JustMe (of Scribbling Idiots) - The Prodigal f. Deacon the Villain (of Cunninlynguists)

First leak off JustMe's upcoming solo album, Tragedy & Dope, dropping October 26th. Entirely produced by Deacon the Villain. Who is also working on a collaborative project with Sheisty Khrist, called NWL (N*ggaz With Latitude).

DOWNLOAD: JustMe - The Prodigal (prod. Deacon the Villain) | Mediafire
Additional guitar by Willie Eames.

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  • http://www.groundwrokseesion.wordpress.com Cyse

    very dope track! glad to here these two working together! n good look for showin JustMe loveeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.changehiphop.com Change

    Yeah, the fam getting shine on 2DB. Do ya thing JustMe!

  • http://www.sevstatik.com SEV STATIK

    right in the pocket...yea, kid.

  • Jaq

    Can't wait to get the album, guys. Hurray! Beautiful.

  • Elijah Craig

    100% dope

  • danny_

    ill joint.

  • DLuv

    sounds great

  • Killa

    Great song, album will be classic, no doubt!

  • http://grpfly.com dj jafar

    just me and the whole scribbling idoits crew is dope!!

  • Jax

    Shit is ill man!

  • http://berpwillie.blogspot.com Berp Willie


  • http://bigsto.wordpress.com BigSto

    I honestly rocked this song for about 2 hours straight yesterday, JustMe always comes correct and Deacon killed it with the beat. Can someone say underrated producer?

  • http://www.nocompmusic.com Dave Santos

    JustMe strikes again! This brother has been for years. This is a great collab, I cant wait to hear the entire album! JustMe dropped a verse on my album that just dropped too.

  • http://www.therunaway.ca Runaway

    Highly enjoyable. Looking forward to the LP!