Slang Editorial: Fighting In The Club: Always A Bad Idea

In today's post I talk about fighting. Nothing more, nothing less.

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  • poo

    I love reading Meka's xxl editorials for the same reason I listen to Lil B sometimes...Its so terrible that its funny.

  • youknowhat

    what the fuck was the point of this article? people have been fighting throughout the history of mankind... just cause it's 2010 doesn't mean anything. you need some fresh ideas Meka.

  • Equani

    More like: Over-sensitive males + alcohol = Always a bad idea. Dudes need to learn how to keep their emotions under control.

  • somethingcrazy

    badly written. and pretty stupid

  • PostcardCashSuccess

    PPL just don't no how to act

  • chicity

    Critics of these articles must have forgot any education they got back in the day. I like these articles. They are written well and provide unique perspective compared to the bull that's been accepted as normal. But I'm sure all you who attack these articles don't look beyond the title and are disappointed he isn't d-riding your favorite (insert generic rapper).


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