produced by Gooch)
11) The Reverse Fix (produced by Mick Boogie & nVMe)
12) Hola Blanco (produced by Garbs Infinite)
13) Take The Hill (produced by nVMe)
14) Lost Part 2 (remixed by Mick Boogie)
15) Cold Success (produced by 9th Wonder)
16) What If We Cry? (produced by Remot)
17) No Love Coming Home (produced by The Kickdrums)
18) Falling In Shadows (produced by 6th Sense)
19) Life of Clocks (produced by Terry Urban)
20) X-Y-Z (produced by Hasan Insane)

DOWNLOAD: Mick Boogie x Jay-Z – Viva La Hova (Remastered)

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  • To Mega Therion

    First. Caught me by surprise but I’ll dl it.

  • Toine

    horrible artwork

  • Kameron Casey

    how is that horrible artwork?

  • K

    big ups to remot

  • “how is that horrible artwork?”

  • ThatGuy23

    I had no clue that this even existed. Madd Props!!!

  • RD

    i was really just listening to some of this yesterday.. funny how that happens

  • Young Mo Fo

    LOL @ Lucifer and friends. You mark that track for a reason? xD

  • botaz

    finally! funny thing is i love this tape because of coldplay haha

  • botaz

    @PACO @Kameron Casey dude prolly doesnt get that its a play on the “viva la vida” cover

  • jim

    track 8 isn’t marked on purpose, its bc the site uses code that converts 8 + ) into a smiley face. see 8) = 8 )

  • ignored it last time gonna dl now tho oh and comment 2 the pic is dope dope dope

  • Stephanie

    Cool, I’m all over it.

  • swizzy


  • chillweezy

    thank you

    the dj drops were fucking annoying

  • kmob

    zip does not work

  • 1

    dope. shit came out in 08 not last year

  • And The Nikes On My Feet Keep My Cypher Complete


  • And The Nikes On My Feet Keep My Cypher Complete

    aw man…

  • Just finished listen to this, loved every song except Life of Clocks, they didn’t need to mess with Party Life like that.

  • tkends

    this made my fuckin day!! love this tape!!!

  • BB

    shit was tight last year and it’s still tight

  • tawpdog

    (re-)mastered MY ASS! shit sounds horrible!!! fuck outta here with this half-assed bullshit…

  • GratedHated

    lucifer and friends is dope, cj luzi kid he did most of that cuey tape, shits dope

  • i’ll peep it

  • Augusta GA Jedi

    lol i agree with ol boy, the revoluntionary kids with the random ass chains on is wack. the tape was alright though.

  • Ben

    KNOWxONE this needs to be re-upped

  • kidadonis

    Link Dead

  • Re-Up The Link PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sin

    please re-up this link!

  • Ingtoo!

    Pleas re-up!

  • SwazyFinesse
  • Re-upped. Thanks to Swazzy for the link.