Pigeon John - Before We're Gone

Off Pigeon John's upcoming (fifth solo) album, Dragon Slayer, dropping October 12th via Quannum Projects.

Dragon Slayer is the follow-up to the super fun and catchy Pigeon John…And The Summertime Pool Party. Dragon Slayer houses the signature PJ humor and wit, but the sound delves into new territory -- more of a groovy and experimental sound, with awesome keyboard melodies throughout. With the aid of vintage keyboard aficionado General Elektriks’ Hervé Salters, Pigeon John produced the whole record, including, for the first time, recording and chopping up his own instrumentation rather than just flipping samples and banging on an MPC.

DOWNLOAD: Pigeon John - Before We're Gone | Mediafire

2DBz THROWBACK: Pigeon John - One For the... f. Brother Ali | Mediafire

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  • Kanye East

    Wow, it's definitely been a minute.

  • b.

    what u know about brainwash projects... vintage pigeon john!

  • someguy

    its always good to see pigeon john putting out new music.

  • Pete

    wow,before we're gone is craaazy,pre ordering the album now

  • danny_

    This is real music.

  • Word2muva

    Wow haven't anything from this dude since he was tappin Braille's wife, cool song though glad he's back to making music instead of ending marriges no pun inteaded.

  • jamminonthe1

    dear shake, you put the same mediafire link for both songs...

  • cheebah


    how is that a pun?

  • theheartbeat

    identity crisis was my songggggggggg, wow, I saw this post and was surprised he was still making music, haha, I'm glad he's still around.

  • Arthur

    Summertime Pool Party was just a little to ahead of its time. Or I guess Pigeon John over all.

    Pre Ordered

  • "dear shake, you put the same mediafire link for both songs…"

    thanks. fixed.

  • word.. decent

  • me

    Wasn't expecting much but I loved Before We're Gone. Just pre-ordered me an import copy of Dragon Slayer.

  • refill

    @word2muva was he really hitting that?

  • CanYouHearMeNow

    "...Is Dating Your Sister". who copped that? Classic album.


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