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Marz Lovejoy – Sticky

blame it on Meka September 30, 2010

This song has actually been sitting on my desktop for a few days, and I all but forgot about it until I saw ol’ girl last night with Pac Div, where she performed “Shine” alongside them. Anyways, here’s the first single from her upcoming This Little Light Of Mine, dropping November 23rd, produced by Polyester of L.A.U.S.D.

DOWNLOAD: Marz Lovejoy – Sticky | Mediafire

  • someguy

    been following her ever since you first posted shine. girl is dope as fuck.

  • hmm

    sounds like a london grime beat from 2004 or something :/

    a simple smile for the pic wouda been nice.

  • hmm< co sign
    i feel like i heard the beat, maby not tho
    she does that kissy thing in every pic ..ever lol kinda cute tho
    but not really feelin this song the beat is cool

  • names are for people

    wtf is she doin with her voice? ugh

  • C’mon, son.

  • iRun

    she sounds like Minaj with out the bullshit voice things she does.. she’s not bad i mean its suppose to be a single

  • BigWill

    To bad she a lesbo

  • tictac

    she reminds me a bit of amil from the old roc,

  • Dizzle

    I do get the lesbian vibe from her…..especially on her tumblr blog. I like her though, her flow is cool. I’d give her lil ass the business

  • riddlah51

    She sexy as aw hell!

  • Tone Riggz



    i know this is random but, which blackberry does she have in her hand?

  • Dizzle

    @kmada looks like a Blackberry Curve

  • dressss

    damn thas my kinda chic


    @dizzle thanks man. But all and all, a chick with tats and her style.. I would beat! Haha

  • Dizzle

    Lol she just put “lesbian vibe-lmao” on twitter lol. Guess she reads this shit

  • Purp

    Better than I expected. LAUSD production is ill.

  • B..burninslo

    bounce bounce bounce haha that shit is ill. i kno the album gonna be clean.

  • Ritrhew

    Niiiiccce! I met her in NYC. She’s tight! Can wait for the album.

  • 555kinnyjon3555

    I like this song, and you should to. Also, Marz Lovejoy is very attractive.Post complete.

  • Onederin

    i dig it.

  • whoa

    wack as fuck!

    fuck r yall thinkin

  • mmkayy

    kinda wack

  • Britt

    Stop gassin it. The single is trash and she cant perform. ‘shine’ was autotune’d

  • shinepo

    yo her nudes are up on the web!!! i guess she not a lesbo

  • marzi

    damn those nudes are nuts…shes lik a little cassie

  • Bounce


  • Mike

    where dat at nigga NUdes