Keith Murray - Proper Prospective x What They Say

Two more new joints from MC Do Damage Keith Murray.

DOWNLOAD: Keith Murray - Proper Prospective | Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: Keith Murray - What They Say | Mediafire

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  • d-bo

    Keith Still doin his thing. What they say had a dope beat.

  • limassacre


  • BIG A

    damn what they sey is a good joint, proper prospective is as proper as my english is. it's rather fine but not perfect you know what i'm saying?

  • T

    Damn... I saw Keith Murray perform a few weeks ago... it was terrible to see him. He's definitly on crack or speed, or something. Dude need to get off the drugs............ Worst live performance I've ever seen. Oh, did I mention I tried to interview him after the show after being agreed 12 hours before the show? 2 minutes after we sat down dude just went off without saying nothing... His career is dead. He knows it too.

  • Arman


  • jenn

    This song is hot feeling the production too. Looks like keith is back


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