Joell Ortiz - Joell Christopher

Mr. Yaowa raps over Reflection Eternal's In This World for the first leak off RR's Mixtape of the Year w/ Green Lantern and DJ Drama.

DOWNLOAD: Joell Ortiz - Joell Christopher | Mediafire

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    song is dope

  • BBKG79

    BK, in da hidddouse

  • Rio$

    dj's ruining it but it sounds dope tho

  • D easy

    This is like a compilation mixtape?
    who else is on it

  • 9

    YAOWA! Joells dope, Dre fucked up over that miss-step.

  • DD

    Fuckin DJ's, theres a line between being a DJ and being annoying.

  • FakirWise

    Thanks for the track. Hope a DJ-less version drops soon

  • JJBlue

    dj's ruin songs

  • 12thLetter

    I hate drama!

  • diandre pickett

    holla back at me when you get the dj free version,who the fuck drama think he is, s&s?this is 2010 not 1994.

  • Kerma

    Man that was nice.

    Don't forget the signature.

  • 10

    so nice but need the no dj version sooner than later

  • mmkayy

    most annoyin DJ drops wow... 1 is not enough ? we gettn 2 now *smh*

  • KOS

    This dude is the TRUTH!


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