Ne-Yo – Crazy Love f. Fabolous [NoTags]

blame it on Shake September 30, 2010

Not 100% sure as to where this record will reside. Illy‘s hoping it will be on Ne-Yo’s upcoming album, Libra Scale (Nov 23rd), And I’ve gotta agree. Ne-Yo and Loso make a great combination.

DOWNLOAD: Ne-Yo – Crazy Love f. Fabolous | Mediafire

  • Nov 23rd??
    i thought it was droppin Oct 29th??

  • schamsed

    WTF? What happen to all the “sorry about album leaks” bull shit? Posting it on the site so everyone can listen to it is different than posting a down load link.

  • Mike

    stfu cause you probaly already downloaded it

  • GGGB

    @Mike so the hell what?

    And Shake, he’s right. So you can post leaked material from Ne-Yo’s album but not Kanye’s? That’s fucked up and biased.

  • smh. it’s always something with y’all haha.

  • GGGB

    Just saying. If you’re gonna make a whole post about the ethics behind leaking tracks, stick to what you preach.

    You can’t selectively leak songs from one artist and not the other’s.

    Now post that Kanye.

  • schamsed

    @ Shake

    Don’t take this as pointless bitching but really man I don’t understand you and meka at all. He does a post on XXL yesterday about leaking and you (I think) write one up as well. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Either you post down load links for everyone’s music or none for all (If the artist doesn’t mind, do whatever). I respect what you and meka are doing here, so it comes off as a bitch ass move to apologize about leaks and then continue to leak music.

    I also understand that you guys have to pay your bills at the end of the day and this blog, I’m guessing, is a substantial form of income. But I don’t see how posting download links is dependent upon you guys increasing exposure. Stream the music and let douche bags download it some were else. You will still get viewers.

  • bous

    ryan leslie produce this?

  • Mike


    Don’t talk about about someone postin shit when your happy they did it and gonna download it….its stupid. GTFO with that kinda bullshit

  • DK

    tracks nice!

  • GGGB

    @Mike stupid nigga, if you actually read and comprehend what I typed, you’d know that I was talking about their [selective] leaking of songs. Of course I’m gonna download the song. That’s the whole purpose of 2DBZ.

    However, if you’re gonna leak music don’t do it half-assed. You can’t leak tracks from Ne-Yo’s album and not Kanye’s. That’s just bullshit. Especially (like @shamsed said) after posting a lengthy post about the ethical practice of leaking songs.


  • youknowhat

    Shake do you honestly not realize how hypocritical you look?

  • RSX

    It’s on Libra Scale, i was at the listening session.

  • Antone

    UNFINISHED songs.

  • BygSev

    Okay, Fab spit a lil’ verse right there!