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J. Cole – Higher Live (Video)

blame it on Meka September 24, 2010

For the release party of the new NBA Elite 11/NBA Jam game (the latter of which is vintage dopeness… just a shame you can only get it if you buy that damn Elite game), EA got J. Cole to perform a few tracks for the crowd. Props to XXL for the footage.

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  • Joe

    Elite sucks dick

  • eBagatron

    And it’s a stripped-down version of Jam that comes with NBA Elite. The full Jam game is only on the Wii.

  • Elite > 2k #fuckswrongwityall

  • drico

    yeah im getting nba jam for wii. it makes having a wii worth it

  • sik

    9th in the background.nn damn quit knockin elite aint nun ysll got it. im buying 2k but damn yall sound like bitches.i like eas graphics but the gameplay sucks i wish 2k n ea would collab to make a bomb ass game.

  • lovin that elite demo. 2k be too simple. elite got some good mechanics this year. im in for elite.

  • T0KS



  • complexvenom

    about to see him tonight!!!! HYPED

  • DetoxDoesntExist

    I am tired of seeing video of J Cole performing, hell any artist, performing for a dead crowd. These people need to be shot.

  • JayyNoir

    What a wast of a good performance….the crowd was not hype whatsoever. I’d be hype as hell.

  • J

    Cole musta hated even doing that. Hopefully Cole will be performing in arenas and shit soon. With a real crowd.

  • Musikfiend

    Y all the NBA Live i mean Elite hate?? It’s not as fun as 2k but it’s not that bad.

  • damm, i might have to get NBA Elite 11 now… really want that NBA Jam… and youre gonna be able to play it online?!?!… if only i could get Stockton and Malone and this version lol… not trying to waste 60 on elite 11, but damm, i want nba jam

  • Stockton and Malone on this version*

  • Early

    FUCK EA sorts and NBA

    “the list got cut short”…-.- #fukumean?

  • JF Kennedy

    NBA Elite was going to suck as soon as Mike Wang left. Live 10 was on the right track, and then they basically just started all over because sales weren’t that good. They just gave up on what they were building, so yeah, fuck Elite.


    I got mad respect for Cole, how he still puts a good effort into shows where no one gives a shit about him. Humble dude.