• BrotherQualit

    First Mothafuckers

  • BrotherQualit

    Celph always goes in....can't wait .....I'm def gonna support him

  • OG

    Holy shit this made my Monday!

  • buds

    i'm sad that this only has three comments. well, four now.

  • http://gabagool.tumblr.com/ sigh..

    The Primo version is dope too, but since Buck is my favourite producer ever. It will have to take 2nd place.

  • http://gabagool.tumblr.com/ sigh..

    A month again?! Not cool.

  • chyaaa

    This is the beat from Artifact- C;mon wit da Git Down...still pretty tight though

  • Tmaster

    No doubt this year has the nicest albums/mixtapes of the fuckin decade!!

  • jones420

    he murdered 2nd beat

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