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    [...]2 of the dopest Dj's + 1 fierce MC= Dope Mixtape.....[...]

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    And umm I guess I'm first...

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com/ Phillycheesesteak

    this concept is confusing seriously gna dl see wats goin on

  • Pell

    they spelled allen iverson wrong. dumb bitches

  • Casper Wordsmith

    J. Period = Best Mixtape DJ out there.

  • gcash

    Yessss! Haha! 804!!!!

  • red

    Downloading just because I'm so confused by the concept with all these interludes.

  • fursheezy

    Has it ever been said who skillz ghost wrote for???and if i missed that blog entry...can you re post it?

  • mazoomy

    Random quote i hope to someday make infamous: If hell makes you burn your vagina is the devil!