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Eminem – No Love f. Lil Wayne (Video)

blame it on Shake September 30, 2010

Man… I still can’t get over that sample. Anyways, here goes the latest video from Eminem’s Recovery. Shouts to Mel on the heads up.

  • gangster


  • Peter Sparker

    Best rappers of all time.

  • NawMeen

    Still A Sick Track….

  • Drewbot

    Where / When was this recorded?

  • Matt

    Just Blaze in the video…awesome

  • iRun

    fucking finally 2dopeboyz.. y’all got back on twitter wtf

  • who cares

    dope ass track/video!
    Way better than first two Recovery vids

  • Clint Sevilla

    It sounds like something that I would’ve loved 3 years ago, but now it is just okay. Especially the wack video concept.

  • 1

    didnt know just blaze was an rnb singer

  • 1dopepuertoricanfromjersey


  • AceDaWon

    Holy Shit!!!! Nice song and video.

  • Tha Phantom

    i wish em would’ve spit a tighter verse on this track, from back in the old days but nahh, the song isn’t bad though, i feel wayne did better..and i’m a huge em fan. i cannot stand the corny punchlines littered through this song and the rest of the album though. that’s just me

  • “fucking finally 2dopeboyz.. y’all got back on twitter wtf”

    yea. the rss feed was fucking up. just fixed it a few minutes ago.

  • Navario

    Wayne wrote Ems verse

  • Protege

    Waynes style in recent years
    Ain’t really been my style
    But I feel his verse on this shit.

    At work.. Hope the videos as good
    As the drop the world vid.


  • Dj drama

    i cannot stand the corny punchlines littered through this song and the rest of the album though


  • xb

    lil wayne ass is not in jail, bitch ass is hiding in Hawaii, your all fools

  • bous

    @ Navario: You’re an idiot if you believe that.

  • AceDaWon

    @Navario I hope your playing lol
    if not feel free to run with a sharp object.

  • bahler

    navario – em writes his own shit. no need for a ghost rider there.
    tha phantom – are you serious? a tighter verse? how the fuck is that not dope? he is almost as fast as twister and enunciates a fuck ton more

  • Eustice Ghostal


  • Andrew

    Em needs to collab with Tech N9ne again.

  • Busy

    ^bahler is correct…

  • why??? they sampled the roxbury theme song..

  • Pluto

    People really saying Wayne’s verse is better? Seriously?

  • poo

    This video is an example of what made Recovery terrible.

  • word

    my man andrew speaks the truth

  • I think Blaze flipped the sample up nicely…the concept could have been better, but I see Em trying to throw positive concepts in his vids…dope nevertheless

  • Dee

    I don’t know what ya’ll are talkin’ about, Em’s flow was just crazy, Wayne probably had better metaphors, but overall Em just killed it

  • dEt0X


  • Dom

    Video was terrible

  • Navario

    Lmao now yall know I was playing calm down STANS

  • lol end got a lil violent
    wanyes verse was really really nice but im not feelin this “empty” beats not my thing but tbh not feeling the whole song. just gimme ems verse.

  • Damn man. Em’s verse sounds crazier and crazier everytime I listen to this song.

  • dopeSir

    wow eminem singing is worse than kanye singing imo. and none of those nigas should be singing.

  • wow

    dope ass video

    no wonder they pulled back the rick ross aston martin video

    ….those thinking wayne murdered em on his own shit is on that cudi

    so far.. eminem 3 and lil wayne 0

    drop the world
    no love

  • Brocho Cinco

    song of the year

  • Brocho Cinco

    song of the year

  • Derek

    I think it’s close but em had a Breyer verse with stronger punchlines. Wayne didn’t get renegaded on this though cause his wordplay and metaphors were too nice. But I still say Wayne had the best verse on drop the world. Again close but that opening Wayne verse was 2dope. Em’s flow made his verse on drop the world strong.


  • Video is wack. Eminem had the craziest flow I heard this year aside from Busta Rhymes All I DO Is Win and Ludacris verse on Atlanta Zoo, but his verse is just…..i dunno empty? punchlines are really not an Eminem thing. He used rely more on his linguistic eloquence and rhyme on top of rhyme – and he should stick to that I think. The flow was the craziest. Wayne’s verse was decent, he had better verses.

    BTW Wayne’s verse on Run This Town>>post-the-eminem-show eminem

  • CM

    people need to stop hatin on the video and the way em sings and listen to lyrics, thats what makes the song. The songs dope but the lyrics and what meaning it holds is what makes it good, gtfoh with all the hatin, its better than half the shit comin out these days anyways

  • Ебарь

    DragonBalls, я твой рот ебал, сучара.

  • Maya

    COSIGN SHAKE x 100000… sample is definition of wackness

  • dat baby don’t look like me

    fuck what anyone says. eminem goes fucking INSANE on this. top 10 em verse

  • you can tell wayne ghost wrote most of ems verse waynes flow is written all over it

  • Т1000

    This Em’s verse >>> Wayne’s all verses.

  • Kanye East

    Jesus, who the fuck directed this piece of shit?

  • DaRichKid

    There are more trolls on nah right then there are here.

  • Clint Chudyk

    “Stick the dick in they mouth, now it’s fuck what they say”

    I didn’t catch that line until now

  • ¡LL

    The New Eminem flow is tha lamest piece of crap i’ve heard IMFO.He used to have this dopeness oozing from his lingual flow before rehab.Go back to popping pills,Em.We need that dope psychotic i-dont-give-a-fuck n(w)igga back!!Your fanbase is gettin fruitier by the day.

  • james

    wack ass video for a wack ass track. surprisingly, wayne does his thing .

  • 780 & Heartbreak

    i think this is a great song but smh.. this video wack as hell man

  • IITSDman

    LOL dedicated haters on here

  • crackadon

    that Haddaway sample is soooooooo fucking gay

  • best line

    shits finna get thick again

  • Threepeat

    A new chapter in gay rap. Sounds like the Cookie Monster meets Linkin Park.

  • MarzDaKidd

    Wayne&Em…2DOPE’nuff said’

  • lm

    i like the sample – you just obviously have no love for that type of music. (see what i did there)

    but the video is shit, whats the message? you get bullied, hit them back? not saying its the wrong thing to do, but its just a shit video, the song was just em and wayne rapping, shoulda jsut kept to stufio shots and stuff

  • OKay soooooo tell me that the kid doesnt look like the kids from The Boondocks!?!? like he has the afro and then has the braids! he looks like both of them! fuckin weirdddd!

  • Gordon B.

    The sample is dope no matter how much you hate and Em is moving in the right direction I think his next album will be a mix of Relapse storytelling and Recovery punchlines & wordplay which should equal dopeness, though both of those albums are good but not by far perfect.

  • GODr.

    this song is garbage. the sample is really garbage.

  • GODr.

    stop doing drugs and also stop rapping.

  • GODr.

    oh, you make millions of dollars making this garbage?

  • GODr.

    nice one, keep it up buddy

  • GODr.


  • ddddd

    i still remember when everyone saw the tracklist and couldnt believe wayne and eminem were on a track , lets throw kayne and crooked i into the mix
    A mafia(flying cars) (HOT)

  • 1

    Higher quality Version

  • Tha Phantom

    enunciation has nothing to do with it, if you’re not really on topic with the theme of the song of kind of non-sensical. it’s TWISTA btw, just saying. @bahler

  • Dopeboyz

    lil wayne never lost it

  • 11111


  • who cares

    @iLL you basically said “Hey Em idgaf that you’re sober and getting your life back together…aye fuck all that go back to drugs cuz I think you rapped better then”
    that’s some real fucked up shit man. While I agree his older shit was better, you don’t put people down and tell them to go back on drugs, that’s real fucked up

  • Rafa

    LOLOLOLOL. Wayne wrote Em’s verse?


  • nomatikstyles

    I thought I was watching the Karate Kid but without chinese people

  • FRESHman10

    Song tight, video cliche’

  • stompintom

    the sample would be sick if the drums weren’t the same bullshit i hear on 9/10 songs nowadays, on that note the song is okay as well as the video

  • Dietroit313

    The Internet is a breeding ground for HATE. It gives the small people in the world a voice, a voice that 98% of them would never use in public, to defend themselves, or to defend something they believe in. The song is dope, I do not give a fuck who you are, where you are, or what you like, the song is dope. The video is a Video, its not some half assed jigsaw puzzle like half the rappers in the world throw together, its a directed, MTV, BET, VH1, Whatever fucking stations play videos these days VIDEO. Eminem and Wayne are argueably the two biggest faces in all of Hip Hop, this video will do exactly what it was made to do, and that is get played to death. It will sell albums, it will sell tickets, and it will pay bills. That is the OLD SCHOOL forumula that all the music thieves and internet haters have tried to wipe away.

    The easiest thing in the world to do is HATE on someone. The hardest thing to do for those who hate, is to love themselves. 60% of the people hating on here are only doing so to rile up the people who like it, like Eminem, or like Wayne, for the only true joy they get in life is to get a reaction out of someone. 35% just love to hate, and 5% probably truly do not like the song.

    I am part of the 2%, I do not give a fuck…. I was sentenced to life in Dietroit, I say what I want, when I want, to whoever I want. Hope you all have a great night…

  • crackadon

    what do you mean, Dietroit? i really like Eminem and Wayne’s music, but i think this song is on some fuck boy shit. im not hating, it’s just my opinion. laughing for years at the will ferrel and chris kattan skit on saturday night live when they’d bob their heads like crazy when this song would come on has caused me to not take it seriously. jesus could come down and record a version of it with radiohead, neil young and nas and i’d still laugh. the song is maddd gay. that’s it. by your definition, i should love everything? ke$ha, justin bieber, jonas brothers, rihanna, i should love it otherwise i’m hating on them hard, right?

  • Myke C-Town

    This video sucks. Sorry. The track is super dope. I think both of them did their thing…but this video seems like it’s marketed towards 13 year old kids. So far I haven’t liked any of the videos Em’s done for Recovery. Good record…bad videos. Oh well.

  • crackadon

    wow, i posted all that stuff before watching the video. damn it sucks. lil kids shouldn’t even be listening to Eminem or Lil Wayne’s music. do you know how influential that could be? hearing songs about rape, murder, shit, drugs, etc. is not a good look for the kiddies. oh well, it’s not like these entertainers/record labels give a fuck.

  • Shaq187

    Em Should Do A Video 4 Seduction

    Maybe Get Kanye 2 Direct It

  • mmkayy

    if kanye made this beat yall wud be dick riding it like no 2moro…

  • White Mike

    I guess it really says I’m a producer geek when my favorite part of the video was seeing Just Blaze, Alchemist, and Porter all in the studio nodding their heads LOL

  • FRESHman10

    @Dietroit313 calm down it’ll be ok lls

  • This was decent

  • thee unknown

    @ White Mike

    Same here, I felt the same way.
    …but the video was koo to me, dope concept, something people can relate to and it can reach to the real, could careless who it is targeted to…if you don’t feel it, then it must be too real to touch, simple as that.

  • Saxman065

    Just wanted to say I’ve never been a fan of Weezy,but Eminem? Shit……can you say hardest verse of the last 10 years? Straight KILLED IT

  • 11111


  • LaLaLa

    What pisses me off is when ppl are like ‘put the dick in here mouth, so its fuck what they say’ is a genius line (on fb and shit), but fucken Wayne stole Rakim’s like ‘put the dick in the ear so its fuck what you heard.’ cmon Wayne think up your own shit

  • kancho

    Dope track
    wack ass video

  • R

    both came correct BUT LOL this video looks like a gay remake of the karate kid remake…True story.

  • GC

    I liked it….simple, cliche….but it was dope. wtf do you want from a video? And for those saying “it’s directed to a younger crowd”….OF COURSE IT IS. who do u think is watching these videos, anyway?

  • ATL

    horrible sample, wtf is just blaze doing? and horrible song, wtf is em doing singing? so far album of the year is revolutions per minute, but we still waiting that j cole shit to drop

    @LaLaLa yeah forrealz love carter 1 and 2 but weezy steals rakim shit all day

  • Fuck! Eminem and bullying? I don’t think Wayne could have gotten himself mixed up in lamer shit, and he’s worked with some very lame people. Good to hear a Weezy verse without psychotic guitars roaring under it again. But for the rest the video and the song and eminem singing and especially the Haddaway sample, what the fuck!?

  • Ca$h!

    I fuckin hate when Eminem tries to sing smfh

  • lem

    This song is basura.

  • TE

    Fuck of with that lil wayne shit, Props to Just Blaze being in the video though, good look.

  • ohhhshyt

    WTF Em, you past 40 why dont you just sit on ur million and stop making wack music with wack rappers!? RIP slim shady, marshall matters suck!

  • Veezy

    Everything about this song is hot garbage.

    *Eminems new super lame flow.
    *The gay sample.
    *Wayne’s and Em’s corny punchlines.
    *The video sucks.

    Recovery is such a bullshit album that I’ m sick to my stomach seeing all stans hyping the shit up like its any good. Its watered down and supermainstream hiphop.

  • Brooklyn Kid

    video sucks, the song is dope but the clowns that said Em’s part is wack ya need to clean the wax build up from your ears cause u people gettin brainwashed by Wayne & Drake’s music

  • don’t know about this one….

  • S.Witty

    I swear Eminem dropped a nigga in there. I cant be the only person who noticed that…

  • I laughed.

  • fuck eminem

    This shit is fuckin trash…. Eminem is now cornier then ever…

  • fuck eminem

    Just wanted to say I’ve never been a fan of Weezy,but Eminem? Shit……can you say hardest verse of the last 10 years? Straight KILLED IT

    Saxman065 said this on September 30th, 2010 at 11:59 pm

    ^^^^^^^^^ Seriously???? Hardest verse of the last 10 years???? For real for real???? Go to the nearest grocery store, have the meat department butcher you up and have them ship each one of your body parts to a different country for further processing, FUCKTARD!!!!1

  • Jamal

    i like eminem and i hate lil wayne…but lil wayne does good…and em does garbage on this song

  • gill

    yo co-sign that boondocks comment haha. great video though, both verses go hard.
    “some call me a freak cuz i like to spit on these pussies before i eat them”

  • tluv

    is that will smiths kid

  • Huxley

    dope shit … Em kills again

  • This is a dope rap song. And Eminem`s music video and is hot too and one of the best rap & hip hop music videos of the year. I love Lil Waynes rhymes too. Hes got to be one of the best rappers out there. And this collaobration is just off the hook.

  • sugarmomma

    Who will be the next lucky dog?
    _____ SUGAR MOMMADATE * C 0 M _____

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