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Young Jeezy – The Last Laugh (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake September 29, 2010

On the date that we were supposed to get TM103, Jeezy decides to drop off a mixtape instead.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Young Jeezy – The Last Laugh (Mixtape) | Mediafire





  • Kermit



    i think Jeezy was trying too hard with this new album and ended up making BS like All White Everything and… that other song i forgot the name of.
    just be real wit son – ashy larry


    i think Jeezy was trying too hard with this new album and ended up making BS like All White Everything and… that other song i forgot the name of.
    just be real wit it son – ashy larry

  • Jordan

    1st in this shouts to jizzle

  • h

    where’s drakes single remix

  • Jordan

    glad this dropped cause his newer music was gettin kinda boring
    other than death before dishonor

  • 2



  • as usual… the shit is tagged HORRIBLY. i’m reupping a correct version now.

  • Exodus615

    I wonder if this will pull me away from bangin the shit outta Young Bucks The Rehab downloading now

  • if u like jeezy u gonna love a-mafia ..
    A-Mafia – In My Own World [Mixtape](OnSmash.com)
    hes like jeezy wit the crazy lyrics

    A-Mafia – Flying car (2010)

    Shake need to sponser this dude on this site

  • DrE


  • darth vader

    is a new version up yet shake?

  • GetMoney

    Can we get a new cover 2 this?Shit look awful in my itunes.

  • “is a new version up yet shake?”

    not yet. i’ll leave a comment when it is.

  • Dopeboyz

    rap game and amen track the only real HEATers…

  • hope this is better than that 1000 grams shit….

    im not downloading to figure it out. cause that shit was weak as fuck

  • Busy

    whos the dj on the shit anyway?

  • Dopeboyz

    ehh average im sorry the leaked tracks were the best — others ones are jus his average spit, download that a-mafia tape up there real heat for TOnite…

  • correctly labeled version added. enjoy.

  • Exodus615

    yo truth i argee with you that spur of the moment 1000 grams was trash and i barely like trap or die 2 i just downloaded Last Laugh hadnt listened to it yet ill let you know man actually ill play this til shake hit us with a new link

  • Uch


  • This Shit FIRE!!

  • Busy

    i aint gonna lie man im 50 tyson!

  • james

    Lose My Mind was ill but he seems to have been affected by Ross. Just do you jeezy and fuck the rest


    you niggaz is btiches, how you gunna say TOD2 wasnt that good? and 1000 grams was shit? who the fuck are you people? white boys from alabama? get with it nigga, jeezy the realest nigga living. listen to the words ya spongebob ass fucks. CTE USDA 4 LIFE

  • dr0

    man im only fuccn wid dis niccas albums da tapes r weak da 1 on onsmash was way better den dis

  • Dame


  • huh

    — i thought young jeezy was irrelevant in the rap game in recent times, i told that fact to my weed dealers, and it was a big mistake drug dealers consider it blasphemy i barely got out of there..

  • Exodus615

    I just listened to this twice and i like it i deleted 2 songs tho which were Do It Again and Strip Club but i can ride to this more than the 1000 grams and Trap or Die 2 mixtapes nice work Jeezy and Shawty Redd

  • Yoshi1963

    Hey Shake Suggestion You Should Make A Another Cover For Peoples Zune/ipods this I Don’t Really Like

  • Exodus615

    He shouldve released that full version of “I Do”

  • crackadon

    this sounds like a Young Jeezy mixtape. like he’s stuck in this infinite 2004 time warp. what a trip.

  • 35TH

    #hit the link

  • Ca$h!

    Jeezy handled his bizness fareal with this mixtape.

  • RedSkull


  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Inception >>>

  • co-sign 100x% w/ 11111sdg……..A-mafia’s that dude….2dope u gotta give him recognition..real talk

  • Micah

    This mixtape is hard, i can wait a couple more months for the album, this jant can hold me over i do need to get that young buck mixtape i heard that jant was hard

  • CJmagic900

    havent vibed off a jeezy mixtape since trappin aint dead..
    i’ll give this shit a try though

  • kyro

    is it me or does TM103 sound like a pokemon move; young jeezy i choose you! Him wit da flex then use trapping!

  • Dmv Kenyan

    ^^^^#fail …but forreal jezzy do u

  • dr0

    dis 1s flame i fuked up n downloaded da wrong tape dis shyt go hard jeezys bak

  • jeezy’s dat dude!!

  • MartyMackFlyy

    yeah im kinda hesitant,i agree up there,them 1000 grams shits was wack.jeezy seems to be off his game a lotta bit lately.too much on that cats plate right now,and i bet that albums production aint gonna come close to ross’.he might have a chance with gucci though,that new album is bullshit.

  • this shit is disappointing mane!!!

  • jojoba

    yo… people are right someone does need to make a new album cover this shit is looking like some garbage that be air brushed on the side of Motley Crues old touring van

  • jojoba

    also whats the word on that young buck? worth getting?

  • craigRmani

    not crazy bout jeezy but this shit is crack

  • Don’t fuck with Soulja Boy, that my little nigga

  • kyro

    236th! to comment

  • TE

    POST THE NEW KANYE! God, Very Late.

  • NawMeen

    No TM103 but this shyt raw! Pure Fire! Sym New Jeezy To Bump. Jeezy Has The Last Laugh Cuz Even Though He His Album Hasnt Dropped He Still Killing Rappers…. This > Most of The Album That Came Out

  • holyshit

    best jeezy since the recession…this shit is FIRE

  • Marcus B.

    Lmfao!!! @ huh

  • Man This Shit Goes Hard I Dont Know WTF Ya’ll Were Talkin Bout

  • Who Dat?

    Jeezy bringing that heat niggas in da south under pressure

  • Jay

    This mixtape is off the chain glade he drop this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sadiki

    cosign Jay

  • banks

    What are the best songs on this mixtape? Dont wanna put the whole thing on my evo.


    yall niggas fucin stupid Jezzy that nigga and this mix tape that crack bag it yo 4real

  • fuck

    drakes a queer.

  • smantha

    hay what up im one of your fans

  • samantha

    hay what up im one of you fans i like yo music and it raw as a bi*** you know

  • Fucc Gucci And Fucc Fat Ass Ross The Real Ist Nigga In It Is Jeezy Laughen At U Niggaz

  • sahfire

    Jeezy is da realist nigga alive his kno datt so for all I haters could just suck a dick n just kkill yo self Jeezy deserves his props for every album n mixtape made datt wat it is