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Sha Stimuli – Motherf*cker

blame it on Shake September 30, 2010

MILF! Click for full version.

Off Sha’s upcoming Unsung project.

DOWNLOAD: Sha Stimuli – Motherfucker | Mediafire

BONUS: Sha Stimuli – Am I Different pt.2 | Mediafire
– Off the Official A3C mixtape.

  • Al-I

    agreed…..about the MILF part, Halle Berry>>>>> any other 40+ chick in the world

  • Complex

    wwhat did he sample?

  • Halle Berry>>>>

  • Complex


  • Dizzle

    Had a internal orgasm looking at that pic….sheesh

  • whatupsucka

    Sha Stimuli is one of those rappers with so much character and personality that hiphop kids would love, but he really doesn’t know how to do catchy hooks to take his talent to the next level. Like I see this guy perform all the time in NY and he’s always a standout act, but then I have to shake my head when the show is over because I can’t remember how the fuckin songs go!

  • JonesDeini

    Halle Berry, now that’s a lady right there, folk.

  • riddlah51

    If god had a wife…

  • D’troit

    @Complex the first part of the beat is “Just The Two Of Us by Grover Washington Jr.” but I can’t remember the name of the second song he sampled, it’s a classic record too….

  • she’s nice lookn but she’s starting to age a bit

  • word

    “starting to age a bit?” LOL.. word nigga?

    and damn this song is dope, real dope. how it goes from humorous to self consciousness.. crazy.

  • nikonicon

    Sha’s dope. Definitely one of the dudes along with Emilio, Mickey, Skyzoo & Esso that will probably make New York into something again

  • Musikfiend

    Halle Berryyyyy, Halle Berry!!!

  • Halle Berry’s is most definitely a MILF but I disagree about her being better then any other chick 40+ I know most wouldn’t agree but Stacey Dash >
    As far as the track it’s real dope & I love how the beat flip at the end! Picked the perfect beat to switch up to there at the end!

  • this song is CRAZY n puts sha into my top 5

    the amount of real life real talk n this track is mindblowing

    n the way dude makes his illl rhymes so effortless is just dope as fuck

    best track ive heard all month to be honest

  • jhj

    i dont think hes riding the beat as nice as he usually does….not a fan of the beat…keepn doin it sha

  • Ayee

    Just the two of us..

  • sugarmomma

    Who will be the next lucky dog?
    _____ SUGAR MOMMADATE * C 0 M _____