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Chris Webby – Bulletproof f. Joell Ortiz

blame it on Shake September 30, 2010

Last week Colin Munroe mashed La Roux’s Bulletproof up with Nicki Minaj’s verse from Monster. Now Chris samples the original for the first leak off his upcoming mixtape.

DOWNLOAD: Chris Webby – Bulletproof f. Joell Ortiz (prod. Evo) | Mediafire

  • Ricky

    ayyeee !!!!this that shit right here

  • kelly walsh

    you seriously are the man dude! can’t ait to see you on the 8th :)

  • Kyle Allon

    DOPE Webby keep it up !

  • DOLF

    This is legit, good job!

  • webbyisdope


  • ccccc

    webbbbbby killing it again as usual

  • Marc

    Shits sick dude keep it up

  • dope

  • matt


  • leesahhh


  • mark


  • asu

    i fucks wit webby and i love slaughterhouse.. this aint my favorite webby track, but its good..

  • g ly


  • jon

    fucking making ninjas proud webby

  • erick


  • Maz

    this is nasty as hell, Ortiz and Webby! love it

  • sean

    shit is tough webbys had better records but he always goes in

  • chef

    faggot shit. joell should be ashamed

  • Ryan

    cant wait till the mixtape is out especially i they are all like this

  • mac daddy

    chef go suck on my chocolatey balls

  • InTheCut

    Finally some love for Webby by you guys. I remember when The Underclassman dropped I emailed either Shake or Meka (forget which one) and asked why they never gave him no love. I guess it took being on a track with Joel Ortiz to get a post.

  • Bk

    This is dope…webby killed it

  • shannnon

    webbys the most amazing person alive. im leaving a comment cause i ammm a true ninjaaaa<3 songs amazing too of course


    probs one of the dirtiest songs you have had brochacho keep it up

  • Tommmmy 212

    shits dopee webbyy

  • Brett L.

    everything webby does is dirty

  • Iowa wrestler

    SHits hot webby! when you getting signed!?

  • timmytam

    i will no longer go on this blog because of this song..ortiz be ashamed for sure..frat rap sucks

  • TheMonge


  • PJ

    WEBBY IS SO SLICK!!! – from your loyal ninja

  • indiana university

    we all feeling it webb…how bout you get on the college tour scene already!…big ten country banging you hard my ninja

  • itsacelebrationbitches

    yo im not gonna lie webby performed at my school last year, straight garbage and anyone disagreeing is delusional. there was promo and hype and he got….what….12 people to listen to his shit? webby=WACK MAC MILLER or recycled early asher roth, who also sucks big donkey dick

  • the deal

    webby is straight but he reps WESTPORT! so ill cosign, and i love joell

  • mads


  • Zak

    probably the best use of the la roux samples that ive heard yet

  • Stu

    webby kills this shit. sooo dope

  • eL

    i dig webby’s endeavor but his flow and his voice get annoying real quick. my question is why the fuck did joell agree to this? c’mon brooklyn, you know better than that.

  • lauren

    fucking love this song and you!!!

  • hiphophead22

    straight fuego, its about time you got up on this webby cat, he’s about to blow up hard

  • chyea

    mac whooo?

  • love webby!

  • dirtysixchambers

    what the fuck 2dopeboyz…. if you don’t download a song the day it drops on this fuckin site, the shit is deleted. IE: that nicki minaj/colin munroe mash.

    i don’t download songs when they drop, i’ll listen to them, but then once enough songs have dropped that i want to burn a cd with, i’ll go back and download them, usually not more than a week after they drop and 90% of the songs i try to go back and download, every link on this site is dead.

  • Shark ONE

    ^Don’t sleep then, son.

  • mustard the shit


  • bout time 2dopeboyz got some webby on here

  • Faubs

    smh at the one webby fan with 30 posts about how dope this is

  • jmr1313

    Wow what a collab. joells always dope, Webby deff got the potential to be the next big thing. All that thinks otherwise can Sit on a phat cock of Hate………..bitch

  • @Faubs i was just thinking the same thing lol, and STS did it better just look up “In For The Kill” shit is 2dope

  • Fox

    FINALLY Webby is on this website. Much deserved man, keep doing your thing.

  • chris

    fuck yeah ninjaaaaaaaaaaa

  • NickyBeanBag

    where my comment go? you cant post honest comments on here? Just a post where friends say how cool and good he is?
    This song a joke

  • sugarmomma

    Who will be the next lucky dog?
    _____ SUGAR MOMMADATE * C 0 M _____