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Lloyd Banks On MM4 Collab (Video)

blame it on Shake September 30, 2010

In the clip above Banks chops it up w/ XXL about the upcoming Mood Muzik 4 collaboration with Joe Budden, Fabolous and Royce Da 5’9″.

Apparently Banks was at first very hesitant about jumping on the song when Budden initially approached him during last year’s Thisis50 Fest.

“First time I met [Joe] was in the Governor’s Island show that we had last summer,” he said. “We had spoke…and he was like, ‘Yo, I want you to get on a record’ and I’m like, ‘Joe, I’m so used to you talkin’ shit.’ I didn’t know what to make of this right here.”

Banks also says that everyone wasn’t in the studio at the same time to lay their verses down and that he hasn’t heard the final version. Who y’all think is gonna have the best verse?

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  • Believe it or not, I’m gonna say Joe will have the best verse.

    1. Royce hasn’t been spitting great recently
    2. Fab will have a good verse, but nothing great
    3. I think Banks will have really good verse, but idk how great
    4. Joey can spit, and he basically got all the verses, so he can see how hard everyone spits, and Joey isn’t gonna wanna get bodied on his own song.

  • Agent Gibbs

    Lil B.

  • Sargewp

    Banks or Fab, Then Royce, budden last he bores the shit outta me

  • Dynamics

    From what people at the listening session have said the order of best verse goes: Royce > Banks > Joe > Fab.

    Guess we’ll see when it drops.

  • if you go to joebuddentv.com, this is all they talk about on there.
    according to the listenin session, royce da da craziest verse and fab sucked, they said he sounded like he was bored on da song

  • Grade A

    if u find joe budden boring u have never been thru anything in life. and u should fuck off


  • Word is Royce has the best verse

  • h1

    Banks will kill it.

  • IllicitMC

    Man, I think it’s gonna be Royce. I don’t know how you can say Royce hasn’t been spitting great lately. Sure his verse on Deadly Medley wasn’t as good as something like Motown 25 or something, but Royce will kill it. He pretty much murders every rapper on their own ish

  • markaveli



  • Lotlan

    I say Royce, then Joe

  • Lotlan


    yea exactly I thought I was the only person that noticed that shit.

  • battle3

    Royce > Joe > Banks > Fab

  • gusto

    But for real who cares who did best,
    if it’s a good track it’s a good track.
    This is what Hip Hop’s been missin, these dope collabs

  • Atlis

    Royce>Banks>Joey>Fab thats what i think, but the songs gunna be doooope doesnt really matter who does best…. this is an awesome collab.

  • james

    Based on the interweb chatter, Royce kills the track. While I haven’t been impressed by his recent material, if duke comes proper he’ll kill a track lyrically and vocally flow wise.

    I find whoever has the best flow backed by the lyrics will be up. So, I’m a say Banks or Royce. I’m sure Joey B lyrics be on point but cats vocally be all over the place.

    Fab puts me to sleep

  • 1dopepuertoricanfromjersey

    ALL that I care about is the SOUND QUALITY of MM4. I pre-ordered the shit and if I get it sounding like Joe recorded it in his bathroom I will be TIGHT! If Joe is going to charge people for his work he needs to stop being CHEAP and hire a GOOD engineer who can mix it PROPERLY.

  • Idiom


  • 1dopepuertoricanfromjersey

    Joe is dope lyrically but I DO NOT care what you’re saying if it sounds like you are rapping into a Fisher Price mic while you record it with some $150 throwaway equipment.

  • stompintom

    i don’t care who’s best because it’ll be crazy either way

  • who cares

    I think Royce will have the best then Joe or Banks idk
    Fab I think got last, Fab is a boring MC in my eyes. No hate, I just don’t like ’em

  • ¡LL

    Buckwild and Pete Rock on Lost Tapes 2.



  • Joe, Royce then Banks.

  • Tha Phantom

    number 4 on @joebin’s first comment, makes the most sense.

  • ck47

    I heard it goes

    Royce>Joe >>>>>>>> BANKS > FAB

  • who will have the best verse? not banks, that’s for sure.

    aside from that, ck47 hit it pretty much spot on, in general. i’d put money on royce bodying the vast majority of dudes out there. budden is dope and can hold his own. banks and fab are cornball candybar mufuggas and get no lover. sorry.

  • oh, and dessert for thought with styles p, beanie sigel and pusha t should prove to be more interesting than this track anyway.

  • DG

    October is going to be a good month for hip hop if everything goes as planed Joe Budden MM4, J Cole Mixtape, Focus… x Al Gator x Kida FEWnification tape, skyzoo & illmind tape damn that’s all I can think of but I’m sure I’m forgetting others

  • demise

    from this kid who went to the session he said royce destroyed it, joe in second, fam the same fab and then banks just kinda mailed it in nothin great

  • Can’t wait for this to drop

  • G-Zuss

    Grade A knows what he’s talkin about

  • There all whack! This most liekly will be a very boring track, don’t forget to drink a Redbull or drink coffee before you listen to this boring track.

  • dan99

    jumpoff- he be the best!

  • BuckShot

    i was at the listening session…. Royce>Joe>Banks>Fab

  • Shy

    Cosign battle3

  • dr0

    bankz eazy

  • dr0

    co sign banks cant wait fo hfm2

  • Polka

    Royce > Buddens > Banks > Fab


  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    Fab needa stop makin records PERIOD! his 15mins are up

  • My Momma Told Me To Say Fuck Yall

    iGot Bitches Cuhhh >

  • I agree with MrLOL this track going to make people fall asleep. All of them rappers are so boring.

  • @thekidcapo

    This track on MM4 is called “Remember the Titans” and is produced by J.Cardim ( @jcardim )

  • dmxeatsbabies08

    if budden is boring to you, that just means hes way way wayyyyy over your head with the shit he spits….your feeble ass bubble gum pop rap brain prob cant catch the shit hes really spittin about

  • Hhhh

    It’s hard to guess and all off them didn’t kick it in the studio so that makes them go easy and not waste their crazy or retarded verses that they have.

  • MartyMackFlyy

    in order (fantasy football style)
    1. Royce da 5’9 – i know how royce do-and you do 2. 9.8 pts
    2. Fabolous – he got beef right now with soulja boy(yeah right) and the big kahuna(50).so expect him to showcase the old Fab,lyrics to go,and heavy on the metaphors. 8.5 pts
    3. Joe Budden – it’s his baby,and he has 3 massive mc’s.he can be in the booth like dave chappelle yelling “turn my shits up!” and still come off. 7 pts
    4. Lloyd Banks – i have him projected low because to be honest,banks has’nt been lyrically aggresive since “banks workout”,but don’t be suprised if the vet explode all over the track with that weezy(as in asthma)voiced metaphorical massacre flow that we all know and love.5 pts

  • Young Mo Fo

    There’s a reason Royce doesn’t have a lot of features.. RENEGADE