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Lloyd Banks x XXL (Live Stream)

blame it on Meka September 29, 2010

So far Banks has mentioned something about working with Kanye… check it out now. Chat box down bottom.

  • Sargewp

    He Mention he has a solo song with Pusha T and Kanye. He’s also going to be apart of GOOD Friday

  • Sargewp

    He was in the studio with John Legend & Kid Cudi

  • Sargewp

    He Did 3 Songs With Raekwon, 1 for his album 2 for Rae

  • Sargewp

    Banks said Chris Brown ISNiT on the album

  • WhoDat

    No beef with Nas
    No Chris Brown on album

  • Meka Gets No Love

    Banks is so fucking articulate though.

    Dude is clearly intelligent.

  • Sargewp

    He might be on a Good Friday Song with Nas & he did a song with Will i am

  • Sargewp

    he might be doing a song with ashanti

  • Shawn

    He talked about working with people who he dissed/had beef with before.

    Also mentioned how the Juelz single came into play.

    Apologized to Ashanti… I believe he said he wouldn’t work with Ja-Rule or Fat Joe ever.. no matter how grown he is now.

    I have to say though, Banks isn’t a dumbass.. he is pretty articulate.

  • Sargewp

    he did a song called “Hang Over” with ryan leslie based on the movie hangover for the bitches

  • Sargewp

    his third single dropping in about a week.

  • gusto

    He can truly be 1 of the best if he gets in the studio wit the right people and have great production. I think he’s on the right path.