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N.E.R.D – Hypnotize You Live (Video)

blame it on Shake September 29, 2010

Pharrell, Chad and Shay debut their new single live on the Late Show w/ David Letterman. Spotted at NR.

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  • theillestboyee

    The song is produced by Daft Punk.

  • poo


  • e_money

    pharrell done lost his damn mind its still dope tho

  • HobokenNJ420

    ^ that about sums it up.
    That performance could have doubled as an incredibly intricate and musical Jihad hostage video as well if it was moved to a dimmer room.

  • BrotherQualit

    lol @ chad’s cap

    Rollo Voice: “Both dancer’s butt……..KABLAM!!!!

  • AnalogDigital

    i like the record wanna see some girls touch now haha

  • colliay3

    whatever happened to the girl that was supposed to join nerd.. anyway the songs ok


    wow i dnt think anything is gonna top seeing sounds that was CLASSIC we’ll see…

  • damn..

    Chad was a statue with a 22nd century ski mask on.

  • dunk

    classic n.e.r.d….feelin it.

  • anything Daft Punk does is amazing.

  • AMV


  • haithere

    does the 3rd guy even do shit. All he does is sometimes spit a couple bars every like 3rd song.

    Group should just be called The Neptunes with Pharell Singing Too

  • Kid Icarus

    Chad is wearing a BBC helmet & the chick they decided against using her scrapped the album they did with her and did another one.. which he better pass down to me

  • Duck

    dammit he was holding the album.. i want to hold the album :(