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Lil Wayne – YM Banger f. Jae Millz & Tyga

blame it on Shake September 28, 2010

Off the physical copy of Wayne’s I Am A Human Being LP, dropping October 12th. Those wanting the digital version can hit iTunes now.

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – YM Banger f. Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda & Tyga | Mediafire

BONUS: Tyga – Moving Backwards | Mediafire

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  • BillyDeeWilliams

    Still waiting on that I’m Single ft. Drake… Shake any word on that?

  • sowavyy

    Also now there’s an untitled track on the physical. what’s that all aboutt?

  • :P

    Tyga’s “Moving Backwards”>>>>>>>>>>>>Lil Wayne’s “YM Banger”
    nuff said.

  • derek

    question for you guys. that’s the subject matter a rapper chooses to rap about influence if he’s better at rapping done another rapper?
    for me i dont think so, a lot of people will easily say that kendrick lamar OD is better than i am not a human being just based of subject matter. but i think it’s how you rap not what you rap about, and both OD and I am not a human being are dope.
    weezy =wordplay wit and entertainment
    kendrick= serious subject matter, lyricism


    Same reaction as I had to Gonorrhea and Bill Gates: meh. Not great, not terrible.

  • My Girl Is Black and I Get Her Wet…Call Her Diarrhea

    Weezy=unrelated, overplayed lines about taking shits with little entertainment value because he’s been doing the exact same thing for too long, now with an annoying voice and auto-tune.
    Kendrick=serious subject matter, lyricism.


    If you still like Wayne, I’m willing to bet you’re young, not very intelligent, or that you don’t delve deep enough into music (meaning more than hip hop) to find good party music. Not necessarily all three at the same time though.

    There’s so much better music to listen to than I Am Not a Human Being.

  • @My Girl Is Black and I Get Her Wet…Call Her Diarrhea

    says ^this guy , it’s called preference stop over analyzing shit.


    question for you guys. that’s the subject matter a rapper chooses to rap about influence if he’s better at rapping done another rapper?
    for me i dont think so, a lot of people will easily say that kendrick lamar OD is better than i am not a human being just based of subject matter. but i think it’s how you rap not what you rap about, and both OD and I am not a human being are dope.
    weezy =wordplay wit and entertainment
    kendrick= serious subject matter, lyricism
    Great question. For me it’s a combination of lyricism and subject matter (plus flow, album quality, mic presence, etc.). Obviously Wayne’s subject matter isn’t very deep, which he’s been very open about. But he does have decent lyrics, including his occasional sick wordplay and punchlines. Compare that to a “conscious” rapper (KRS-One is an example, IMO) whose subject matter is political and alternative but whose lyrics are average. I’d much rather listen to a gangsta rapper with great lyrics (B.I.G., Big L, Jadakiss, etc.) than a conscious rapper with so-so lyrics.

  • My Car Quick With Interior Mahogany, Just In Time For My Endoscopy


    Since when is desiring a degree of intelligence and artistry in music make me someone who overly-analytic?

    I Am Not a Human Being is so mediocre it’s not even funny. Give me a list of good lines, I’ll just insult your intelligence for finding them to be good. I mean, if you’re entire song is random, out of nowhere one liner puns and metaphors you’re bound to strike gold at least 10% of the time.

    Gone are the days of Put Some Keys on That, Brand New, Beat Without Bass.

  • derek

    to the guy that said im not smart check the email nigga thats RYERSON UNIVERSITY. im 21… but i just love hip hop and i wanna get all the opinions and i respect your answer.

    interesting. to me i got big l, biggie pac jay z,outkast (of course) dmx, little brother kendrick lamar (his two bodies of work) discographies on my ipod but i also have wayne and drake and some other rappers who aren’t “deep” according to hip hop heads. so i think im in a similar boat to you.
    but with that said Wayne is still my favorite for wordplay, wit, uniqueness of lyrics( i actually like that on most songs he doesn’t necessarily stick to 1 place) and delivery or more appropriately deliveries.

  • derek

    p.s @ my girl is black little entertainment value? he’s on the Forbes list..
    carter 2-platinum unorthodox classic, in my *opinion*)
    carter 3- platinum….in a week(this was not a classic, not even close just a good fun album , in my opinion)

    so HHIDBOY do you pick nas over jay z based on your criteria???

  • robo

    Kendrick lamars metaphors are crafty he doesn’t just hand feed you simple shit like Wayne does. No hate at all but I’d rather listen to of than I am a human being and it isn’t even close.

  • Navario

    That Wayne verse is old as fuck it was used in the song “Fuck A Nigga Thoughts”smh

  • robo

    Lupe, j Cole xv to name a few have nice subject matter wordplay etc. It’s possible for rappers to be good in all areas

  • dirtysixchambers

    @ My Girl Is Black and I Get Her Wet…Call Her Diarrhea

    i haven’t listened to this song yet, but i’m sure it isn’t that bad and i’m sure i will like it since i have liked almost all the leaks from this EP so far.

    quit being so ignorant. i am 21 years old, in college and i listen to everything from lil wayne, to gucci(only a few songs cause let’s face, gucci sucks lol), to kendrick lamar, to mf doom, to wu-tang, to cunninlynguists, to nas, to big l, to lil b, to big sean, to kid cudi, to eminem, to lupe, to trey songz, to pac div, to drake, to nicki minaj, to lloyd banks, to wiz khalifa and everything in between.

    i am completely unbiased when i discuss music because i literally like every genre of rap for the most part. 90% of commenters here are so close-minded and biased towards certain artists/genres that it’s disgusting.

  • Wipe My Ass With Triple Ply, Better Wash Your Hands Or End Up With A Sty

    It’s not even like I listen to deep rap exclusively. Along with that type of music I have Asher, Big Sean, Chiddy Bang, Chip, Classified, Cool Kids, Spitta, Donnis, NeakO, Nesby, Niceguys, DZA, and Khalifa.
    The difference is that all those artist are new, so they have new subjects, new deliveries, new production styles, and a legitimate, noticeable passion.
    Wayne has been doing the same thing for too long. It’s overplayed, not very creative, and it belongs in the same category as Gucci Mane, and Waka Flocka Flame. Bad party music.

  • This release was pretty decent – I only listened to half of it today but I enjoyed (most) what I heard.

    Wayne on his own tracks > Wayne guest features.

  • Anorexia, Dyslexia OOooH That Sucks, Like Someone Shittin In the Stall Next To Ya

    @ Derek

    Ke$ha has what, 4 top 10 songs? Doesn’t mean any of them are good.

    You’re right, the Carter II was an amazing CD. But to say that Wayne is anywhere close to being on that level is LUDICROUS!

  • My Bowels Sound Humorous, Your IOU’s Are So Numerous!

    Isn’t it incredible that I’m able to come up with all these 1 liners about SHITTING!?

  • who else

    That Tyga track is nice. He needs to drop another mixtape. His improvement is outstanding.

  • Skratch


    i tottally agree going off off topic but who else thinks ice cube is not better then wayne? ice cube is a gangsta rapper weak lyrics

  • derek

    @anorexia u missed the point
    the gentleman above said wayne had no ENTERTAINMENT VALUE

    i disagreed and offer his sales as an indicator of entertainment value not lyricism, or anything.
    i concede to the point that wayne does get very repetitive and that his lyrics are ‘dummed down” to a greatest extent if u listen to carter 1 and 2/dedication wayne, that whole time period. but i think it’s obvious he did this for $$ and equally as obvious that the wordplay and wit is still there, just really really dumbed down. their not as complex as he use to go and he really must demonstrate an ability to story tell(which since he’s returned to writing, im hoping we will hear on carter 4)

    just listen to the album from start to finish and not allow your own biases to influence you. the songs with you, bill gates, hold up and what’s wrong with them are personal favourites, but i like the whole EP

    anorexia does subject matter influence who you think is a better rapper?

  • DP

    dirstysixchambers said the realest shit of the day. niggas on this site are so fucking close minded when it comes to any kind of rap. wack rap is wack rap but alot of people right off artists just because of the name or because of one bad song. I love everything from nas to wiz to cudi to wale to lupe to spitta to even some travis porter when I’m drunk at a party haha.

  • His Airness

    Can some atleast stream the I’m Single f. Drake, I wanna hear it before I buy it. That’s the only track I’m interested in

  • The Guy Derek Is Talking To

    Subject matter is just one aspect of what makes a good rapper it’s hard to single out what makes someone a good rapper.
    Wiz Khalifa doesn’t rap about any important topics, but his delivery, beat selection, and just the amount that I relate to his lyrics are what draws me in.
    KiD CuDi, not very lyrical but a great story teller and again, I can relate to many of his songs.
    I’m bored of what Wayne has to say and personally, I hate dumbed down music-Dumbing things down pisses me off like nothing else.

  • jbleezy

    ^ god damn. I been tryin to get that shit too!

  • Jbleezy & His Airness

    I think Drake only lays down background vocals. The I Am Not a Human Being that I have does not have any actual Drake verse. Check on youtube?

  • The Guy Derek Is Talking To

    Actually I’m gonna have to go back on what I said about hating dumbed down music.
    Honestly, I just really hate Wayne.
    His shit used to be sick, I remember 3, 4 years ago we would roll up a couple blunts and cruise around to whatever mixtape just came out. I pretty much knew the words to all his mixtape songs and his albums, but then he just started blowing the fuck up. Everyone was on his dick, people who didn’t like rap were all of a sudden jocking Wayne’s dick. Wayne knew there was money to be made, switched up the complexities, over-saturated music, and pretty soon everyone wanted to be Lil Wayne.
    Then Wayne just started getting weird. He was releasing a lot of auto-tune music which was okay for awhile, but then it took a bad turn.
    Shit, this debate would be a lot easier not typing but over a blunt haha

  • Unknown

    NICKEDI NICE! This actually goes bananas boyz. / Unknown

  • The Guy Derek Is Talking To

    He sounds like an idiot to me now. A babbling, auto-tuned, simple punchline rapper that’s only liked for his name. Anyone else putting out his quality of lyrics would just be 1 of those lames you see on Datpiff with a $5 mixtape cover, rapping over recycled instrumentals.
    The only thing that sets Wayne apart from those guys is that Wayne has turned to this ear-piercing rap-rock fusion, signing Drake and Nicki, and having the support of his weed carriers here and there.

  • wowsies

    this album is definitely one step above rebirth, although that may not be saying much. i really hope mr. wayne brings it on c4 because he has not impressed me much lately.

  • derek

    @ the guy derek is talking too

    yea i know what you mean in a sense. i remember when only rap fans liked or even knew lil Wayne. but now everybody including the president has him on their ipod ( obviously not everyone, im just speaking in a general sense referring to the masses). But this tendency to equate auto tune and bad music is a prejudgment too. i LOVED 808 and heartbreak. there are certain cuts on rebirth i like listening too. ( but the auto-tune debate is for another day)

    im sure you all know the song hollywood divorce-outkast wayne etc. who had a better verse wayne or 3 stacks? see to me i think wayne did but an argument can also be made for 3 stacks( cause he always comes super hard with the lyrics) and big boi even but wayne;s verse was just sso crisp in delivery, flow, tone i dont know, let me know what yall think

  • derek

    p.s what sets wayne apart is his history ( carter 1, carter 2, dedication 1, dedication 2, drought series, freestyles best rapper alive track) also charisma, delivery( so under rated, to me he has a top 3 delivery in terms of versatility) worplay that appeals to the masses(lupe has crazy wordplay but it goes over ppl’s heads) and WIT. biggie, emineem and wayne when it comes to wit in lyrics are ahead of everyone(in my opinion)

  • look. I appreciate Lil Wayne for what he is. This is coming from a guy who’s favorite musician is Mos Def. Lil Wayne’s music is funny and sometimes witty. It’s swagger rap. There’s nothing wrong with carefree fun music. That’s what Lil Wayne brings to the table. Not everyone has to make music about the struggle. There are other aspects of life out there other than the struggle. Rap is a braggadocios genre anyways. Every rapper, from Mos Def to Common to Jay-Z to Andre to Murs has bragged about how dope they are on the mic. It’s such a subjective genre. Most times I can relate to Mos and 3K and Q-Tip other times I feel like listening to Wayne and Drake and Kanye. It all depends on your mood.

  • Derek

    Great post! My question is how do we decide whose better? Hip hop/rap unlike r and b, rock and other genres is competitive. Rappers wanna be ranked I think( I know jay z wNts that number 1 all time ranking not sure about others) and fans want to rank rappers. So does say nas’ subject matter give him an edge over jay z since their both so lyrical? Nas’ is the better story teller but jay z is more  versatile. Delvery? Might have to give that to jay but then nas’ had that track ether. See what I’m getting at? 
    P.s to me Wayne<<<<<drake but Wayne gotta come with a classic now after Carter 3(average) rebirth( poor effort)

  • dude

    Nas is my favorite rapper, I listen to BIG L everyday along with Biggie, & i fuck with wayne heavy. so all this young, not intelligent, doesn’t listen deeply to music. . . fuck outta here

  • that beat is a snoozer so the song shouldn’t have been called a banger. more like a generic mixtape outtake.

  • @The Guy Derek Is Talking To

    Thank you brother, the unbiased truth , Lil Wayne def. had the potential a few years back but he dropped the fuckin ball, I was a firm believer in his potential to be the best in the game, especially after Jay attempted to retire and he was in talks with signing with Jay, but dude let the fame money and drugs get the best of him and his current music is a revelation of that. I believe that him gettin locked up was good in a way, and he prolly feels the same way in a sense. We shall see come November though.

  • Mr Xclusive

    rofl at all these posts not even on topic….man i love wayne homo he so many people talk shit bout him yet he’s always the hottest out

  • wowsies

    this is hardly the hottest out. smfh.

  • GOD

    I kept literally one track off “I am not a human being”. Shit was more like a ehhhhhhh mixtape.

  • Kicksaintone

    this beat is fucking awful

  • yo what the fck is up with these long ass explanation comments?..its wayne, either u think its dope, then say “Dope”..if crap, write

    over analyzing fcks up the buzz

  • The Guy Derek Is Talking To

    ^ You’re exactly what I’m talking about. We stop to think about the music and all of a sudden it sucks right? That means there’s a lack of substance.
    And why is your FB profile your link on a site that’s probably checked by 97% men?

  • Cweezy

    Tyga just needs to leave YM, he is better than that

  • Being frank..sinatra!

    I liked tyga’s old stuff he used to do befor ym.Personally I think he is being surpressed from being lyrical and differnt.
    My favorite song of his is “Live forever” I used to play that song allday everyday……But anyways with j.cole and jay electronica in the mix,I don’t see how you all still think wayne could ever come back and “reign”…”I’ll blast on judas iscariot and peel off in a chariot” can wayne ever match something like that? and j.cole just wins over wayne anyday, I regret liking wayne, I feel like my eyes werent nor mind wasnt open back then..

  • That Tyga track is sick

  • d-bo

    The Tyga track is iight but that Wayne joint sucks ass. Can someone tell me how Wayne is considered by many to be the greatest rapper???

  • UFKG*

    “I Am Not A Human Being” Has already leaked..and its mediocre as fuck.

  • JD

    I wish everyone would stop being so close minded. To me EVERY single rapper I’ve ever listened to has at least one song I’ve liked. On the reverse side of that EVERY single rapper I’ve ever listened to has a trash song. I barely even comment on this site because there’s always so much negativity. Listen to songs and give them a chance before you write them off. Oh and I’m a huge Lil Wayne fan but this song is trash. Recycled lyrics = whack. But hopefully the hard copy has a different Wayne verse and also the Drake verse on I’m Single. Last, don’t judge Wayne off of this “album”. They were all Carter IV throwaways

  • Hating Drake gets you internet pussy

    Wayne >>>>>>> gucci mane, waka, oj, etc. Cause he does have songs where he puts meaning to it or proves he can hang with the best of them ex. Renaissance Rap w/ Qtip, Busta, Raekwon also the song with Nas and Junior Gong, he just does what he does to get money. In his interviews he seems complex and artistic even though he looks like a short mouse.. Btw for a site with the majority being non-wayne fans there sure are a lot of comments

  • 100percentallday

    This is some dumbed down weak ass hiphop. Lets face it wayne, you been spittin the same punch lines since before yo ass was behind bars. Comment on something with some substance….ie Kendrick’s new EP

  • Cash4Golda

    Why the hell is Tyga singing? It must be a trend going on around the YM offices or something… What’s next? Gudda Gudda and Lil’ Twist singing on YM tracks? Yea right…

  • Cash4Golda

    I think we can all agree that G.O.O.D. > YM? Yea?

  • red

    YM is a depressing joke compared to G.O.O.D.