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Pimp C – Dickies f. Young Jeezy & Bun B

blame it on Shake September 30, 2010

Jeezy joins the Underground Kingz on the latest leak from Pimp C’s upcoming album, The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones, which drops next Tuesday (Oct 5th). Shouts to Splash.

DOWNLOAD: Pimp C – Dickies f. Young Jeezy & Bun B [Clean] | Mediafire

  • lm

    why is pimp c listed as exec producer? hes dead and most of the album was done after im guessing.

    who actually puts together these albums?

  • ^bun b /sum1 close probably made him exec so more money goes to his family i guess.

  • anonymous muffucka

    nah Pimp wouldnt have made a song w/ Jeezy again…they just re-mixed this old ass lame track….figures

  • jamesroy

    anonymous muffucka ,this song was never lame like you . yes , pimp c would have worked with jeezy after so long . stop being a hater. so take your lame hater crap down the road

  • Rio$

    the 1st version was dope this killed it. this beat is just lame and the hook nuh uh. shouldv’e just kept the old one on the cd

  • Groucho

    Jeezy is too wack. Can’t people just let the legacy live through the classic cuts of old? Pick up the classics if you want to hear what Pimp C wanted ya’ll to hear.

  • Bun did NOT put Pimp’s album together. He said long time ago that he has no control over Pimp’s music.

  • will

    im a huge pimp c fan and i just havent herd quality production yet out of this album its just not like the old days RIP PIMP C

  • Tauris

    jeezy the realest out there so stop hatin

  • TRU

    PIMP Produced Hella Beats And Dropped Tons Of Vocals, He Died And BUN Just Helped Finished The Stitchin On It. It Was In No Way Done Like SWEET JAMES JONES STORIES, And What’s With All The Hate On Jeezy?? Pimp Was All About Stoppin Hate, Y’all Gotta Go Back And Listen To KNOCKIN’ DOORS DOWN Stop The Hate Make That Southern Country Rap Tunes And Get Money Stop Plexin

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