• BCbud_girl

    Swollen Members = Best live Hip Hop show i've seen. They go hard at every concert.

  • 9

    Dude always spits hard, even though the shit aint mine style, I respect the talent.

  • stompintom

    mad child is sick as well as swollen members, canada is the shit

  • http://dailyhiphopvidz.blogspot.com/ kaohtix

    speaking of swollen members live
    once i seen prevail climb an amphitheater to the top about 20-30 feet high and freestyled upside down like a monkey just hanging there
    was the craziest shit i ever seen
    swollen members are some of the dopest hip hop out of Canada
    well not as much today but 10 years ago they were amazing

  • http://dailyhiphopvidz.blogspot.com/ kaohtix

    oh yeah and i was super shocked when i seen a solo madchild post
    props shake thanks for showing Canada love

  • Tyree

    well not as much today but 10 years ago they were amazing

    Just listened to some their old shit when I found my cds from High School the other day. Balance>>>>>

  • Dez

    Bad Dreams is still my shit... Madchild is dope, i'll be checkin' for that solo

  • deltron3030

    the way the mad child ep is slept on is criminal

  • chrisbutta

    ..madlib on the beat...

  • http://misterandre.com Mr. Andre

    Where the hell has this cat been?!

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    Dope shit.

  • http://5vemics.com eli porter

    haha hes coming to winnipeg. Only time ive ever seen the word on this site. My city suckkas

  • http://www.TooMuchPretty.com Lexx

    Canada for the win!
    You just love your canadians there, don't cha m.S.?

  • gill

    yeaaah VAN CITY stand up! not many times i get to say that on a hip-hop site so gotta take advantage lol